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I’m going through a bit of a watch phase. The latest haul is a beautiful gold Skagen that reminds me of your grandfather’s watch. Okay, not your grandfather, but you know what I mean, right? I mean I don’t even know your grandfather. This baby feels like a classic, and that’s what I love about her. She’s a little old school, Betamax or beyond. I don’t wear silver and I’ve already got a rose gold Michael Kors so this Skagen Holst nestles perfectly into my little [affordable] watch collection which I’m loving growing.

Skagen is a contemporary Danish lifestyle brand rooted in simplicity, modesty and accessibility. Combining the inspiration of timeless Scandinavian design with functional innovation, they create high quality, elegant products. The brand borrows from “the welcoming spirit of hygge and nature’s beauty to offer the world a retreat from complexity and a fresh, simple approach to watch design”.

Giveaway. Yay!

It’s my birthday on August 9th and this year you’re getting a present from me. One lucky Brandslut reader will win one of these Danish beauties from Skagen. All I need you to do is peruse the selection on Watch Republic and tell me which one you need wrapped around your wrist by commenting on this blog post. Competition closes midnight Monday August 8th; I will announce the winner on my birthday on 9 August 2016. Cake not included.

Brandslut_Skagen_Giveaway-8 Brandslut_Skagen_Giveaway-9 Brandslut_Skagen_Giveaway-10 Brandslut_Skagen_Giveaway-6 Brandslut_Skagen_Giveaway-7 Brandslut_Skagen_Giveaway-11 Brandslut xoxo


    1. The Gold Skagen Anita watch is to die for! You have the constellation on your arm.

      1. I love the skagen hagen Rose Gold ladies watch…The black strap adds just another element of elegance. Dreamy.

    1. How do you pick just one as your favorite. If I had to choose I would say the Skagen Hagen watch. Would love to match the rose gold metal to my gorgeous rose gold vintage inspired wedding ring. Match made in heaven.
      Here’s to hoping xxx

    1. Without a doubt the Skagen Holst, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    1. I would love to get the Skagen Holst Watch in silver for my husband to be as a wedding gift. It would look so perfect with his suit and I know he would absolutely adore it!

    1. Love them all, what a stunning selection of watches. I am obsessed with watches and feel it’s the one accessory that completes an outfit. I am in LOVE with the SKAGEN GITTE WATCH Gitte Moon Phase Leather Watch features a crescent moon–shaped window that displays the phases of the moon throughout the month. It’s just magnificent, ☆ crazy about the moon and stars ☆

    1. Wow, an incredible selection and since it is my birthday just a few days after your’s, I’ll definitely be sharing the catalogue with my hubby ?
      I absolutely love the Skagen Gitte watches, so many to choose from but love the rose gold colors.

    1. Love the skagen gitte watch
      The moonlight watch in Rose Gold.
      So perfect for me.

    1. It’s got to be the SKAGEN HALD for its minamilist luxurious feel and timelessness.
      Happy Birthday ?

    1. This is such an amazing giveaway….wow. Would reaaallly love to win, and I need the SKAGEN GITTE WATCH in my life :) Pleeeeaaaase pick me!!!! Fingers crossed.

    1. Without a doubt, Skagen Hagen – once you go black you never go back and it sounds pretty good too :)

    1. I absolutely LOVE the Skagen watch range! If I absolutely had to choose just 1, it would be the Skagen Anita :D The one with the pink strap is so cute!

    1. Oooooooooh! The Skagen Hald or the Skagen Ditte!!!!!! Beautiful watches!!!! Awesome competition, happy birthday to you… and potentially me! ???

    1. I love the simplicity of Skagen watches – they’ve always been one of my favourite brands. The Skagen Ditte watch in gold is perfection!

    1. The Skagen Holst is both timeless and timely. I absolutely love it <3 xx

    1. I am in LOVE with the Skagen Hald Watch in Rose Gold. Have been lusting over Skagen for a while now, unbelievably beautiful time pieces!

    1. They make it so hard to choose!!! But after much agonising & a carefully plotted eenie meenie minie mo, I would LOVE to show off the Skagen DITTE SKU SKW2212. Thank you and happy birthday to you.

    1. oooh, Im hankering for a Holst! The delicious one the brown leather strap.
      Happy happy birthday for next week!

    1. Absolutely in love with the Skagen Anita Watch, with the leather strap and beautiful white face! I totally need this on my wrist!! And Happy Birthday for the 8th ?

    1. How beautiful are these watches, first time I’ve heard of Skagen.
      Love the Skagen Holst Watch!!
      You should have birthdays more often x

    1. Happy Birthday Misha! I would absolutely LOVE the HOLST in Gold! xoxo

    1. The Skagen Gitte watch with the gold face and the tan strap is GORGEOUS!!

    1. I love yours! It’s an absolute beauty! And you hit the nail on the head with the grandfather vibe. So the Skagen Holst would be my all time favourite!

    1. The Skagen Anita watch is beeeautiful!!!! What an amazing giveaway :) holding thumbs (and wrist) and happy birthday xx

      How do I choose just one!!!
      This is an amazing giveaway!!!
      I would either choose the :
      Skagen Hald – SKW2440
      Skagen Ditte – SKW2214

    1. The Skagen Ancher Leather Chronograph Watch would be the best gift ever and it would be great to be able to wear that around my arm.

    1. The Ditte in black and gold is everything. I mean if I HAD to choose. They’re all quite beautiful.

    1. The gold Skagen Hald watch is PERFECT! Been looking for this style of watch and I found it here!

    1. In South Africa, Skagen is very eclectic. In fact, I’ve never seen it in a store before, and never thought of perusing their online store (shame on me).
      The Skagen Anita watch, with the Mother of pearl inlay showcasing the stellar constellation is absolutely gorgeous. Not only unique and stylish, it really captures the essence of what a watch is – a statement piece of your personality.

      I’d love to win this and introduce my friends and family to this! Definitely something to feature on my blog :)
      Happy birthday for Tuesday – what better than having a public holiday for women as a gift?!

    1. If I had to choose (only) one, it would be the SKAGEN GITTE WATCH. I love the thin strap and I am a everyday “gold-er”. Absolutely in love with this brand and this watch. My Wedding Gift from my husband two years ago was a Skagen and I would give anything to have another to add to my Skagen collection (which is currently made up of only one haha). Holding Golden Thumbs!!

    1. Happy Birthday for the 9th! Tough choice with so many great ones. I do like the black SKAGEN DITTE WATCH though, very pretty! P.S please can we have cake?!? xx

    1. Skagen Anita watch in silver with the navy watch face is my favourite.

    1. I love the Skagen Hald in silver. All are so beautiful. Happy Birthday for the 9th :) shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto would so love to win one of these watches I don’t own a proper watch

    1. I absolutely LOVE the Skagen Hagen watch. The rose gold and brown leather really complement each other and would be perfect for everyday wear.

    1. I can defs see the Skagen Anita 2449 wrapped around my wrist in the near future.

    1. Oh golly tough to pick just one!!!! But if I should be so lucky as to win this then I think I would go with the Skagen Hagen watch (SKW2356). Love the thin strap and big rose gold face. Crossing fingers (and wrists)

    1. Amazing giveaway! One of my favourite quotes immediately come to mind:

      ‘S I M P L I C I T Y I S T H E U L T I M A T E S O P H I S T I C A T I O N”
      -Leonardo Da Vinci

      The SKAGEN DITTE WATCH in black and rose gold speaks these words to me effortlessly!

      Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
      x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    1. Happy Birthday Month!! I absolutely love the Skagen Hald Watch in gold! <3

    1. I find the Skagen Ditte all in black very elegant in it’s simplicity. It would go with anything from casual day wear to formal evening wear. Holding thumbs and happy birthday for the 9th.

    1. My wrist longs for the company of such beauty! She has been neglected for far too long and needs a worthy companion to hold her, show her off and boost her confidence once again <3

    1. So incredibly hard to choose! Such lovely watched, thanks for putting this brand on my radar :) :)
      ABSOLUTELY LOVE the SKAGEN GITTE WATCH!!! So simple but so classy!!
      Happy Birthday for the 9th :) :)

    1. I’m IN LOVE with the Skagen Madsen and Skagen Freja in rose gold, both are perfect representations of my personality and style… I absulotely need one of them!! :)
      A bit disappointed that cake isn’t part of the competition though… just kidding, it’s all yours ;)
      Happy Birthday for the 9th!!

    1. Wow! They are all such beautiful watches! But I would choose the Skagen Holst watch in rose gold or silver. And happy birthday for the 9th, hope you have a blessed day :)

    1. SKAGEN HAGEN WATCH Is just too pretty
      Happy Birthday lovely lady for 9th :)

    1. The Skagen Anita watch!? It is my mother’s birthday on the 9th as well and it was my birthday on the 3rd! Think my mother would love the Anita watch!

    1. Happy Birthday.
      Awesome giveaway.

      Would defo love the “SKAGEN ANITA WATCHSET (SKU: SKW1069).

    1. Pick me! Pick me!
      From a fellow August baby x

    1. Love these watches, my fave is the SKAGEN ANITA WATCH ( SKU: SKW2312 ).

    1. I NEED the SKAGEN ANITA WATCH (gold with the black)!!! Reason: I don’t think you will believe me, but in 24 years, I have never owned a watch. I have never found a watch that is worthy enough to be my everyday accessory, and one that can complement my fancy yellow diamond wedding ring & cognac stone wedding band (can you tell that i am obsessed with the colour GOLD?). The Skagen Anita Gold watch will be the perfect combination to my very simple yet golden obsessed style. I am inlove…. by the way – how cool is it that your birthday is on women’s day? It will sure be a fabulous day!

    1. A few years ago I visited my Danish friend in Aarhus, and she happened to take me up to the town of Skagen to see the beautiful light that has inspired artists for centuries. A Skagen Hald in gold would be the perfect reminder of that happy visit x

    1. I’m also going through a watch obsession at the moment but haven’t taken the plunge to get one yet. I LOVE the Skagen Anita with white face and 3 mini dials, with the leather strap. Stunning!

    1. Skagen Holst in rose gold – the best friend I never knew I had!

    1. Best wishes for your Birthday and an have amazing and empowering Women’s Day.
      I have never owned a watch of a Skagen caliber but am wishing and dreaming of one. The one I am drawn to the SKAGEN ANCHER WATCH.

    1. The Skagen Holstin gold. Absolutely stunning. Would really be an appreciated gift I love this watch.

    1. SO many pretties!!!!!!!!!

      I love all of these and would be over the moon to own any of them!




    1. Ooh, I love the Skagen Ditte Watch, simple yet sophisticated.
      Nearly happy birthday Tiny!

      Obsessed! It would also look so incredible with my new charm bracelet I got for my birthday Mish. ;)

    1. I love the Skagen Freja watch! So classy and classic in black. It will always be in style.

    1. Just love the Skagen Hald Watch in Rose Gold. Puts the sparkle back in my eyes and bring out my inner beauty.

    1. Skagen Hagen in gold – what a beautiful watch. So classic and timeless and finally I will be on time for appointments!

    1. So many beautiful pieces, but love the Skagen Madsen one. Perfeect!! Close second would be Skagen Ditte.

    1. Ooooh Misha! I would most definitely fall in love and never take my eyes off the Skagen Freja watch wrapped around my wrist! So lovely X

    1. Amazing – so happy to meet this brand – been looking for minimal amazing. Love the gold Skagen Hald watch :)

    1. It’s my birthday too on 9 August and would love to be able to pay it forward and give my Fiancé a gift of a gorgeous Skagen Holst watch.

    1. Clean lines, sophisticated faces, each Skagen piece is a statement to femininity & strength. Perfect for a Women’s Day birthday giveaway! As watches need to fit the occasion, I’d choose the Skagen Gitte for a weekend in the Bush, the Ditte for an important meeting & the Hald for a night out. Wishing you a lovely birthday and many gorgeous gifts. X

    1. I need the SKAGEN FREJA WATCH. So sleek and perfect for any outflit because it’s black and gold.

    1. most beautiful watch is the SKAGEN GiTTE WATCH. classy and sophisticated:)

    1. Think the Skagen Ditte Watch in black would make the perfect gift for an August baby like me.

    1. I love the Skagen Ditte Watch with the silver textured strap, Scandinavian design just never disappoints does it? Perfectly suited for me, simple, classic, classy. They had me at “inspired by windblown sand patters”. My fingers are crossed!

    1. The Skagen Anita is so beautiful, yet so cool too. Want it…please!

    1. The Skagen Anita watch is an absolute gem. The dual colour is an incredibly versatile touch which would give me the pleasure of dressing up or down and still being able to wear my “time”less watch :) a definite must have :)

    1. The Skagen Gitte Watch (stainless steel and black strap) is gorgeous – perfect for every day wear and dressing an outfit up for special occasions. Holding thumbs x

    1. The Skagen Ditte watch in rose gold is perfection ? I’ve had my eye on this one for a while now – the ever elusive lust-have (until now)… Holding thumbs

    1. Your watch is gorgeous. I also love the gold Half and the Hagen with the rose gold trim and leather strap.

    1. Thanks for the birthday gift opportunity – I really like the Skagen Hald Watch

    1. The Skagen Hald in silver is sooo pretty. I just love the simplicity of this watch.

    1. The most beautiful SKAGEN HALT ladies watch in rose gold with black face is my favourite

    1. The Skagen Ditte Watch is what dreams are made of! I’m inlove with the sleek finish and ‘timeless’ elegance. Happy Birthday Brandslut! Cheers to you and the memories you’ll make. xo

    1. The Skagen Anita watch is my favourite – such beautiful, classic and timeless design!

    1. I fell in love with the SKAGEN HALD WATCH on silver. It would look perfect on me!

    1. I love the Skagen Ditte Watch! I’m a designer so the main reason I want this guy around my wrist is the words “Helvetica Swiss Made” on the face- a great tribute to a beautiful typeface ? Oh and it’s gold – Woop Woop :)

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