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If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen my Daily Dish delivery last week. The lovely folks behind the brand sent me a week’s worth of meals to try and have also very kindly offered 3 brandslut readers the chance to win a box each. The delivery couldn’t have come at a better time; I’m in the middle of a move and having dinner sorted for the week was a win.

How It Works

1. Choose the menu you prefer: classic, low-carb or vegetarian

2. The exact quantities of the recipes will be delivered along with step-by-step recipe cards; meals take no more than 30 minutes to prepare

3. You decide when/where you want your deliveries – you can pause/resume as needed (no contractual obligations)

I opted for the low-carb menu (R620 per week for 4 meals, so R310 per person or R78 per meal), example below of what’s provided per meal. These lamb koftas turned out really well! What I love about the concept is the ‘mystery box’ style approach – for me it kept the week exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed cooking things I wouldn’t ordinarily make; not to mention not having to plan, go to the shops etc. I’m definitely going to subscribe and continue with Daily Dish on a weekly basis…

Daily Dish Lamb Koftas Brandslut

How to Win

Choose one of the 3 entry options below, or you can do all 3 to improve your chances:

1. Comment on this blog post and let me know which menu you’d like to win. Click here for the menu options.

2. Share my Daily Dish facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/brandslut 

3. RT my Daily Dish tweet here: https://twitter.com/brandslut_ 

Competition closes at midnight on Sunday September 21st 2014. Deliveries need to fall within the Daily Dish catchment areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. See the Daily Dish website for specifics.

And go!

brandslut xoxo


    1. I absolutely love the Low Carb Menu, I so desperately want to try this, its like the new in thing, if your not doing the Daily Dish, your definitely not cool lol

    1. Soooo badly want to enter but I see Stellenbosch is not one of the areas they deliver….Love this concept…no shopping, no brainfarts when it comes to whats for dinner and you learn a new recipe!!! I think they the WINNERS.
      Low Carb menu sounds awesome.
      *retweeting anyway

    1. OMG! What a prize! Hello!? Oh please please please pick me? I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Loving the sound of the Low Carb menu :) Fingers crossed!

    1. Retweeted. Jumping on the Low Carb menu bandwagon. This would save my sanity on weeknights!

    1. I would love to try out the low-carb menu! Been trying to do the whole low carb eating on my own its hasn”t been going to well so hope I get to try this out!

    1. I’m no vegetarian but I could definitely go for some of those fresh greens and garden goodies that the veetarian menu offers, especially in this spicy spring time!

    1. Would love to try the low-carb option, I’m so bored with all the recipes in Tim Noakes’ cookbook :)

    1. Would love to win the Low Carb option. Recently had to change to a gluten free diet for health reasons so a low carb diet would be great to try!

    1. I would love the low carb menu, its just in time for my sleek geek challenge which will get me in shape for my wedding in November eeek!!

    1. These meals just make me sooooo gosh darn hungry! Would love to try out the Daily dish and would go for the Low Carb Menu. Just Amazing. Have also shared the competition on Fb and Twitter

    1. I need those Low Carb menu options in and around my face and very much in mah belleh! Just moved in with my boyfriend and any help in impressing my rather health-conscious man in the kitchen would go a long way.

    1. DEFS the low Carb option. Would love to try out this amazing service since working late is kinda part of my life right now? Help me in getting summer ready …….. PS: love your blog!

    1. This is an awesome concept- I would love to try the vegetarian option! I am not vegetarian but always feel there is so much more one can do with veg than one actually does on a day to day basis!

    1. With 2 little prinsesses under the age of two, this would be an incredible life saver!
      Would LOVE to try out the low carb option please! X

    1. Would love to try the low carb meal…love the option to cook without having to think of what ingredients I need to go buy…

    1. Ooh lala! Daily Dish is definitely taking over (Cape Town has gone wild for these deliveries of joy!) I’d love to win the vegetarian box of deliciousness. Hold thumbs

    1. I would love to try out the Vegetarian Option.
      the meals look delicious and it will be a nice change to the usual vegatarian meals that we eat

    1. At the rate my roommate and I are going if someone delivered anything to us and illuminated the time we had to spend going to the shop we would take it. Ideally the Low Carb would suit our winter bellies, but the daily dish connivence is what we look forward to most.

    1. I would LOVE to try the low carb menu…sounds and looks divine!! :D this would make my life much simpler and save me some decent money! (Which I really need at the moment)

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