Kaika Jewellery Launches in South Africa

A little while ago I was approached and asked if I’d consider being an ambassador for the Kaika Jewellery brand. Kaika, founded by sisters Sharmn and Shahnaz Cola, wanted their campaign to feature regular girls-next-door; I jumped at the chance. Bee Diamondhead, Raya Rossi and I spent a morning at the Legacy Collective Studio getting our hair and make-up did, putting some outfits together and accessorising with our favourite pieces from the eclectic international range. The shoot was a lot of fun; although I have new-found respect for the boys and girls who do this for a living. I had to concentrate really hard to stop my mouth from twitching. Here’s a look at the campaign and some of my favourite pieces from the collection…

Quote Misha 2 LR Quote Bee 2 LR Quote Raya 1 LR Quote Misha 1 LR Quote Bee 1 LR Quote Raya 2 LR Quote Misha 3 LR Quote Bee 3 LR Quote Raya 3 LR

Check out the full Kaika Jewellery range here.

brandslut xoxo


    1. So beautiful. Their pieces are magnificent and I love this concept of this campaign – resonates so well with ladies I’m sure.
      Perfect – well done!

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