White Pearl Resorts, Mozambique

I don’t know where to start with this blog post. Truth is it’s hard to put into words the beauty of the place Jamie and I went over Valentine’s weekend; White Pearl Resorts in Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique. A short 45 minute flight from Johannesburg to Maputo and then a 30 minute helicopter flight to White Pearl and you’ve arrived at your doorstep, literally. I’m fortunate to have travelled to some beautiful places in my lifetime; and this puts Mauritius and the Maldives to shame, in my opinion. As a South African, I also love being able to support our neighbour and keep things local-ish. You don’t need to cross the Indian or Atlantic Oceans to find paradise.

I’m going to let my photographs do the talking, and I’ll end with my thoughts and some information about White Pearl. Have a gander and do yourself a favour; add White Pearl in Ponta Mamoli to your travel bucket list immediately. You’re welcome.

I think I’ve been a little depressed since we left. White Pearl is easily the most luxurious and beautiful place I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying. And it’s not only the intense beauty that sets it apart; it’s the service, the smiles, the attitude, the comfort, the activities, the food, OH MY GOD the food. Nothing was ever too much for us, and all requests big and small were met with complete willingness and a no-problem. Our Valentine’s weekend package was all-inclusive and included an ocean safari, a beach horse-ride, a beach picnic at sunset and some entertainment lake-side from a group of local drummers.

It’s the little things.

Like being asked at dinner what flavour latte you’d like delivered to your room in the morning at a time that’s convenient to you, and being assigned a butler and a mobile phone with which to reach him/her any time. This blew me away. And so did the food. The haloumi was the best I’ve ever had, and seafood in abundance, all perfectly prepared and accompanied with great wines.

The ocean safari was incredible. 10 of us set out early one morning for a journey up the coast in a dingy in search of a pod of dolphins to snorkel with. About an hour in we found a pod that were playing and we snorkelled with them in the open water for ages. The highlight for me was swimming with a tiny baby dolphin and its mother and the rest of the pod of about 20 dolphins. The scuba diving is also apparently exquisite but we sadly didn’t have time for a dive. They also have a full dive school for beginners. It’s now turtle hatching season so guests staying at the moment may get to witness this momentous journey of hundreds of baby turtles to the ocean.

The rooms are also magic; huge villas with a king extra-length bed, lounge, bath, outside shower, swimming pool and loungers on a private deck overlooking the ocean. There are 21 villas in total. The rest of the resort is beautiful too with break-away lounges, loungers and spaces to enjoy the pool and ocean views. There are two restaurants and great little bar with a fire-pit and entertainment in the evenings. The night before Valentine’s White Pearl treated guests to live reggae, oysters and Champagne at the bar.

I hope I’ll get the opportunity to visit White Pearl again. If you’re planning a special trip, a weekend break or honeymoon, you need to consider this Ponto Mamoli gem. Visit the White Pearl Resorts website for information on upcoming promotions, including an Easter special and discounted rates for South Africans all year round. White Pearl are offering a low-season special for guests wishing to escape winter and enjoy Ponta Mamoli’s endless summer from June to August. All you need to do is enquire with White Pearl.

Wishing I never had to leave.

Brandslut xoxo


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