Dear Naff Online Florist

A few months ago I decided to send more flowers. There really is nothing better than getting flowers; it makes a gal feel so special and cherished. Lately I’ve found myself trawling through pages of scary 80s bouquets in a sorry attempt to find something modern, something magical. I leave most web browsing sessions feeling deflated and uninspired. That, or I end up defaulting to an orchid or bunch of plain white roses because there’s really nothing more interesting available. 

I think our web florists need a kick in the panties. With all that’s at our disposal in terms of visual inspiration, there’s no need to keep perpetuating naff bunches of flowers better suited for funerals than friends. Vases don’t need to be over the top and expensive; use jars. And please, please add simple green plants like delicious monsters to the mix. I’d be happy for a guy to send me a monster and tell me he thinks I’m delicious. And what about craspedia, those awesome little yellow flowers that look like balls on sticks, sometimes called Billy Balls? 

I stumbled upon an Instagram account called Dear Whimsy a while back and I just adore Tammie Markham’s flower-arranging style. She does the weekly arrangements for the Rifle Paper Company in Florida, swoon! Her arrangements aren’t over-the-top or technical. They’re, as her social media alias suggests, full of whimsy and magic. I really think our online florists could take a leaf. See what I did there? 

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All photos courtesy of Tammie Markham via Dear Whimsy

If you’re aware of any fabulous online flower sellers doing things a little differently, please do leave me a comment and let me know.

brandslut xoxo


    1. Just read this article and I agree wholeheartedly. Some things in SA are so staid and boring. We could do with a little vamping up of even the most basic things. Absolutely ADORE the pics you posted of the American florist. Gorge!

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