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I recently discovered Net A Parcel, a package forwarding service that provides┬áSouth Africans with their own mailbox in the U.S. Net A Parcel handles the admin, clearing, taxes and transport of your item (packages, mail, magazines & more) and delivers straight to your doorstep. If you’ve ever ordered anything from overseas and have had to deal with customs and the post office, you’ll know what a nightmare this can be, not to mention having no idea what you’re in for from a cost perspective when said package arrives and your $50 t-shirt of a cat shooting lasers from its eyes ends up costing you triple that in duties. Net A Parcel offers an annual subscription fee of R695 for the mailbox and administration, and then orders are handled on a case by case basis depending on the value and type of item, exchange rate etc. They handle all administration and fees via your online account portal, a comprehensive invoice is supplied and upon payment the goods are shipped straight to your door. For me having my online shopping arrive at home/place of work is a major plus; I cannot handle the post office and avoid it at all costs.

Net A Parcel’s fare estimation calculator helps you get an idea of what you’re in for before you buy which is also handy. Note, some goods are zero rated which means you can, via big deals, end up with goods like cellular phones, gadgets, watches, sunglasses, computers and more at ridiculously low prices, even with the Net A Parcel and customs fees included. Worthwhile keeping an eye on those Black Friday-esque sales abroad. I wish I’d discovered Net A Parcel a year ago when I found a piece of art I wanted to buy in the Netherlands. The artist wouldn’t ship to South Africa and in the end my convoluted plan of paying her for the digital file, paying into her foreign bank account (vomit process) and then having the piece printed and framed in South Africa ended up costing me a small fortune which could’ve been avoided. Anyways, now I know.

I’ve been lusting after something from Australian luxury leather brand The Daily Edited which I discovered on Instagram a little while ago. I’m such a sucker for monogramming and ordered myself this swoon-worthy taupe pouch with a wrist-strap and MC monogrammed in gold. Guys, if you want to score massive brownie points with your lover, get her something, anything, from the The Daily Edited. You won’t be sorry. I also ordered myself this gorgeous little strappy-back bra from Free People. Damn you Pinterest for taunting me with all of these beautiful things! Anyways, I’m going through a back-detail phase and with all of the lovely low backs that are now available, bras like these are perfect and should be seen. Have a look through these intimates. You’re welcome.

Brandslut_Net A Parcel_ Brandslut_Net A Parcel_-2 Brandslut_Net A Parcel_-3 Brandslut_Net A Parcel_-4 Brandslut_Net A Parcel_-5 Brandslut_Net A Parcel_-6 Brandslut_Net A Parcel_-7 Brandslut_Net A Parcel_-8Click here to sign-up for your Net A Parcel mailbox. Happy shopping.

Brandslut xoxo

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