Brandslut X Huawei P9 Review + Giveaway | A Mediterranean Adventure

A little while ago Huawei reached out to me with an opportunity to review the new Huawei P9, ailment co-engineered with Leica. About to head north for a wedding and mid-year break, click I accepted the challenge of putting the so-called best smartphone camera on the market to the test abroad, drugstore Mediterranean blues and magenta hues in mind. I apologise in advance for the photo-overload. If you hate photographs or the ocean, Cyprus or Greece, then look away now. I’ve split this post into 3 sections: the review, the trip, the giveaway.

Huawei P9 Review

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical given I’m primarily an Apple user and was nervous of the Android operating system, so I schlepped my trusty DSLR along for the holiday to take special photographs with. I started shooting with the Huawei P9 immediately and my DSLR never left her case. To be fair, my DSLR lens isn’t right for scenic shots, landscape photography or low-light, so the P9 filled in for her short-falls and blew me away in the process. If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen some of my photographs of the trip; I had followers asking what lens I was using which to me is testament to quality of this phone and its camera. The Leica lenses on this smartphone truly handle colour and light in a unique way and deliver photographs that are crisp, detailed and vibrant.

My favourite feature of the Huawei P9 camera is the option to toggle between standard user mode and professional mode with a simple swipe upwards, which allows you to manipulate the shutter speed, ISO, aperture and white balance, as you would with a DLSR. For anyone with a desire to take better photographs or to dabble in photography, this is huge. The double 12 megapixel rear Leica lenses are (one RGB and one monochrome, 27mm lens equivalent, f2.2 apertures) powerful and I think this collaboration between Leica & Huawei is a bold and smart one and the proof is in the photographs. In all the reviews I’ve read and watched, the Huawei P9 only appears to fall short in the video category, which doesn’t really bother me as I’m not big on video, and shooting in low light. I’ve intentionally included a few low light shots in my post to demonstrate its capability, which I think is better than what the reviews say.

A swipe from the left reveals a selection of modes: photo, monochrome, beauty video, HDR, beauty video, panorama night shot, light painting, time lapse, slow-mo and watermark. Let’s face it (pun intended), the proliferation of apps like SnapChat have made the infamous selfie more popular than ever and the Huawei P9’s 8 megapixel front-facing camera, along with beauty mode, make for an epic selfie. Selfie-taking automatically activates beauty mode which allows the user to up the effect, or to lose it. The pic of me with the watermelon in my review was taken on level 5, which was a mistake as it’s a little high for my liking, but if you’re after the flawless Photoshopped effect, then you’ll probably like levels 5 upwards.

I’ve not really used the phone for anything other than its camera and operating applications, so I can’t vouch for things like call quality, although it does boast a triple antenna, which I’m guessing, improves signal quality. A couple things I noticed which I do like are the positioning of the fingerprint unlock sensor which is at the back, where you logically put your index finger when you pick up your phone, and also the battery (3000 mAh) seems to last really long. What I can say for sure is the Huawei P9 is everything it claims to be from a photographic perspective and is by far the best smartphone camera I’ve used. I’d hazard a guess and say this collaboration is going to force competitors to have to up their hardware and software games if they want to stay in the photography race, a non-negotiable amongst the youth and heavy photography users.

A Mediterranean Adventure: Cyprus, Mykonos & Athens

A wedding in Cyprus spawned a mini Mediterranean adventure and we decided to take a couple weeks out of life and enjoy all that Cyprus, Mykonos and Athens had to offer. I’m so glad our friends decided to say their forevers in Cyprus, because it meant a truly once-in-a-lifetime trip to an area called Polis Chrysochous on the western tip of the island of Cyprus. Nestled at the foot of the Akamas Peninsula National Park is the Anassa, the breathtaking hotel where the wedding took place, where Zeibekiko was performed beneath the fairy lights al fresco and where we anointed this magical union with a lot of Ouzo. The area is beautiful, unspoilt, what I’d imagine Greece’s popular islands to have been like 20 years ago. And where your Euro goes a fair deal further. We rented a villa on AirBnB, just a two minute drive from the Anassa. All in all a great experience, I only wish we’d dedicated more than 3 nights to it. Here’s Cyprus in pictures:

We hopped on a flight from Paphos to Athens to catch our ferry to Mykonos the next morning. Now, for the life of me, I don’t know why I decided to book the ferry instead of a flight, and I didn’t live this decision down all holiday. Deservedly. Okay, so the Ferry was E40pp each way and was spacious and luxurious, and you get to check out some cool little islands along the way, but the journey was 5 hours vs. a 35 minute flight which I would’ve gladly spent the E180 on to save on travel time. So take my advice: fly.

Mykonos is small, full and the tourist to taxi ratio is terrible. If you stay on the arse-end of the island and you’re relying on taxis all the time you’re going to spend a fortune on travel, so be sure to stay somewhere central. I did a ton of research and we ended up staying in Platis Gialos which was a great call as our hotel was on the beach and within walking distance of restaurants/clubs like Nammos, Scorpios, Jumeirah, Kalua and the Platis Gialos strip. You’re going to spend a fair deal of your time in Mykonos eating, drinking and dancing, so position yourself accordingly. There’s also a public bus that stops at Platis Gialos beach half-hourly and heads into Mykonos Town, which is a great change of scenery.

I absolutely loved Mykonos town and caught the bus in a few times on my own to explore its quaint maze-like cobbled streets and picturesque and unexpected vistas. Some of the little shops and restaurants along the coastal-side are perched upon the rocks with breathtaking views and a roaring ocean beneath their balconies; magic. Mykonos town looks exactly like what you’d imagine a Greek island village to look like: uneven white concrete shops and houses with doors and shutters in blue and red, pink bougain villea punctuating turns, lazy Greek cats keeping watch upon doorsteps. Don’t settle for the tourist traps, go deeper and you’ll discover some beautiful boutiques and delicious local fare. Our favourite meal was happenstance at an Italian restaurant called Casa di Giorgio where dining is al fresco and they’re making fresh pasta in the alley as you enter the restaurant. Might as well be a bullseye. I had high hopes for another restaurant called Mamalouka which boasted an impressive modern garden setting, but I was underwhelmed and think it would’ve been better suited to drinks and live music.


The sexy beach bars and restaurants Mykonos is synonymous with blew my mind. The organic architecture and impeccable use of texture kept my jaw to the floor throughout our trip. After seeing what Mykonos has to offer I’m sorry to say South Africa has a long way to go to. My three favourites, in order:

  1. Alemagou
  2. Scorpios
  3. Nammos

Alemagou and Scorpios bear similarity when it comes to design and décor and both use a lot of natural shapes, colour and texture. Alemagou had a slightly more relaxed feel and a better beach. We spent the day there swimming, eating, drinking and being merry to the beat of a phenomenal DJ. I treated myself to a massage on the beach and we left when the sun went down. Our day at Alemagou was one of my favourites of our trip and I’m sad we saved it for last because, in hind sight, there’s a lot I would have foregone for another day or two there; Elia beach, for example. Sneaky Sundays at Scorpios are huge and not for the faint hearted; I’ve never seen so little clothing in all my life. The setting is ideal; a little hidden gem camouflaged by vegetation and rockery on an apparently unassuming peninsula. Oh, you’re in for a treat. Nammos is Nammos: fabulous.




Jumeirah – Best Greek Salad in Mykonos

We stayed at an unassuming hotel on the beach called Acrogiali which was great for its beach-frontage, but I think a better option would be to stay at it’s sister-hotel The George, a stone’s throw away. Being slightly back from the buzz of the beach, The George offers a little more peace and quiet, as well as an impressive view of the bay, particularly at night. One day when I’m big I’ll stay at Nissaki, just around the corner. This phenomenal boutique hotel offers the best views of Psarou bay (where Nammos is) and everything about this little gem is classic, classy, white and perfectly Myconian.


After Mykonos we took our sad wallets and livers to Athens for a couple nights in this, one of my favourite cities in the world. I feel Athens is a lot like Johannesburg in that it gets bad PR, mostly from from ignoramuses (ignorami?) who’ve not spent enough time in the city and don’t know all it has to offer. Through researching the city’s best rooftop bars, I stumbled upon the Herodion Hotel at the base of the Acropolis in the heart of the old town on Rovertou Galli. The rooftop bar and restaurant did not disappoint and you’re in for some of the best cocktails and views you’ve ever had in your life. This trip we visited the Acropolis Museum but hired a private tour guide (recommended through the Herodion); well worth the E20 pp she charged for the two hours she guided us through the museum and it’s artefacts. Walking up the Acropolis itself has little significance without the rich history and context you gain at the museum.

Take the red bus to acquaint yourself with the city on your first day. Walk as much as you can, especially areas like Plaka, Monastiraki, Kolonaki, Excharia and Psiri. Don’t spend all your time in Glyfada on the beach. Walk up to Mount Lycabettus (don’t take the funicular). And visit the Acropolis and its museum, of course.

Pretty impressive for a smartphone camera, right?


Okay, so here’s the sexy part you’ve been waiting for, the part where you get to stand your paws the chance to win a Huawei P9 valued at R11 000. To enter I need you to comment on this blog post and tell me two simple things:

  1. What do you like most about the Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica?
  2. What’s your dream adventure destination?

Don’t worry, the details you submit when you comment on this post are private and will not be published. Entries close midnight on Wednesday August 31 and I will announce the winner the following day, Thursday 1 September 2016.

And go.


    1. What I like most about the Huawei P9 is the dual camera develop with Leica. Using Leica’s proven camera technology, Huawei has created a phenomenal camera to take pictures with.

      My dream adventure destination is Tokyo, Japan. Would love to be immersed into the Japanese culture I have been curious about for years. Old meets new in the city of Tokyo

      1. Lusting after this phone having played with one recently. Camera is a big seller for me but I also love the finger print scanner.

        Dream adventure destination is The Amazon – doesn’t get much more adventurous than that!

    1. The thing that intrigues me most about the P9 is the Leica dual camera system and my dream holiday destination would be the South of France, preferably Nice.

    1. Having the LG G5 Smartphone and it being rated one of the best in terms of camera/photography and having a son that is so into photography, him and I are forever competing who is going to use my phone for the day. The Leica lenses are just amazing and I have no doubt winning this phone for him I can at least then have mine back for good. He is almost 17 and it would an amazing birthday present for him and with his young addiction a start off point like this with such a good phone would be a real boost to his ego. I am planning a trip for him and I (single parent) to Mauritius for his birthday in December and I have been there twice before and knowing the glass bottom boats and the sight-seeing that is available I have no doubt that he would have an absolute blast with this phone. I promise I will make him send you loads of pics too.

    1. Wow. You weren’t kidding: the photos are incredible! Looks like an amazing trip and you’ve captured the details beautifully.

      1. Best bit about the camera, I’d guess, would have to be the ability to manipulate settings for low light.
      2. Dream destination: Italy. I think I’m made for Sangiovese, pasta and the rolling hills of Toscana.

    1. I love the fact that it has double 12 megapixel rear Leica lenses. Iceland will be my next dream adventure destination! Bring it on!!!

    1. OMG Darlling you are living my dream…

      Thanks so much for sharing, loads to draw on as we plot our next Mediterranean adventure. Just oozing with excitement at this point! As for the photographs, WOW! If I could steal your eye, your relentless chic style and relive the journey I’d be smitten! I travel with my Canon5d and baby, to have the capabilities of the Hauwei, sans the heavy load would be AMAZING! More room for some special secret finds. The images are beautifully sharp, low light looks like it’s not an issue at all and the dual functionality in a single device would be fab.

      Thanks so so much for inspiring us all. My travel bug is biting away furiously.

      Stay fabulous xx ?

      1. Oh, did I mention it would be Greece all the way!! Dying to go explore xx

    1. Definitely the precision, and clarity in the photos it takes ?
      My dream destination at the moment would have to be Bahrain for the architecture, and Paris for the architecture and food.

    1. 1. I like that the camera has dual lenses / sensors – one for capturing colour and one for capturing detail. I never use a stand alone camera anymore, I rely on my phone’s camera to take nice photos. So this would be a nice little gadget to own.

      2. I would love to go to Bolivia!

    1. 1. The camera’s professional mode.
      2. The British Virgin Islands

    1. I heard a lot about the P9’s camera when it first came out, but seeing your photos has blown me away! The quality of these pics is amazing! I would happily leave my dslr in its case and not have to lug the heavy thing around if I can just use my smartphone! I think what I like most about the Hauwei P9 is obviously the camera, but specifically the crisp way it captures details and stunning colours. The low light photography is also really impressive! I love photography and abandoned using my iPhone because my dslr took better photos, but if I had the Huawei in my possession I think my dslr will be taking a break!

      As for my dream holiday destination… There are so many. But for an amazing adventure I think it would have to be the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. The beautiful landscape and the prospect of hunting for giant Guinea Pigs has always intrigued me and I’d love to document a journey through this beautiful land.

    1. 1. The fact that it can imitate DSLR cameras by changing aperture and shutter speed. I had a really handy Sony pocket camera that could do this and was always really impressed by the quality. I imagine it the P9 could even manage some light painting if I used a small tripod (fun!).

      2. Lisbon or Porto – totally obsessed with urban Portugal at the moment and would love for my next adventure to be to those two cities.

      Great post – it looks like you had an amazing holiday :)

    1. 1) I like the camera options the most. I now use my phone for 3 things – taking photos (lots & lots – of buildings and how the spaces are used so I need a few different options) and it needs to fit into my jeans pocket so I can take it out quickly and its not too obvious…listening to music & texting. Sometimes I even make a call :)
      2) My dream destination is Japan.

    1. I love the feature where you can go between standard and professional mode. I would love to be able to take professional looking photos without being a professional photographer. The photos are amazing!
      I would love to visit Sweden and Norway again

    1. 1. As a photographer (with a very, very old Huawei ;-( ) I like the option you have to toggle between standard user mode and professional mode, which will then allow me to set the shutter speed, ISO, aperture and white balance.
      2. On my bucket list, my dram destination would be Croatia.

    1. I followed this trip of yours every. Single. Day! Greece has always been my dream destination! The architecture, the scenary as well as the food draws me in. I am still to this day, saving for my dream trip!! I loved the photographs you took while visiting and found my desire to visit the smaller, more unknown parts of greece grow.

      My favorite feature has to be the fact that you can adjust the shutter speed. It would be amazing to not have to schlep a DSLR as well as my phone around on Holiday, but only take the phone. This is a dream!! The quality of these photos are of a professional standard and its an Incredible achievement.

    1. Wow. I need to own one of these immediately if not sooner…completely fabulous pics. With the work I do I always need a camera at hand and this one appears to tick all the boxes. The ability to switch between standard user and professional mode is a winner. Video is also not a priority in my world. If your photographs are anything to go by, it is a no brainer that this is a winning combo – well done Huawei and Leica.

      As for destination adventures, I would adore to return to Spetses and Hydra, the 5 short days I was there only enabled me to scratch the surface of all they had to offer.

      PS. Who doesn’t want a camera that takes brilliant selfies – at 12 months until 50 I need all the help I can get. Ha.

    1. 1. Quality is amazing and being able to set the aperture & shutter speed on a phone will make my heart happy. But the fact that i won’t have to carry a heavy DSLR with me while adventuring, makes my heart sing.

      2. Iceland. The landscapes seem unreal.

    1. My favourite feature from the Huawei P9 camera is the going from standard user mode and professional. Perfect since I love to dabble in photography.

      My dream destination would be Rome, to capture the stunning tourist destinations.

    1. As an Apple geek and DSLR owner, I am also struggling with this one. I think it goes without saying that it’s a great device, but I love that I could take quality photos day-to-day without carrying my heavy DSLR around and figuring out if I will need to switch lenses. Thanks for demonstrating that through your photos.

      As for my dream destination: Marrakech. I don’t even know how to begin describing how badly I want to go and just take a million photos of everything!

    1. It’s pretty simple. The lens on that camera is simply phenomenal. That means having the ability to head out with just your phone and still be able to take some majestic shots. When traveling, dragging my DSLR out and about is a mission due to the weight and also makes you stand out as a tourist. Shooting wth just a phone means you can often get shots you wouldn’t normally be able to wth the big guns out.

      My dream destination is still India. Not just the tourist side. The people, culture, colours… Got to do it before kids though ?

    1. 1) The photos!!!! This phone can seriously perform in that department and these pics you took using it are incredible.

      2) Bora Bora. It looks so amazing there and so tranquil. I certainly need some tranquility right now!

    1. 1. That its co-engineered with Leica. Because: Leica. And that its smartphone size which means I don’t have to lug my big camera around on my adventures.
      2. Morocco. Because: surf, culture, markets (man, the markets) and pretty ceramic tiles.

    1. Antoher ingenious device from Huawei!
      My favourite feature of the camera would have to be that with just a swipe upwards you can change from standard to professional mode. I enjoy photography and it would be really awesome if my pics looked as if they were taken by a professional without the professional price tag!
      My dream adventure destination is currently Morocco

    1. My favourite feature of the P9 is the second, monochrome camera which adds fantastic detail and depth of field to photos.

      My dream adventure destination is Japan which I’m going to be exploring in April next year (Yay!)

    1. It would have to be the ability to manipulate settings for low light, I mean the picture quality on this phone is awesome!
      Definitely Madagascar, has always been a dream of mine to swim in the tranquil waters and lay on the sand white beaches and get to know the people.

    1. The quality of pictures are superb!
      1. I have to say I like the swipe-up feature of the professional option.
      2. Italy perhaps Florence, for its cobble stoned streets, quaintness, architecture, fountains, food and wine, and culture.

    1. Dreamy Mish, just dreamy! I love the idea of a pocket size camera that delivers Leica quality & that can fit in a clutch whilst traveling! Imagine freeing up the backpack from the heavy DSLR. A European winter – gluhwein in Praque, ski awesomeness in the Alps & some Marseille memories would be an amazing adventure x

    1. It’s a fantatsic-sounding camera and as someone who *struggles* to take good photos, I’d love to have a camera that pushes me to learn more. I am also planning a trip to Greece and Morocco next year so I’d love to have a camera that can capture the low-light of Fez’s winding allies and the intricate details of the zellig, plaster- & work-work. Having such an impressive camera in a compact form means one can be more inconspicuous when photographing souks and street scenes.

      Brazil and India are currently fighting for my top spot for an adventurous holiday.

    1. Wow, stunning photos! I use my phone primarily as a camera, TBH. Camera quality is the defining factor when it comes to picking out a new phone. With Leica’s long standing reputation in the photography industry, making use of a Leica lense on a phone sounds like a dream for me.

      Sri Lanka is currently top of my adventure list. I’m dreaming (being the key word) of a three month sabbatical, exploring the coast by train.

    1. What I like most about the P9 is the Leica dual camera system and my dream holiday destination is Mauritius

    1. What I love most about the P9 is the Leica dual camera system as I do not have a camera or smartphone so this would be great to be able take awesome photos’s – my dream adventure destination is Vietnam

    1. What I love most about the P9 is the Leica dual camera system which is absolutely amazing – my dream adventure destination is Morocco because I am a surfer and there are great waves there

    1. Favourite feature – the Leica dual camera system and my dream adventure destination is Thailand as there is so much to do there – snorkeling, diving, riding elephants, great adventure awaits

    1. 1. I love the quality of the camera and it’s different modes and functions. I have always been a firm believer that if you want quality photographs you should get a good camera and if you want a proper phone then you should get a smartphone with all the features you need. Each has it’s purpose and a phone can’t be a proper camera. After reading your review and seeing your photographs I might just be willing to give it a go and see if I can get similar results. Time and technology waits for no one !
      2. I am privileged to live in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town. There is a lot of beauty to be captured right here but it lacks the old world charm and architecture of Rome and Athens. Those 2 cities along with Paris are my dream destinations.

    1. Could not believe that those pictures were taken from a cellphone, guess it isn’t just any cellphone then! Love the clarity of the photographs ( definitely no filters needed). Having just backpacked through Indonesia with my boyfriend, I can certainly say there is no room for a fancy camera or finances for such on our student budgets! The Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica would definitely be small enough and comparable for our next backpacking adventure!
      The next trip in our long distance relationship will be to the beautiful city of the Netherlands to meet his family!

    1. I like the double 12 megapixel Leica lenses working together and producing amazing shots on the superb P9!
      My dream destination would be the vibrant Morocco.

    1. What appeals to me the most about the Huawei P9 is the Leica dual camera and that it shifts between stadard user and professional mode easily wouls allow me to beautifully capture daily moments – something I am desperately missing usingan old school BB – I also love the chic look of the Huwawei P9 too. And Greece looked amazing but my dream adventure would be Italy 1st!

    1. 1. The various Camera options, including it’s professional mode and the evidently incredible lens.
      2, My dream destination…aaahh there are so many, I think for now: Myanmar

    1. I love that the P9 can stand on its own against a DSLR – sets itself in a league of its own! #Huaweicoolisthat

      My dream adenture destination is New York City ? – can only imagine what it would like like through the lens of a Leica!

    1. Most definitely the Leica dual camera system!!! Your photos are just perfection ??
      Would be a dream to go an a European adventure…. Spain, Croatia, Greece ☀️☀️

    1. Beautiful photos, they capture the mood of the place so beautifully.

      The bit I like best about the P9 is the fact that you can use it on a manual setting as well – which gives you an opportunity to work on your photography skills with the convenience of a compact camera.

      My dream travel location at the moment is Madagascar – otherworldly animals and unique landscapes. I’ve always wanted to see the iconic baobabs up close, and I love the idea of capturing an African destination that is slightly under appreciated as a tourist spot.

    1. My favourite feature of the Huawei P9 is it’s camera, I love taking, sharing and looking at photos – I am using a Huawei P7, and my favourite feature is also it’s awesome camera, just love it, but my phone has seen better days, and I’d love an upgrade! My dream adventure destination would have to be Dubai/Mauritius – looks simply breathe taking, maybe one day :)

    1. The combination of a smart phone and a good camera lens has got to be my version of heaven. Lugged an SLR around way too many places and have far too many poorly captured memories through bad lenses. Light, clarity, and colour is like Misha, Christina, and Barcelona – an edgy and exciting threesome. I’m in!

      Take that halfway up the Hindu Kush and you’ll have me crooning “Just like Heaven.” Yes, believe it or not, my dream destination is Afghanistan…. Coming?

    1. First of all. SO. MUCH. BLUE. AND. WHITE. These photographs are gorgeous!
      How are all phones not issued with a “professional mode” on their camera’s? I think the best feature has to be that you can control so many more settings that are usually not available by only carrying around your phone. ISO adjustment is genius, especially for those low light shots!
      Dream adventure destination has got to be Greece & Cyprus now that I’ve read this post, but something a little closer to home is definitely Zanzibar. I yearn for ocean blues and sunshine!

    1. I echo your sentiments, the fact that it has both a standard user mode and professional mode is pretty cool :) My next dream destination is Italy or Greece :)

    1. Eeeeekkk what epic pics! I’ve loved reading this post, thank you!

      So.. your answers madam;
      1. I love that fact that with the Huawei P9 you are in complete control of capturing life’s journey, no matter what the moment entails. A camera for everything, ready for every moment.
      2. New York.. craving this big city

      Thanks for the opportunity to enter gorgeous Gal xx

    1. Okay, so here goes! My fav thing about the Hauwei p9 is that they have zoned in on next level mobile photography, I LOVE the wide angle shots from the Greece shoot :) Dream destination = Santorini!!! Yes please

    1. Stunning stunning stunning pics <3 beautiful memories, I love the Leica dual camera system the most about the P9, my dream holiday destination is Madeira, Portugal <3

    1. Undoubtedly the dual camera lens for sure. It’s what sets this bad boy apart from anything else. In fact it makes its engineering so genius. It’s like a professional camera in the palm of your hand and can immediately edit and upload. I think that combination is fantastic. It’s what I’ve always wanted!
      With a phone like this in my palm I would definitely want to visit India and be able to snap all of the colours and textures and make my instagram one big beautiful rainbow. But even with the P9 the mono chrome pictures are damn amazing. Holding thumbs fingers toes and clenching my body parts in hopes to get my hands on something amazing like this. I loved loved loved the blog post and it makes me want to jump on a plane and heat right there!

    1. Those pictures are absolutely stunning wow. What I like most about the Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica is the dual-lens camera which equals more light and better clarity, for the most amazing photos and videos. I would love to travel Europe especially Italy I have family there that I have never met and I heard that Venice is absolutely beautiful so that is definetly my dream adventure destination. I’m in need of a new phone and would really love to own this one as I have started my own blog and need a phone with only the best camera to take amazing pictures and do amazing videos.

    1. First of all – I have never really had any desire to go to Greece, but your blogpost has completely swayed me and now I’d love to visit there! Your pictures are amazing, Misha.

      I love how two things people use almost every day, have come together and formed something exceptional – we always use our phones, and we always use a camera. So combining a phone, and an amazing camera, just makes so much sense. Besides, if you’re going to be taking images with your phone as much as we do, you may as well have brilliant quality images that really do last a lifetime!

      My ultimate adventure destination is definitely Madeira or any of the Portuguese islands. My dad grew up there, and I have always wanted to explore and get lost in a place like Portugal. There’s something about the old buildings, old streets, and general atmosphere of the place that really intrigues me!

    1. The ability to switch between standard user and professional mode.

      Dream adventure destination is Italy!

    1. What do I love about the Huawei P9?

      How about EVERYTHING?!
      The phone has so much to offer that it’s very hard to pick a favourite. Having read tons of reviews and watched many unboxing videos which makes my heart skip many beats at the sublimity of the phone, I have to say it is the professional camera mode in the camera toggle settings. The feature is definitely what makes the P9 stand out from its competitors. Having recently taken the plunge and have started to try to open up my own part-time craft business; details and the need to capture texture is what makes me want this phone so much. With the P9, I will be able to capture exceptional images which will help showcase the essence of the design and/or product. Thinking about it blows my mind.. that it could all be possible as I have a passion for intricate details. Built into a phone and always at hand is the best part, so say if I had to come across art and inspiration which I usually do- it can easily be snapped and can be used for work at a later stage. Its on-the-go and that’s so cool!

      Other incredible features that I like are the finger print scanner, fast processor and quick-time charging. Who wouldn’t love their phone charging in half the time that it usually takes.

      A place that I would love to visit?

      Definitely Turkey! If I had the opportunity to couple the Huawei P9 with Leica Technology and a trip to Turkey I think my heart would never be able to handle the thrill and I’d probably collapse from happiness! The lights at night, cobble stairways and paths, beautiful architecture and bazaars make it my dream vacation. Not forgetting their tea and Turkish delight sweets that they are famous for. Yummy!

      Last but not least I really enjoyed the review of your holiday and I felt the heart and soul you put into your writing. I found that I needed several moments to cherish all of your photos and boy did I read it many times over! I must admit as a die hard Huawei P9 lover I couldn’t help salivate when I came to the part that you’re giving one away. So much of Huawei, Leica, Mykonos and Turkey in my head right now. Let me end this with saying I wish you all the best and God bless. Xx

    1. As most have said, I think the best feature is the easy switching between standard user mode and professional mode – I think it will also allow you to do lots more experimenting with your photos.

      My dream destination at the moment is Alaska – which is strange since I hate cold, but I just feel I have to see it soon!

    1. I love how it captures the light so well- I can’t believe that is a camera phone:

      Best destination would be Croatia/ Greece/ Turkey adventure/ blue oceans/ fresh Mediterranean food and hot ballooning…

    1. 1) The best thing about it would have to be the ability to manipulate settings for low light! 2) My dream holiday destination is Bali, it is so awesome and the people are so friendly. There is so many beautiful place and beaches to visit, and the surf spots are great!

    1. Oh, man, those photographs are beyond beautiful!
      1) It would be a very hard sell to get me to give up my iPhone but those photographs are a good start!
      2) I used to dream of adventuring all the way across Africa, partly on foot, hitching rides where possible and taking busses or flying when I was flush, making my way north and then hopping across the Mediterranean to Europe and changing the pace without giving up the dream… And then I had kids and got old! :P Now, I’d be thrilled to get away on a scuba diving holiday to pretty much any one of the world’s gorgeous island destinations…

    1. Your holiday looked wonderful – thanks for sharing!

      1) I like that it has settings in line with a DSLR camera such as aperture and shutter speed. I lug my camera with me everywhere because my phone camera just isn’t good enough! It would be nice to leave my camera at home and rely on the Hauwei P9!

      2) Dream adventure destination? Right now, it is Vietnam which we just booked a few days ago for October! The perfect chance to test the Huawei!

    1. I love that Huawei has innovated and partnered with the legendary Leica to offer an amazing camera phone. Often we’re out and about with just our phones and its so important to capture memories in the best possible way. This phone makes that not just possible, but easy!

      I’d love to explore South East Asia. Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia. The sights, the food, the temples…. Amazing…

    1. Hi Mish

      I have really enjoyed following your bog and photo’s of your trip to Greece.

      1. I love the phones photo function thanks to your incredible photos of your trip. You displayed the cameras capabilities so beautifully.

      2. My dream destination is to see the Wildebeest migration in the Serangetti in Tanzania. Our trip is planned for August 2016. Already shopping for the Land Rover that will take us there, both my wife and I and our 2 daughters (ages 3,5 and 1,5 now). A phone with camera like that will help us take incredible pics and share on our family blog about the adventurous trip, that is still to be set up soon.

      Cant wait to see what trip you post about next.

    1. Hi there,
      thanks for this wonderful opportunity to own a most epic (read photographer’s dream phone) and allowing us to live vicariously through your adventures to Polis Chrysochous, Scorpios, Alemagou and Nammos. These photos make me want to go drink cocktails on the beach ASAP.

      The professional mode of this phone is where it’s all at in my opinion, right now my current phone does not allow me to capture those moments when I am not carrying my DSLR around with me and there are so many missed opportunities when walking around our beautiful Cape Town, this phone would allow me catch those “once in a lifetime” moments.

      Dream location to take this Huawei P9 would be the Galapagos Islands for sure, earlier this year I was in Peru and Bolivia but due to time restrictions and terrible currency exchange going to see the vast wildlife on these beautiful islands was just not possible. I will be going to New Zealand next and pretty sure I would make right good old use of phone, could even do a mini feature on your blog? This will only be happening in April 2017 though.

      Once again lovely photos, stay blessed.

    1. WOW! These photos are beautiful. I love that the sound of the Leica lenses and being able to capture colour and light like a pro. Dream destination – it’s hard to pick one but at the moment, my feet are itching to go to New York! Holding thumbs :)

    1. Misha, this makes my canon look pfft although I know that photography has a lot to do with the photographer rather than the equipment.
      To be honest, I am still really green when it comes to taken great shots.
      What I love is that you say it can toggle between standard user mode and professional mode with a simple swipe upwards. That’s standard for idiot auto especially for me right?

      Dream destination: Greece or Bali

    1. The new Huawei P9 Smartphone is your absolute best friend when it comes to smartphone photography. They’ve partnered up with Leica Lenses to bring you one of the most versatile and technologically advanced smartphone camera’s out there. This is actually a blogger/Instagrammers/photographers dream! Huawei and Leica have combined to create a stunning dual-lens camera in a smartphone. More light and better clarity, for amazing photos and videos. How exciting is that!? It’s the perfect tool to help create the perfect flatlay I’m after! It’s thebest smartphone camera. The possibilities are endless! It’s the perfect tool to take your photos and youchannels to the next level. MY DREAM HOLIDAY DESTINATION IS THE UNITED KINGDOM

    1. My FAVE thing(s) would be the fact that you can shoot in manual – game changer for phone technology and for a budding photographer like me. Also, Leica – enough said! Dream holiday: South America. RIO carnival!

    1. What I love most is the professional partnership that has emerged between Huawei and Leica resulting in jaw dropping photo quailty. I really thought the photos in this blog post MUST have been taken with a DSLR but you have proved me wrong.
      We’re really hoping to finally have a proper honeymoon for our 2 year anniversary next year and Greece (we have friends getting married there next year) and Australia (we have family there and want to explote the gold coast) are on the top of our list!
      We’re completely torn between attending our friends wedding in Greece or visiting our family in Aus and your photos have not helped make this an easy decision!

    1. I love that it can switch between standard user mode and professional mode with a simple upward swipe. Easy to use!
      My favourite destination (since seeing your pics) has to be Greece.

    1. 1) A camera that is a proper camera but also a proper phone and not just a pseudo mish-mash of the two? THE DREAM.
      2) Malawi is the dream destination but so is Turkey and maybe a lil Bali and maybe some Soloman Islands.

    1. 1. I absolutely love the double 12 mp rear Leica lenses, more light and better photography.

      2. My dream destination is the city of love – Paris ❤

    1. The dual-lens camera of course – makes it such a treasure to take on vacation to capture photos beautifully!
      My dream holiday destination is definitely India – for the cultural AND spiritual experience :)

    1. The double 12 megapixel rear Leica lenses ! This screams photo quality – and for an amateur like me, my photos would be flawless (of course it also helps that there is an option between standard mode and professional mode to capture photos!)

      My dream adventure destination is Spain! From the coastal partying and picturesque idyllic waves in Barcelona to the bustling city of Madrid – Spain combines the perfect mix of relaxation and high-energy activities! I have been even practicing my Spanish to fully immerse myself in the culture!

    1. The razor-sharp six-lens Leica wide-angle cameras! Granted, as a blackberry curve user any smartphone’s camera can seem infinitely superior but the #OO of the p9 is on another level. The fact that both cameras have the same megapixel qualithy ensures that one gets twice as much quality, enough to rival that of professional photographers, in fact Huawei sent a photographer, armed only with the p9 across South Africa and the end result was awesome, my favorite pic being of the farmer in the Free State. Huawei changed the game with dual camera and now many other companies are following suit. You may wonder how I can know so much about the p9, well I’ve entered so many p9 comps that I practicallly feel like I own one:’D. The camera system shows just how much awesomness can be created when two great companies combine their minds, I honestly am inlove with it that the amount of pictures I would take would cause for my family to make an intervention for me. My dream adventure destination would be touring across Europe following one of my two favorite teams Arsenal(whom l love but I know they won’t make it far) and Real Madrid who I’d bet my money on, in the Uefa Champions league, I would take pics of the world class stadiums, the different soccer fans from different countries I’d make friends with and hopefully get a picture with some of the team members!

    1. What an amazing prize and I would be soooooo over the moon to win this! New dual lens technology, slim design, stunning photography, great camera experience, super fast fingerprint scanner, glorious display. High-end camera attached to a smartphone and many more added features, which makes doing less with more focus….what more can a girl ask for in a phone ?

      1. 1. First and foremost, the design is absolutely gorgeous. The design is sleek and slim therefore making it very portable. The camera is amazing. It allows you to take high quality pictures without having to edit them. The camera is also so amazing you can actually use it to take professional pictures. I love music and taking pictures and the storage capacity allows for that! It is running the latest Android software, pictures taken at night look fabulous, the features are great, duals sim support is great for me because I don’t have to carry two phones. The FHD display is superb. You can easily watch movies on your phone. It is a great phone for females especially. It caters for female needs!

        2. I love my country South Africa, so I’d love to go to Cape Town. I’ve always been home so I really would love to go to an adventurous place and just learn more about how other people live and their culture.

    1. Whats not to love about the Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica? i mean look at these picture? OMG
      together they created a 12mp camera ,4GB of ram and 3000mAh this phone supersedes all its competitors, its so difficult finding the perfect light and the P9 helps with just that taking selfies will never be a problem with 8 megs ! how was that even possible ?! what excites me is that it also includes a choice of film modes, wide aperture effect, monochrome mode and professional mode ,including improved image focusing, speeds, processing so just imagine ! i use my brothers P8 and god is his picture quality amazing imagine the P9 with all the improvements . With Memory of up to 256G this is enough to store all your high quality photos with a breeze. There’s even 2 micro SD slots. Beat that?. #p9musthave
      With its fast battery charging 44% in 30 minutes you’ll be up and running in no time. not to mention how long it lasts Huawei P9 has a wide range of colors to choose from like Ceramic White, Haze Gold, Rose Gold, Titanium Grey, Mystic Silver, Prestige Gold find a colour that best suits your style. Marshmallow software 6.0 with octa-core allows you to keep up with the latest apps and allows your phone too run faster giving you a great experience. #p9musthave
      5.2 inches display makes it easy on the pocket and to hold. Not to big not to small. #p9musthave
      423 pixels-per-inch insuring you an HD experience and feel. #p9musthave
      Cannot emphasize enough how Huawei P9 is a must have !
      The Partnership was genius

      My dream adventure destination?
      this will definitely be Hawaii, not only for my chances to meet Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-0) but because i am in love with nature and in Hawaii there’s so much fullness bc of how green it is. not only that but the whether is amazing. also the culture i had the privilege of meeting tourist from Hawaii and there is so much to learn, there also so much history that i would like to learn and shop in Hawaii . i love Hawaii so much because its an island and something about the shore attracts me. i am in love with the waves, i love watching stuff about whales and different fish in the ocean, i wish i someday get the change to do all the adventurers things i wish to do like scuba diving and things.

    1. It’s great if you’ve forgotten your camera at home or prefer keeping cumbersome photo makers at home or hostel.
      My dream destination is South America where I plan to plan terribly. Hang out with some shamans and trip face off on toad saliva, discover the underworld of Llama racing, eat my weight in Peruvian ceviche, forget sobriety after traipsing through Argentine vineyards, lose my breath climbing Machu Picchu, take horrendously corny photos on the salt plains of Bolivia, find some epic surf spots along the Ecuador coast, hang out with the Easter Island heads and finally become a cowgirl (yes even they get the blues) on the Patagonian plains. YUM!

    1. So first of all, can I just say that your pictures have given me the biggest case of wanderlust? Everything about this post makes me want to pack my bags and jump on a plane to Greece.

      Secondly, it seems completely unimaginative but the best part about the Huawei P9 must surely be the camera? Anything co-engineered with such an iconic brand like Leica can only be fantastic, and your beautiful pictures prove that.

      Lastly, my dream adventure destination is Peru to see Machu Picchu. It is a place which has intrigued me my whole life and I think to see it in reality would be completely awe-inspiring.

      Thanks for a great post X

    1. Fantastic blog post. Absolutely in love with the photos. Thought I wouldn’t lie I was redirected by a good friend to this link to win this phone.
      The endless phone troubles have me needing a new one. This one being a good one. This is an attempt to upgrade from my brick. Lol.

      I LOVE the dual Leica engineered lens camera on the phone that allows you to take colour and monochrome pictures. It’s a fantastic feature and so unique.

      I would love to visit the Caribbean or Cuba. The people are so lovely and it’s said to be the place if you love dance, good food, beautiful people and a beach! I can also say the same about Greece having read your experience there.
      Wishing with all my heart for a chance for this phone.
      Warm wishes and crossed fingers xx

    1. I’m entering on behalf of a close one. She desperately wants to win and I’ve agreed to help out with an entry! Luckily we still in time. I was pleasantly surprised with the photos with Huawei having put in a “pro cam mode”. That is the best feature for sure. And it definitely lives up to its claims.
      Dream destination or getaway: Greece!! More so after reading about your holiday!

    1. I love the fact that it has double 12 megapixel rear Leica lenses. The photos taken with this camera is absolutely amazing! Your photos is so clear…love all of your photos! Thanks for sharing them with us! My dream destination is definitely Thailand!

    1. I am such a Huawei groupie! I loved my Huawei P8 & M2 tablet. As a birthday wish I’d love to upgrade.The Huawei P9 captures brilliant colour, striking black and white and the emotional appeal of Leica images. A friend uses the Hauwei P9 lite and the finger print ID is mind blowing and I like the song that come with it Dream it possible :-). Makes it quite encouraging to start sharing moments with the world without the need toThe Huawei P9 captures brilliant colour, striking black and white and the emotional appeal of Leica images. have a personal photographer.
      I want to go to Brazil..I have seen a documentary on the favellas and I like to go and experience their dance and culture

    1. I like the camera with the Leica lenses the most – the camera appears to be AMAZING!!

      A dream adventure holiday would be to skydive from a helicopter high above the coast of Greece and take in the WONDERFUL scenery on the way down and then gently land on a sun-drenched beach, take off the parachute gear to reveal that in wearing a very smart suit and then go have lunch with my better half at a cafe on the beach. :-)

    1. Wow, your pictures are gorgeous! What I like most is the picture quality of the P9 for both the primary and secondary cameras and that the phones allows you to switch between professional and standard mode which makes for a fun learning experience
      My dream adventure destination would be Japan :) a chance to experience the culture and language, try the food, and explore would be amazing!

    1. My favourite feature from the Huawei P9 camera is the going from standard user mode and professional. I recently got into photography this would be a great asset to me

      Dream destination is Mauritus . Would be awesome to create memories and take lots ot pictures

    1. Wow!!!
      That looked like a dream holiday. Greece is simply to beautiful for words.

      Well I currently own an Alcatel PopC7 with a cracked screen so I’m quite certain the Huaweii would be a great upgrade!

      I’ve been low key obsessed with this phone since its launch. Even tweeted Huaweii to ask if they’d let me review it for them *hides*

      I like the professional mode and the exceptional low light quality photographs.
      So many features so little time to explain.

      My dream holiday would be island hopping in Indonesia. I’d like to taste the food, gorgeous sunsets, beach time, the temples and completely immerse myself in a new culture and for a moment in time forget everything!!

    1. 1)My favourite feature is the low light capability of the double rear Leica Camera Lenses of the Huawei P9.
      2) My adventure destination has to be Mexico. The vibrant culture is incredible.

    1. Definitely the Camera and the it would be Italy most beautiful place in the world!! )

    1. I love that it can switch between standard user mode and professional mode with a simple upward swipe. Makes me feel like a professional photographer. It captures every singe emotion and mood of every picture you take. My dream adventure destination would be the West Indies Islands. I love nature and beautiful natural spaces. It calms you down and brings you to the level of enjoying the beauty the earth has.

    1. Hi Misha,
      It would really REALLY mean everything to me if I won this phone and not just because it’s 2016 and I’m still sitting with an iPhone 4! but also, it is an amazing phone and it’s features are everything that I need from a new phone. So to answer your questions:
      1) What I LOVE about the Huawei P9 is their collaboration with Leica to provide their users with amazing camera quality to meet our various needs. It has a powerful camera that captures scenes at a professional photographers levels! I know that’s great because wouldn’t we all love to feel like every photo we took looked like a shot from a photoshoot with Steven Klein, Mario Testino, Trevor Stuurman and every other reputable photographer. Sign me up please *raises hand*! It also has sleek & slim design which is very practical for me because nobody wants to feel like they are carrying a brick in their purse. Also, as an up and coming blogger I really need to have a great camera on hand to capture any outfits I may have on, some great flatlays, if I don’t necessarily have a professional camera or photographer with me at that moment. So this phone would literally be my dream!
      2) Coincidentally, I am so obsessed with Greece and have always wanted to got to Mykonos. I have a really good friend of mine from high school who is Greek and she always tells me how amazing it is. However because that sounds slightly cheesy I also have an obsession with the Caribbean. In particular, Barbados. I am completely intrigued with their rich culture and way of life so it’s definitely on my bucket list. Also, lastly, I have always wanted to go to Rome especially Vatican City!!! I just think it would be an amazing place to visit as a Christian so that’s definitely definitely a must do for me. Bora Bora has also been on my radar. Basically, anywhere where there is a beach front/ocean, good food, great culture and history to the destination then you can be sure I’m there. I know you asked for ‘A’ adventure destination but because I’m a travel head I’ve got several places I’d like to take an adventure! Haha ?.
      So please PLEASE bless me with this phone! My life would be so amazing with this phone!!

    1. On the Huawei P9 I absolutely love the dual lens camera developed with Leica. I am obsessed with photography and would be a dream to own one.
      My dream destination is Greece! The water, the food, the people. It sounds like a great place. ?

    1. I love the dual lens camera, the size and the style of the P9. Such a fab phone that I’ve been dreaming of owning.
      My ideal adventure destination is New Zealand!

    1. What I like about the Huawei P9 is its dual lense which enables you to capture high quality pictures. I also like the fact that Huawei didn’t compromise on the handset’s sleek and compact design.
      My dream adventure destination would have to be the Maldives. It is a beautiful place and I love water. So the idea of staying on top of water is one that fascinates me.

    1. The best part of the Huawei P9 is the slim design, and dual lens camera engeneered by Leica which gives a great camera experience. It is something I have had my eye on for ages and winning it would be epic!
      My dream adventure destination is somewhere I can go skiing or snow boarding as I am an adrenalin junky. Maybe Switzerland! ?

    1. 1. The double 12 megapixel rear Leica lenses
      2. Your trip which you capture with the Huawei-P9 is actually my dream holiday trip, my heart started aching just admiring your handy work…

    1. My fav thing about the phone would def be the camera! Im such a selfie addict and I love taking pics to post on Facebook and Instagram coz it makes me happy!

      My dream adventure destination would definitely be Las Vegas because it is such an amazing place with so many things to do and because I would love to see Britney Spears at her show over there! :)

    1. Q1. The GROUND BREAKING DUAL-LENS, cos like you, i love taking pics of EVERYONE & EVERYTHING :)

      Q2. My dream destination has to be Chile, someplace off the beaten track

    1. Oh most definitely the Leica dual camera system is what I love about the Huawei P9. It makes for amazing photography, the pictures look amazing.

      My dream adventure holiday trip would be to Thailand, I love its exotic nature and islands that you find there.

    1. My favorite feature is the professional camera mode and how it has me looking like a superstar even when I don’t have my face on. Dream destination is Zanzibar

    1. I love the fact that it us changing the mobile photography game. Just by looking at your pictures I can see that thisbphone is a wonder .. I as an upcoming amatuer photographer would love to own this amazing phone and change the way I see the world. This would definitely be a huge upgrade for me. My dream adventure destination would have to be Venice.
      I would love to go there and experience the culture and atmosphere.
      Btw i love your blog ???

    1. I like the fact that it produces super pics and totally pushes the bar when it comes to translating a lived experience into reality to a person who’s looking at pictures.
      I use a P8 Lite and it’s slim & perfectly fits my lifestyle and have since gotten comfortable typing, downloading docs and practically using my phone as an office, I am looking forward to what the P9 can help me achieve.
      I’m a creative and enjoy fidgeting through apps as I’m constantly on the look out for apps that can work with me in achieving so much without the stresses of having to also forced to use a computer, for me it’s the storage, picture quality & compatibility when downloading files and pictures.
      My dream destination is Nelspruit as I have a subject that I need to go and consult regarding a book I’m busy writing.

    1. Leica lenses are just the ultimate! Superb quality. The 3000 may battery is an added advantage, and the also the very low aperture of 2.2 in some instances. Insane engineering if you ask me!

      My dream destination, without a doubt New Zealand!

    1. I absolutely love the #foodie pics. I am a foodie and am amazed at the clarity of the photos PS I am now starving as they look good enough to eat? my dream destination is Taiwan would love to experience the culture and of course the food?⚘??? #HappySpring

    1. Favourite feature would be the lightning fast fingerprint sensor on the back and my dream destination is Cyprus

      2. KENYA

    1. 1) the best part has to be the camera with the double lense. As a social media person and someone with a keen eye for photography, this is what all smartphones should aspire to be in future.

      2) I think literally anywhere with my mom. Maybe to meet the cousin she’s never met in Devon in the UK. She’s 57 and she was on a plane for the first time (only to Johannesburg though) and she seemed like a little kid. So, yes, maybe the UK with my mom. She does a lot for me and has to put up with an old granny most of her day. No vacation could top the fact that she’d be that little kid again all while getting a much deserved break. That’s the best adventure possible for me.

    1. 1. What I Love about the Huawei P9 is the camera quality, to me the most NB thing a phone must have is quality lens I mean my phone camera must make me look good effortlessly! So the camera quality wins! Leica lens promises Fire selfies
      2. My dream destination has to be Egypt! The land scape has my heat! Now imagine the fire selfies ill be taking with my Huawei P9 while I’m exploring the Fertile Nile River and capturing that moment when Giza’s colossal Pyramids and Great Sphinx snatches my soul!

    1. What do you like most about the Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica? The images are beautifully – not only in terms of the quality of the images – but the alignment, subject placement, lighting and colouring. They are moody and elicit feeling and memory in me of magic I have experienced in my travels. They have definitely ignited the travel soul in me again – which has been laying dormant for some time!
      What’s your dream adventure destination? My dream adventure would be to pack away my laptop, take a break from work, and go travelling australia for several months – I have always dreamed of taking a road trip in aus and seeing all the beauty of the country, visiting the beaches and my friends in Sydney, and then also visiting a romantic interest of mine in the north – someone who stole my breath away when I met him in Thailand last year. We only had one day together, and I havent had the funds to go and see him, and as he I. My adventure would be for us to get in his car and travel aus together, fall in love with beauty, with each other, with nature, with life again. It’s so real in my mind. A moment that feels like a lifetime.

    1. 1. The incredible images it manages to capture, specially in the various lighting outdoors.
      2. As i’ve not mission-ed about SA as much as i’d like of late, i very much want to get to Coffee Bay.

    1. 1. The ability to toggle between standard user mode and professional mode! Say what? I know! 50% standard, 50% profesh. 100% of the time.
      2. Japan!

    1. The stunning look of the Huawei as well as the high quality camera because what more does a girl need ?!

      Greeeeeece ! not even engaged yet but I’ve already chosen my honeymoon destination. Obsessed with it for ages and your pictures make me fall in love with it even more.

    1. The dual camera, love the picture quality. My dream destination is new york city. The pictures with look like its from a book

    1. What do you like most about the Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica?

      The quality of your images are absolutely stunning. The blues of the water, the pinks of the bougainvilleas and the night images blew me away. Such a fantastic story to read.
      I love the fact that the camera has the option to adjust the shutter speed and ISO which is a wonderful feature. I also like the different modes available on the camera which makes snapping away a lot of fun.

      What’s your dream adventure destination?

      Just from your photos in Mykonos makes me dream of sipping cocktails on the sand under a straw umbrella. So I would definite;y say Greece.

    1. The digital camera is amazing and the color inhancments on all the pictures u took is mind blowing, as a designer beautiful pictures always tells a story…..

      I would say the destination that I would love to go visit is Bali Indonesia, hoping and praying to go there for my honeymoon….and after seeing ur pictures I would love to go and explore Greece in the near future,u have blown my mind and made me fall in love with Greece through ur pictures

    1. I love the camera the quality of photos the blog is incredible.

      My dream destination is Maldives as I have been told the beaches are amazing and clean.

    1. 1. The ability to switch between standard user and professional mode.
      2. 100% Miami

    1. It has to be the design. It just looks amazing!!! My dream destination has to be Mexico. Can’t wait to go there one day.

    1. Dual 12 MP Leica optics to capture those moments & the IMAGEsmart 5.0 technology will make me look like a professional photographer lol

      Thailand & Greece

    1. 1. The powerful camera coupled with good battery power are features worth using Huawei. I like how it performs during low light settings.

      2. My dream destination is to go to Mars. Be a Martian and be part of the first humans who go there to set up an environment hospitable for human beings

    1. Ahem, embarrassed to admit that I am one of the ignoramuses (or ignorami) who believed Athens to be the horrible relative that you only visit because you have to. Please note, I do NOT have these same feelings about joburg. Joburg is fab!
      To answer the questions:
      1. I think the best feature must surely be the camera. Leica have an incredible reputation so how could it not be amazing?
      2. My ultimate bucket list item is a 3 month trans-USA roadtrip. Until then I’m pretty keen on Kenya (for wildlife and nature) or Japan (for craziness).

    1. I think simply put the advantage of purchasing the Leica is that I’ll never have to carry my big and bulky camera again. The quality of your images are amazing! Also, would like to take videos of my puppy running around.

      Dream destination (as of now) would be Germany. From visiting castles in the countryside to coffee bar hopping in Berlin, documenting the diverse and historically rich country would be a blast.

    1. The options available on the camera make it a dream. I use my phone camera all the time so a camera with 12 megapixel rear Leica lense is an awesome feature!

      My dream destination is Bora Bora! It is on our bucket list one day ??

    1. Love love that’s the camera quality is so amazing because of the 12 megapixel camera !
      Euro Disney, Paris

    1. 1) My favourite feature of the huawei P9 is the double 12 megapixel rear Leica lenses because I love taking photographs and the thought of not carrying a camera but a phone sounds amazing to me

      2) my dream adventure destination is the Seychelles to go snorkeling and relaxing on their beautiful beaches

    1. The amazing dual lens camera on the P9 and the impact it has in the ability to capture such depth when taking photos – plus the ability to take amazing shots In low light are certainly my top feature. My next dream destination has to be visiting the Kawasan Falls in the Phillipines. I would love to drop my iPhone 6s and take that beautiful P9 along to capture the adventure! ?

    1. Wowza! Your pics are as fabulous as your sunnies which is saying A LOT!

      1. I LOVE that you can play with the shutter speed! Too cool. Followed by built in time lapse. Winning!
      2. Dream destination is hands down Greece. The food, the people, the warm water, how they pour a ‘shot’ of booze… Bliss.

    1. I like the Huawei P9 special wide-aperture photography feature that simulates a shallow depth of field by artificially blurring out the background.

      Dream destination would be roadtripping thru the USA, with this fantastic camera in tow to document the journey.

      Thanks for awesome giveaway

    1. I love the camera on this phone! It makes an amateur look like a professional! !

      My dream holiday destination would have to be Bermuda.. Sun, sea, serenity..

    1. Wow! What a Magnificent holiday! The Leica lenses are appealing to me as I am a very visual person. The pics are incredible! Greece, Italy & Spain are all on my travel lust list. Absolute dream destinations as I haven’t ventured out of Africa.

    1. 1) Obviously the camera! The dual lens setup to capture more light is genius.
      2) Bicycle tour through South East Asia

    1. 12 megapixel Leica lens would make me really happy! I would love to have a phone that took amazing pictures in all light so I wouldn’t need a camera.

      My dream destinations are New York and Greece :)

    1. Magnificent pictures, what an awesome range of vistas the P9 can handle, love the way the Leica lens captures subtle and bold light situations.
      My ideal, well really an obsession is to trace the footsteps of my parents who used to travel from Durban to Mossel Bay through the Karoo in the old days. Would love to capture the scenes of the Karoo .

    1. Had you not made the dislaimer that you used a Huawei P9 to tke the pictures I would’e easily thought it was a high quality DSLR camera. Albeit you must’ve been sceptical at first but indeed this phone remove all sorts of sceptism as it is geared to impress.
      1. Having recently sacrificed getting myself a phone and getting my sister the P9 lite as a bday gift, it’s performane has left me without regret. What I like about the phone is ofcourse the cystal clear picture quality, it indeed captures the moment,catches even he fastest fly.
      2. After my big brother came back from Zanzibar the stories, pictures and videos he showed have left an after taste in my mouth, as thus I would definitely love to visit that beautiful island.

    1. The stunning design and amazing camera , what more could a girl want ?!

      I’ve been obsessed with Greece for ages. I’m not even engaged yet but I’ve chosen my honeymoon. Your pictures have made me fall in love with it even more.

    1. The camera of course!!! Your images are amazing. The subject matter helps of course ;)

      I only have one dream destination. I want to take my family to Holland. I have friends there (read: family). They’re not youngsters anymore and I worry that I will never see them again. My dream is to surprise them by knocking on their front door! Can you imagine?! Plus Holland is beautiful and the people are so lovely :)


    1. I love that it doesn’t look like it’s as heavy duty as it actually is – hardware that packs a punch isn’t usually all that pretty on the outside. Dream adventure destination has to be the Amazon. ???

    1. I love that the camera takes such gorgeous photos! I’m always looking for a way to make my photos look clearer and more ‘professional’ without editing it too much.

      I would love to visit Morocco!
      It’s colourful, has centuries of history and the culture intrigues me.

    1. Quite simply, I love how something so small is so powerful & versatile. And useful. I mean, let’s not forget it’s more than just an amazing little camera.

      My dream destination would be Patagonian Chile. Lots of photographic opportunities for the P9 there!

      PS: thinking about Greece more than ever since reading your post… darn you, look what you’ve done!

    1. 1. I must say the camera looks awesome and would be my favourite thing.

      2. Definitely New York City!!

    1. 1.I love the fact that Huawei has tapped into Leica’s 100 years of photography expertise to develop the camera setup on the P9 bringing a phone that is outstanding at capturing moments. The camera sits flush with the phone.
      2. My dream destination is Maldives. You can imagine the magical moments I can capture with the P9. Award winning photography

    1. From the way you explained the capabilities, I think I would fall in love with the low light camera superiority. I’m not a photographer or someone who can look at a scene and know what light or setting is right, but I likexpect to capture as best as I can what the moment I’m capturing FEELS like. Technology hasn’t quite caught up with the eye and the heart – which is how we see- but with a powerful phone like you described, we might get close to expressing feelings experienced in the moment through the images we capture.

      Adventure? I’ve been to a lot of places and I thought I’d found my favourites and my future visiting destinations (Prague, Istanbul, Cairo, Rio, Seattle, Hong Kong) but you have just sold Greece to me in ways that reminded me of why I love Greek mythological epic movies. The colour blue in Athens seems to be of a different passion than in any other place, even though blue skies are universal. So I’d want to see the places you’ve captured here, to answer the question.

    1. Love it! I am a freelance photographer and goodness me, the quality of the photos on Huawei P9 co-engineered with Leica are memsmerising. I have worked with a number of DSLR cameras in my line of work and I could swear that the photographic effects, competitive functions and the work put in the wide aperture effect of the P9 are at par with DSLR cameras. I tend not to be photogenic in selfies by the way and I’m confident that I have found a best friend in P9 selfies.

      My dream destination is the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. I hear the landscapes, the animals and ofcourse the waterfalls are a worth while investment to travel to.

    1. Let’s be Honest The P9 is incredible in its ability to work with light for us Selfie disease suffering people and judging from the art you have showcased for us ‘ Huawei has never disappointed when it comes to their crisp star quality in camera shots. I used the P7 for a year and I just couldn’t stop posting unfiltered selfies on instagram ‘ so now imagine with the Leica Lens how further in I would be with my addiction ‘ taking snaps in my favourite destination in the Seychelles. AWESOME DREAMS xoxo

    1. Love the toggle between standard user mode and professional mode with a simple swipe, too often we allow the camera software to do the work and often left unsatisfied with the results.

      Zurich, during winter, enough said. Imagine using that badboy Leica engineering there!

    1. Love the toggle feature between standard user mode and professional mode with a simple swipe, too often we allow the camera software to do the work and often left unsatisfied with the results.

      My dream destination: Zurich, during winter, enough said. Imagine using that badboy Leica engineering there!

    1. Hi Misha!

      Although, like you I’m an Apple user, before switching over to Apple I was a Huawei user (my trusted P6 did well). I’ve got a natural love for photography and truly enjoy capturing moments I won’t be able to relive. After being exposed to the quality of the iPhone camera, I immediately switched over. So far, I’ve loved my iPhone (although its a slightly old model) it has allowed me to dabble in my love for photography in my free time.

      After reading your review, I am SOLD! I’ve always based my phone choice on the camera quality, and after hearing some good reviews about the Huawei P9 I have been eager to swop over, however have been skeptical going from an iPhone with good camera quality. Your review focused on the one feature I consider really important of any phone. There are a few things I love about the P9..

      1) The slow-mo, time lapse, panorama and night mode features. YES PLEASE!
      2) The ability to get a good shot under low-lighting.
      3) The double 12 megapixel rear Leica lens.
      4) A long lasting battery is always a winner!

      I don’t own a DSLR or any good quality camera, so my phone has always been my go-to for great photos. I work in a lab, and sometimes need to take good quality pictures of experimental samples, therefore require a phone that is able to capture detail and colour well. The fact that you can adjust your camera settings is AMAZING!

      I think I’ve pretty much summed up how much a good camera on a phone means to me ;) The Huawei P9 is perfect!

      Ah, where would I love to go? That’s easy! The Haleakala National Park in Hawaii. With almost zero light pollution, astral shooting with the P9 could prove to be something really beautiful. India does also come in close, as its rich is culture which would make it a dream to photograph.

      Fingers crossed!


    1. If I haven’t missed the cut off!

      Would love to try this camera (phone) out! Interested to try see how it handles low light – the pictures are SO impressive!

      Dream destination right now: Iceland or Norway!

    1. Awesome blog post :) Just discovered it and, I must say, the Anassa part was my favourite ;) The whole blog is really great, not sure what took so long for me to check it out but definitely will be making more regular stops by the site

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