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The Pressed Juice Co.

I’ve wanted to try a juice cleanse for ages and decided to give it a whirl just after my birthday this year; you know, to detox post all of the celebratory festivities. I was approached by the Pressed Juiced Company, a Johannesburg-based cold pressed juice, juice cleansing and nut milk company and decided to commit to their 3 day winter juice cleanse. Each of the three days is divided into a 6-part schedule matched to a healthy juice combo:

  1. Pressed green
  2. Pressed pink
  3. Pressed red
  4. Apple pie
  5. Hard-core red
  6. Cashew nut-milk

I found the experience equal parts tough and rewarding. It’s the first time I’ve ever not allowed myself solids and I must admit, it messed with my head a little. I didn’t realise how much we rely on chewing and that full feeling. I mean, I wasn’t starving by any means, and in fact I skipped the hard-core red twice. It’s just that not feeling full played on my mind and I started to re-evaluate my relationship with food and fullness which I think is a good thing. Day one was tough, day two was really hard and day three was relatively easy for some reason. Your body definitely starts to acclimatise. I was lucky in that I didn’t experience headaches or any other side-effects, however some people do. I noticed a big improvement in my energy levels a couple days later; I felt like a million bucks. It’s been about 2 weeks since I did the cleanse and I’m still feeling really good. If you’d asked me on day two if I’d do it again I’d say never, but having finished the three days and experienced the after-effects I’d absolutely to it again in a couple months time. They say you shouldn’t do it too regularly, with at least 6 week intervals in between. 

The Pressed Juice Co. has an online store you can order your juices, cleanses or nut-milks from, and there are collection points in Bryanston and Illovo. Click here to order online. 

Pressed Juice Co. 2


The lovely ladies at the Pressed Juice Co. have kindly offered 2 x three day winter juice cleanses to two Johannesburg-based brandslut readers. Please don’t enter this if you’re not committed, I want the prizes to go to two people who really want to do this and are up for the challenge. 

How to win? 

  • Follow The Pressed Juice Co. on either Facebook or Instagram
  • And then tell me you’ve done so by commenting on this blog post 
  • Competition closes midnight on Sunday September 14th 2015
  • Winners will be drawn randomly and announced on Monday September 15th 2015
  • Winner must be Johannesburg based, or able to hand over their prize to a friend in Johannesburg if won by someone outside of JHB

Fingers crossed and happy cleansing!

brandslut xoxo


    1. Really informative! I’ve been on a Candida diet (no wheat, gluten or sugar – natural and processed). Found a huge difference but I would love to try this as a shorter alternative!

    1. Liked the Facebook page, would love to do the cleanse to kick start my 2cean Ultra training and healthy eating plan

    1. Followed on Instagram, really hoping I win, but will do the cleanse regardless, I’ve been wanting to for a while and this might be the push I’ve needed!

    1. I have been toying with the idea of a juice cleanse for awhile now but put it down to sheer laziness that I haven’t tried. I haven’t heard of this company before and I’m stoked that they are in Johannesburg. I think the 3 day cleanse would be perfect for me as I really need a detox from the bad eating I have been doing.

      Have followed on Facebook :)

    1. I’ve been dying to try this!!! All my friends are raving about them, really curious. I’ve done a 5 day detox before so I’m pretty sure I will survive 3 days :) liked and liked! Holding thumbs!

    1. Followed and so ready to get started with this new health kick! Needing something to get a spring in my step and committed for summer!

    1. Liked on Facebook and Instagram ? been looking at trying a juice cleanse and this looks perfect! Time to kickstart a healthy lifestyle post winter!

    1. Following on Facebook…I have seen all the fridge pic posts of everyone starting their juice cleanses, read the trials and tribulations, been the therapist through a few cleanses myself…I THINK ITS MY TURN. Time to get clean!

    1. Great post! I have like pressed juice co’s Instagram weeks ago and continue to like the many pics they post!! Kelly and Philly are amazing! Committed to my first juice cleanse last week which I loved. There are now 6 more people at the office doing a cleanse because of how amazing I felt and they can’t wait to give it a go. Would love to do another cleanse :) #fullycommitted

    1. Just likes IG and facebook. I quit smoking on 1 August (going strong!! yay) and am really keen to do a proper cleanse, my motivation levels are at a super high. Thanks for the post.

    1. Followed on both Twitter and Instagram! Have committed to September being a healthy, happy month and so would love to win this! Pick me pick me! ?

    1. Liked on Facebook, 6 weeks booze free detox so far, think this will take me to the next detox level. Keen for a win.#forthewin#pressedjuiceco

    1. Liked on Facebook and Instagram, would definitely like to try this cleanse. I’ve heard great things about it!

    1. Followed on Instagram! Been seeing a lot about this lately and keen to try it. Need a boost to get me going on my weight loss journey again.

    1. Oh Yes i have liked liked liked! Been wanting to kick up my detox with these juices but super scared to pay so much for the program. This would really help me to see if it really works, and as i am already on a healthy eating plan i should see results :)

    1. Liked on Insta and Facebook. I just survived my first Johannesburg winter, and my energy levels could really do with a bit of boost. I have been wanting to do a juice cleanse for so long, but it never seems like the right time (I know, terrible excuse) and committing to do it on a public forum makes me all the more motivated! Fingers crossed.

    1. Followed on both Facebook and Instagram! Have committed to September being a healthy month as it’s one of my best friend’s wedding on the 26th. Pick me! Pick me!

    1. Followed on both Twitter & Facebook. I REALLY want to try this out! I love juicing but getting it done yourself is such a schlep! I’d love to try this out

    1. Liked & Followed! I did a juice detox in January and felt absolutely amazing – I think a second one in Spring would be just what this body needs – especially after a massive birthday week – Misha totally get you there- my liver is picked after some very fun celebrations :)

    1. Following Both Facebook & Instagram! I’m committed to good healthy living and this prize will give aid me in making better healthy choices!

    1. Followed on Insta (love the art direction there) and fb, plus commented on your twitter about my friend doing this challenge and loving it!

    1. Done.and.done ? Been so keen to try out the detox juice – time to get rid of the sluggish winter feeling! ?????

    1. Done and dusted! Liked (IG handle is @aboutchrisscott). So excited to give this a try!

    1. Followed them on both Instagram and Facebook. I am a student in pretoria and can’t afford a juice cleanse ! I absolutely would love to give them a try and give my body a detox! ! ????pleeassseeee pick meeee :)

    1. Have been looking at this for a while and absolutely love the concept! In need of a serious detox and would be awesome to try! Followed on Facebook Amy Lee Thompson and Twitter amyleesweety23 :) Hope I am a lucky Jozi girl.

    1. I liked the Facebook page. Looking forward to this gift. It mighy help me jumpstart my weightloss program after this winter where 4kilos ended up deciding that they belong back on my body.

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