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I’m in total nesting mode at the moment and absolutely loving the journey. The problem with doing improvements to your home is the process is insatiable. Anyways, that’s a problem for my credit card to sort out. I’ve done up my main bedroom and now I need to move on to my sorry-looking spare room. I recently bought a queen-size bed for it online via, and I reached out to them after my experience with an offer to share my story and run a reader giveaway. I really appreciate amazing service and quality and I believe the BedExpress team deserve a punt. BedExpress is a Gauteng-based online bed retailer; offering premium brand quality mattresses at a fraction of the price. Both of my beds are from BedExpress and the quality is phenomenal. After all, you spend a third of your life in bed so invest in a good mattress and linen. 


So, I’m giving away one queen-size bed and base from the Ultra Luxury Range, valued at R4499, with the big brand equivalent retailing for R14,000. I’m also giving away 5 x R500 discount vouchers, as well as a %5 discount to all readers; simply use the code ‘brandslut’ upon checkout. I’m going to make entering super easy, all you need to do is either:

  1. Comment on this post, telling me how excited you are about winning that Ultra Luxury bed from
  2. Or you can simply re-tweet my BedExpress tweet, click here for the tweet

Too easy. Entries close midnight Sunday November 15. BedExpress operates solely in Gauteng at this stage so winners will need to be Johannesburg-based. Winners will be chosen randomly. 

In the meanwhile, how gorgeous are these bedrooms? Which is your favourite? 

UPDATE: Competition now closed

Grand prize winner: @BecksJasper

Voucher winners: @theneomokoena @debsmuller @jen_attwood21 @akona1 @runningflyhalf

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brandslut xoxo


    1. WOW I am so excited to win the Ultra Luxury bed as my bed literally drops to the floor when I get in and the creaking and squeaking noise it makes wakes everybody up, you cannot lie on one side as the bed sinks to the middle and it is so uncomfortable, ah to wake up with no body aches would be wonderful as my bed is now 28 years old

    1. Supercalifragilisticexpiali-superduperexcited-docious to be able to enter and stand a chance to win. Think my aching back is more excited than me at the prospect of a better nights rest on my NEW queen size bed!!!

    1. My Fiancé and I are in process of buying our very first house and it’s off plan too so what better way to start in a brand spanking new house than with Bed Express goodies?? Would be the absolute best wedding present ever!!! I promise to brag about it forever too!

    1. I can’t wait for winter snuggle ups, back pain free days and waking up refreshed with my new Ultra Luxury bed!

    1. Oh my word I’ve recently moved into my new home and totally feeling you about the credit card status! Once you start you can’t stop! This would really help me as I need to buy a new bed as well eeep! Holding thumbs! Xx

    1. Winning this bed couldn’t come at a better time! Thanks to my wonderful hulking fiancé throwing himself at our bed (he likes bed time ok) – the one legs occasionally collapses when I sit on the bed :|

    1. What an exciting and incredible opportunity to win an Ultra Luxury bed from and Brandslut! I am 8 months pregnant and will certainly be needing as much comfortable sleep as possible once the baby arrives (which probably won’t be lots) and I just know that this bed would make my dreams come true!

    1. Wow love the bedroom inspiration! It would be hard to pick one :) Would love to win a bed, Great motivation to start a bedroom makeover project!

    1. I’m soooooooo excited about winning this Ultra Luxury bed from ,,,I’m screaming out from the top of my lungs for this beautiful range,,WOW WOW WOW they are all so beautiful,,must be awesome to sleep on those linen. Love the last photo’s range the most…eeeeekkkkkkk

    1. I absolutely love all the above interior ideas! We have actually just moved into our new apartment and a new bed would be the cherry on the cake!! Would LOVE to be a winner <3 xxx

    1. This mattress looks amazing, There is no price you can put on a good nights sleep. I would be on cloud 9 if I had this, as I am desperate for a comfortable mattress!!! I have also re-tweet your BedExpress tweet on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed!

    1. Yes Please!! We are saving for a new bed but this could totally help a girl out! (more money for decorating then!)
      Plus I re-tweeted!

    1. NOOOOOOO!!!! you have no idea how often i dream of getting a new beautiful fluffy puffy bed. and since i am moving in to my first home tomorrow morning, this would be a great addition (the spare room can then also finally have bed- my old one). #inittowinit #thisismine

    1. i would do flik flaks all over my bed (the old one, obviously. no jumping on the queen of the house) holding thumbs

    1. Okay, how do I say this, you know the thing that comes after more-excited-than-finding-the-last-pair-in-your-size-at-a-frikkin-ridiculous-sale-price? Well, that’s how excited I am.
      I need this soooooooo badly ???

    1. I’d be thrilled to win such an amazing bed. It would definitely help me to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep. This is one prize that will surely transform me into a sleeping beauty.

    1. Extremely excited as I’ve just bought a house and enjoying every moment of decorating and adding personal touches.

    1. The excitement equals the fear… The fear of losing my job because I can’t bring myself to getting out of this bed!

    1. I am so excited I have given my bed away! I can’t wait to flop into that luxury. When I do, don’t come looking for me, I will be rolling around on my brand new luxury bed!

    1. I am so excited and I just can’t hide it! Bed is the best place on earth and nothing more spoily than a new bed! Delish!

    1. I’m so chuffed about this giveaway! My bed is currently on it’s last legs ? Considering just chucking my mattress on the floor?

    1. This is so exciting!
      Cannot believe how gorgeous these beds are!
      I would absolutely love to win this for my momma bear. She spends all her money on her kinds and has recently bought us new mattresses but that leaves her sleeping in a 20+ year old bed! Definitely time for an upgrade.
      I hope I have the opportunity to bless her ♡
      Ps: the last bedroom is my favourite! Love the colours, the quirky chair and especially the frames :)

    1. I would be beyond excited to win this Ultra Luxury bed! Every day would be like waking up in a hotel room!! :)

    1. Winning a bed from the Ultra Luxury Range would be thrilling. We are needing a new bed and this would be heavenly! #ultraexcited for #ultraluxury

    1. Recently moved to Joburg to live with my fiance and all is going well except we have been losing sleep because we are squished in our bed! Would love to win the Queen bed for better comfort but also happy to see it is manufactured in SA. Good company and best comfort for the win! X

    1. Super excited to be able to win a BED for my nesting spot. My bed is so important as it allows me to be drifted away to my dreams. Im super holy about the place i lay my head i see it as my secret spot.I would love to win a new bed as the current one was a hand me down from my brother.

    1. Super excited to win this bed! A new bed for a fresh start in a new city for my gorgeous son! Holding thumbs, crossing fingers and toes…

    1. After sharing a room all my life, I have finally moved into my own little place (yay!). I would LOVE to start this new journey with new, fresh, luxury linen (which obviously I could never afford as a student)! It would make me MEGA excited to have. Like. You. Have. No. Idea. ?❤️
      Pleaseletmewinthankyou. Xxx

    1. This would be the best gift to get our bedroom looking in tip top shape! My bedroom is my sanctuary and could definitely do with some loving tlc.

    1. What! New bed!! This would be awesome to replace my boyfriend’s teenage hand me down double bed that we share. Yay! #forthejoyofsleep

    1. L O V E the Contemporary Vintage look above. ♡ I would be beyond excited to win a new bed. It’s incredibly important to get a good night’s rest for general health and wellbeing and to do so in such luxury would be Amazing.

    1. So damn excited to hear there’s a reasonably priced bed option that sells beautiful beds. And even more exited to think I could actually win one :)

    1. Eeeeek- excited is a major understatement!!!!! Elated. Thrilled. Ecstatic. Over-excited. Beyond-excited. Over the moon. OPGEWONDER. Those would be better!!!! I would not be the only SUPER excited person in my home either- my husband would do summersaults!!!! Our current bed is so A-for-average!! And we are having a baby in 3 months, so some good sleep on an amazing BedExpress bed would do wanders. I would be the most E X C I T E D person alive thanks to Brandslut and BedExpress!! ??✊?

    1. I spend 1/3 of my life Hotel rooms and I want the other 1/3 to feel just like I am in one. If these have the same bounce and sultry feeling of a hotel bed then I should be the winner…. It will complete my life brandslut.

    1. Oh yes… I’m sooooo excited about this bed and this give away and my future with this bed. I hope the bed is excited too… I love him already. (Too soon?) don’t break my heart. Xoxo

    1. After being in jozie for going on 4 years and making a new life for myself after a disastrous breakup almost 2 years ago….I have finally decided to buy a Dream home here And this would be ideal in helping make a house my home

    1. I would love to win this amazing prize! Not only will it be a lovely addition to my new bedroom but maybe it’ll help ease my backache…

    1. IN LOVE with all those bedrooms but the last one sings to my heart! ?
      I hope I win…although, I think my two year old will be more excited (if that’s remotely possible) seeing as he has hijacked my bed these days ??

    1. Hi hi, my sister has recently got a place of her own and short a bed! I would love to win this for her. Then I can jump in bed with her and cuddle up, watch movies and drink tea together like we used to do!

    1. Would love love love LOVE to win this bed, that’s how excited I am! Probably as excited as a kid in a candy store to be accurate :) Have only every inherited beds, it would be my first brand new one! Holding thumbs!!

    1. Hi Misha

      I am super excited about this competition and hope that i am lucky enough to finally sleep on a premium brand quality mattress.

      I bought a bed in January this year with my first salary ever as an intern, it was R1500 from a small retailer that sells inexpensive beds and it is not the comfiest of beds.

      Three people sleep on it (My 16 month old baby boy, my partner and myself) and we could definitely use a boost from Brandslut and

      Happy sleeping

    1. Eish sorry about that.

      I was too late to enter the competition.


    1. WOW! the third last bedroom is absolutely amazing! would love to win this competition! just started my first job as a PR intern and an amazing brand new bed to go home too..will complete my day <3

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