10 Reasons To Love the New iPhone 6

I’ve been using the new iPhone 6 for a couple of weeks now; enough time to write a short review on the things I love most. Here are my top 10 favourite features in no particular order…

1. It’s real skinny. I’m a sucker for sleek and skinny gadgetry that fits into my life in a non-intrusive manner. The iPhone 6 is just that. She’s a saucy skinny little minx at just 6.9mm thin with lovely soft new edges. They come in in black, gold and silver.

Brandslut iPhone 6 Image 1

2. You can use your iPhone 6 with one hand. Riiiiiight. So,  you’re probably thinking, “I can use any phone with one hand. Look ma!” But. A gentle double tap on the home button (don’t press) lowers the content on the screen so you can access it easily with just one hand. Nifty!

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3. The battery lasts longer. I’ve been going to bed with 50% battery life, a huge improvement from the 5S. Sure, it’s bigger so it physically holds more charge, and the faster processor saves battery life, but you can also now see the battery draining culprit apps and switch those Bad Boys off. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You’re welcome.

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4. The camera is flippen’ amazing. Apple’s made both hardware and software changes to the camera. A new sensor promises faster focus speeds and better low light images; backed by a more powerful and efficient image processor. And of course, the screen has increased in size and resolution. 

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5. You can also take a selfie with a timer. Choose between a 3 or 10 second delay, get into your desired position/pout/flex and go! It’s actually a rad little iPhone 6 feature.

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6. It has built in time-lapse and slo-mo video. I’m still waiting for the ideal time-lapse opportunity; but at least these features are built in and don’t need to be added via a 3rd party app.

Brandslut iPhone 6 Image 7

7. You can hide the photos you don’t want your pesky mates to see. We’ve all experienced that awkward post side-swipe moment. You can avoid it now by hiding those photos. These will go into a, wait for it, folder called ‘Hidden’ within your albums.

Brandslut iPhone 6 Image 8

8. Keep track of your health. The integrated Health app lets you keep all your health and fitness oriented information in one place on your device and under your control. It integrates with 3rd party apps like Nike + and Run Keeper to house all of your data within one tap. You can also create an emergency card with important health information — for example, your blood type, medical aid details or allergies, all available from your lock screen.

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9. It has faster wireless far and wide. This is something I noticed immediately. The iPhone 6 has faster LTE download speeds and supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone. That means you can roam in more places and experience WiFi at up to 3x faster speeds. Yikes!

Brandslut iPhone 6 Image 10

10. The bigger screen really is better. The increase from 4″ to 4.7″ really does make a difference, particularly when you’re typing. I didn’t think I needed a bigger screen, but now that I’m using it I don’t know how I lived without it. The Retina HD display on this bigger screen really does make for a brilliant visual experience. That said, the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5″) is just too big; for me at least. I like to run with my iPhone 6 strapped to my arm, and doing that with the Plus would be like strapping the telephone book to my arm. Nope.

Brandslut iPhone 6 Image 4

You can get your paws on the new iPhone 6’s at iStore branches nationwide. If you’ve got any other nifty tips or tricks to share, please leave a comment on this post.

brandslut xoxo


      1. Jateen I prefer the 6 because it takes up less space in my life, hand-bag etc. I have an iPad mini that does the job the iPhone 6 Plus would do; I guess. I like to run with my phone and I think the Plus would be too big to do that with.

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