South Africa Impresses the Pants Off Anthropologie

Anthropologie, one of my favourite brands, recently filmed their May look-book in South Africa; she duly impressed the pants off the brand’s hard-to-impress catalogue team. This short video of the collection and trip gives me goosebumps…

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”360″][/vimeo]

“It’s not always easy to impress our catalog team; finding and exploring the most beautiful nooks of the world is part of their job, after all. But after shooting our May Lookbook in South Africa, even these professional globetrotters were awestruck by the winding vineyards, the sun-swathed animal sanctuary and the sparkling, blue-bright coast.” 

brandslut xoxo


    1. Also would like to know if Anthropologie are coming to SA, in particular, Cape Town. Went to their shop in Austin, Tx & just loved everything.

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