Liquido Activewear Now Available in South Africa

I must say; I’m really pleased active-wear has kicked up a gear and become much more colourful and creative. Brazilian brand Liquido is at the forefront of this movement and you’ll be glad to know you can now get your paws on it via Coconut Activewear in South Africa. The lovely ladies behind the local distribution thereof sent me a pair to try recently and they’re incredible. They feel amazing on and are also quite tight, sort of like compression pants which are great for exercise. The fabric is also quick drying and offers UVB/UVA 50 against sun exposure. Check out some of the designs of past and present; ideal for yoga, running, training, water-sports or even for simply relaxing in…

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I kinda want them in every print. And I’m almost certain that just wearing them will increase suppleness by at least 50%. Right, so I’m giving a pair away to one lucky lady – they retail for between R900 – R1250 so this is a great prize! All you need to do to enter is follow Coconut Activewear on facebook by clicking here; and then comment on this blog post telling me you’ve liked their facebook page and that you reeeeeeally need these funpants. A winner will be drawn at random and entries close at midnight on Sunday September the 6th ’14.

And go!

brandslut xoxo

{Images via Liquido Active on Instagram}


    1. Liked! Flip, I’ve just started at SWEAT1000 – a new fitness journey for me…along with my 4 year old grotty gym pants. These would definitely make getting sweaty a lot more fun!

    1. Liked and now holding thumbs! I am hoping they will be the motivation I need to get my butt back to yoga!

    1. Hells bells I will get up in zero degree weather to run outside in these!! I have like the Coconut Active Wear Facebook page :)

    1. Liked!!!!!
      I wantttttttttttt
      I neeeeeeeed
      Must have these.
      Love love love happy gorgeous workout pants.

      Plsssss oh plsssss gorgeous gal xxx

    1. I really need better looking gym pants other than the boring black pairs that I typically wear. These Liquido pants are perfect whether I’m hiking, running, working out in the gym or running errands. Liked their Facebook page

    1. Doll! In love with their stuff! Liked the Coconut FB page a while ago.

      These would totes help with my twelve week crazy training vibe I’m doing. Week three and counting!

    1. I liked and now LOVE these pants. Oh and the colours are so unique. I need to get my fun on, I need to have these fun pants Missy!

    1. Liked (very much)
      Need these killer pants to get my bod into tip top shape for summer. Pretty please. Cherry on top

    1. I could not click LIKE fast enough, and I never do this. I obviously really need these pants.
      May the luck be with me.

    1. Already following…been obsessing over these from a distance, I think I need to introduce Ballito to this brand – can’t wait for them to bring them to a retailer here – good job Coconut Activewear for bringing them to us here in lil’ SA :) – life changer!

    1. Liked the FB page. Really need these pants! My usual activewear is so boring. These pants are so fun, I’m sure they would make me want to work out more :) Perfect for travel too!

    1. Love love love… Was a gymnast at school now teach pole dancing would be an awesome statement to class. Want to put that 50% flexibility increase to the test for you mish hehe ;o)

    1. Dying to have a pair of liquido tights. I will rock my Zumba classes wearing them!

    1. LOVE this! I’ve been obsessed with these pants since I first saw them on instagram! have liked the FB page!

    1. I LOVE their things! I have liked Facebook page and I already drool over their instagram feed too! I Would ADORE a pair! x

    1. Liked!

      Since I’m a newbie to yoga and basically can’t even touch my shins that 50 percent more suppleness is desperately needed! Who wouldn’t want to work out in these gorgeous pants!

    1. I’ve been following Coconut Activewear for a while now and I am just in love with every design and colour of these awesome pants! I just started yoga and these would be the perfect addition <3 I'm usually always dressed in black and these pants would certainly brighten up my look and my life! :)

    1. DONE :) Great giveaway… I neeeeed these cause everyone at gym can see my bum when I squat because my current pants are… um… old!

    1. I would absolutely love a pair of these :) My 30 day Yoga challenge starts on Monday and I could do with a fun pair to get me through it!!! P.S – I have liked the FB page..

    1. I love that their FB page showcases the prints and that they have such a wide variety of prints available.

      I need to win because I am starting a new exercise program which actually involves exercising and I need some motivation as I am not really a fan of sweating and working out.

    1. I’ve liked Coconur Activewear for ages already, and have bought some amazing clothing from them.

      I’m super broke at the moment, and have just started a new exercise regime and would just explode with happiness if I won a pair of Liquido pants as motivation and inspiration! X

    1. Oh my goodness I am obsessed with these!!! I hadn’t ever heard of this brand before, and now that I know about them I don’t think my husband will be very impressed! I have liked them on FB and reeaaalllllyyyyy hope I win these!!

    1. Liked on facebook. These pants are absolutely Wow. Stunning, gorgeous, sexy. I would love to win these.. I have been on a serious healthy eating lifestyle, I’ve got another few more kgs to go before I am at my goal weight. This would be the “inspiration” cherry on top.. I too can look as good in those pants :-) fingers crossed.

    1. I’ve like the FB page, and I really deserve these because I lost all of mine in a fire. Ok, not really, but liars and pants on fire and it was all too much to handle. But still, I NEED these fun pantaloons please…

    1. Have liked them on FB a while ago! I need these babies cause my 3 year old Mr Price ones are one run away from tearing on me. Also, all other running pants are lame compared to these.

    1. Hi Misha. The Jhb winter has been too long and unforgiving on my thighs, I may also have been over indulging in Woolies Milktart cookies. 4 weeks from now I take my first holiday in 1 year to beautiful Calella in Spain. I would love nothing more than taking my morning run along the beach in a pair of these gorgeous tights. Facebook page liked and hoping I get the chance to try them out. cx

    1. I would KILL for a pair of these INCREDIBLE pants because I am currently completing the Kayla Itsines BBG and these will push me to work harder, because they look so damn good!!! x

    1. 1. Coconut Activewear FB page liked – CHECK!
      2. Birthday month is September – CHECK!
      3. I’m starting a Childrens Yoga school and the beautiful colours will go down a treat with the Kiddies – CHECK!!
      4. You can totally come do a class with us and wear your own pair – CHECK! :)
      5. Sept 12 is my birthday – CHECK!

    1. I have liked the Coconut Activewaer page (always been a fan of their fab stuff).

      I reeeeeeally NEED a pair of these great Liquido funpants for gym; you gotta look like a sassy beast, to train like a sassy beast ;)

    1. Have liked the Facebook page and I really need a pair of these gorgeous pants for my daughter, as I know when she sees them she will want them!

    1. Liked on FB.
      and i really need these really, really, cause running and squatting aint no fun in stupid pants that creeps up the creek…

    1. Liked, loved and obsessing over. I officially cannot imagine life without that pair & wearing them at yoga! 30 day challenge reward maybe? ;) Literally the best active tights I have ever seen!

    1. Liked on Facebook. I think I deserve these pants as a reward for the 30 day yoga challenge I’m barely surviving.

    1. Following & Liked on Facebooked: Coconut Activewear

      I really would love a pair of those funpants, the designs are so fun and funky most all they look super comfortable, help me get into the set of Spring just joined a gym to get summer ready. I really really need those pants so so so much help me look good.

      Thank you
      Kind regards

      Hope I am lucky :)

    1. OOH LA LA….Such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!? Oh please please please pick me as I reeeeeeally need these funpants!!!! I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs) and I am following Coconut Activewear on facebook too!!! All of these super stylish funpantshas captured my heart, and it is calling my name as it wants to be a part of my wardrobe and life :) Fingers crossed! xxx

    1. Coconut Active fb page -> Liked and following.

      I really need these stylish Liquido funpants to help me shred the winter weight which I have packed on! Compression pants always make you feel and look good.

      Love all the funky patterns and colours.

      Plus – all the trendy chicks at my gym will love them and will want to know where I got them so that they can get their own!


    1. I have liked (LOVED) the Facebook page for quite some time. I reaaaaalyyyyy want these gorgeous babies, I have been eyeing them out for some time now, but unfortunately my bank balance does not agree with how much I NEED them in my life. I’ve always had the problem of nearly my entire bum flashing the gym when doing squats, and lets not even get started about a yoga class and the things people have seen. Then I was recommended Liquido available from Coconut Active, by friends who rave about them. So since, my daily day dream is about these beauties. Pleaseeeeeee <3

    1. Hello Misha,

      I do yoga and have just started adult ballet classes. As a young feisty black female, I enjoy my yoga practice very much!

      I’ve liked Coconut Activewear on Facebook and so now I beg of you to please, please, please choose me!!!! Pretty Please!!!

      I have also shared this giveaway on Twitter!

      I need these pants to make my life whole!!! :)

    1. Absolutely in love with these leggings and I so need a pair for my Crossfit classes! Would look smashing doing the WOD’s with sexy gym gear! Hot gym outfit = feeling sexy and training even harder :) and they’d make my booty look good!

    1. Done! I really, really, REALLY need these pants – I’ve started getting really into yoga recently, and haven’t had the chance to buy decent yoga wear just yet (baby boy is growing FAST, so all mama’s money goes to clothing him!). As a result, I end up doing yoga in my leggings… and I noticed a hole in the crotch area while attempting Badhakonasana. So REALLY. I neeeeeeeeeeeed these. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to look super-stylish during class either!

    1. @Brandslut

      As you know I live in gym kit. I eat,breathe and sleep health and fitness. To put it mildly..These pants float my boat. I would love nothing more than to strut my stuff in the gym, run faster and conquer more living this brand and making Liquido a part of my daily life. Liquido isn’t just a brand of clothing for exercise it represents a way of life. Pick me :)

    1. Oh I just love this! I have liked on FB and need need need these pants! It’s all part of my fitness plan 2014, being part of the well I am challenge. You need every excuse to be motivated.. Having beautiful gym wear definitely being one! Holding thumbs xx

    1. Liked the page. Absolutely love the prints. So exciting. I would love to sport a pair of these as I am on a 100 day challenge to lose weight and shape up for summer. #gettingbeachbodyready. If I win I could do it in style ;-)

    1. Coconut Activewear Facebook page —> LIKED

      I have always been into fitness and my new goal is to enter a bikini fitness competition next year April. I am starting with my training on Monday and these pants would be perfect for exercising!

      Please help me look and feel good :) for the love of fitness.


    1. I’ve liked their Facebook page and desperately neeeedddd these beauties in my life!!! Holding thumbs!

    1. You have no idea how long I have been looking for such amazing yoga wear !! I am a yoga teacher and a photographer and I absolutely NEEEEDDD NNNEEEEEDDDDNNENNENENEEDEEEEDDDD some of these pants…. 0_o

      If I win this competition, I will advertise vigorously for you!!!!!! In all different positions !!!

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! I have never won anything and this would be a great start!!!!

      peace, love, namaste !

    1. I liked the Coconut Activewear page aaages ago and I’ve been gagging for a pair of them! I don’t think I can carry on for much longer without them tbh. Training is double the fun when you look good, and that is exactly why I need these babies in my life! They are hot hot hot!

    1. I liked…love their page and clothing. Please please please choose me. I am 7 months pregnant and getting depro about not being able to wear all my workout clothes so comfortably anymore. I also need inspiration and motivation to help me shake off this baby weight once she is born :)

    1. Done! LOVE the fun & funky prints. It would be wonderful to win a pair & show to my yoga clients… I know they will go crazy for them! Putting it out there Universe:)

    1. Liked! Misha, I really need these beautiful pants, as I am currently doing a 12-week fitness programme and want to look good even though the exercises makes me feel like hell! Looking at the bright colours will motivate me even more not to give up and when I do my park runs, I will stand out from the crowd ;)

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