Oh So Snug For GAP Styld.By

This instalment of Styld.By for GAP features my favourite black super stretch legging jeans and a check shirt, both from GAP. I’m a huge fan of GAP’s jeans, and pants in general I guess, because they fit both my bum and my legs which proves difficult when shopping for pants. So many pants gape or are far too loose around the leg which is a pain. Anyways, my GAP pants fit like a dream and I practically live in these stretch leggings. This check shirt is one of my recent purchases and I love it. There’s just something about a good old red and blue check shirt – timeless. I’ll be wearing this at the annual Elgin Barn Dance this year for sure. The cape is cashmere and I bought it at a market in Florence last year; I can’t get enough of it. Boots were a sale find at Country Road last season; size 3’s FTW. 

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Thanks so much to Craig Kolesky, Nikon & Lexar for these photographs. 

brandslut xoxo

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