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In October I reviewed the new iPhone; you can read my 10 Reasons to Love the New iPhone 6 article here. I thought it worthwhile to write another post now that enough time has passed and I’ve had the opportunity to properly test and critique this device. 

Here are the features that I still love: 

  • Bigger battery – I get a day and a half which is a game-changer
  • Bigger screen
  • Camera and its image processing capabilities
  • The slick and sleek design
  • Faster wireless on LTE bands

And here are some that I don’t:

  • I wish I’d opted for the 64GB or 128GB capacity device. I went for 16GB and it’s just too small; I seem to be in a perpetual stage of no storage. 
  • Without a cover or case it can be a little on the slippery side, so take care!

I found this video by Matt Schaefer online, he provides a pretty comprehensive review of the iPhone 6 after a 3 month trial. I agree with his sentiment; if you’re a light smart-phone user like I am, in need of basic functionality, then this phone is perfect for you.

Get your iPhone 6 at iStore branches across South Africa. You can also upgrade your contract with any service provider in store. 

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    1. I love my Iphone 6, but would also say its more girly than the 5 and I think guys would have a bit of a problem putting it in their pockets with wallet and keys. It is slippy and the first thing I did was get a cover.

    1. I love my iphone 6 and agree it is super slippery without a cover…but i love the look of the iphone6 without a cover!

      And adding the tempered glass just changes the whole look, unfortunately.

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