A bush birthday at Tshwene Lodge, Welgevonden

I’ve been craving the bush. I hadn’t been for a few years so we decided to take a little time out over my birthday this year to escape to the magic of Tshwene Lodge in the private Welgevonden reserve, just 2.5 hours outside of Johannesburg. Tshwene is a part of the Rare Earth Retreats portfolio and is an intimate lodge that sleeps 10, 5 two-person suites. It’s nestled in the Taaibos River Valley and is named after the Chacma baboon which inhabits the valley and serves as your alarm-clock in the mornings if you decide to sleep with the doors open like we did; heaven. The lodge and the suites are built on stilts and the setup feels very Robinson Crusoe tree-house. Tshwene has WiFi, two luxury lounges with fire-places, a pool, indoor and outdoor dining areas and a huge patio with loungers and magnificent views of the valley and watering-hole below.

The bush is amazing for disconnecting and recharging the soul. It’s also great for over-indulging in hot, home-made bread, ice-cold pink gins & tonic and pretty much anything the chef Steven prepares each day. We whiled away our time at Tshwene taking naps (all of the naps!), eating (all of the bread!) and going on long, lazy game-drives through the reserve. April, our guide, was excellent and brought his eagle-eyes and sharp wit to the party. I’ll admit, we committed to only one drive per day as I find doing both morning and evening drives a little too much time on the road and not enough time at the lodge unwinding. We had some great sightings (my camera lens isn’t ideal for long-range wildlife photography, sadly) and I loved our pitt-stops for coffee and rusks on the morning drive, and gins & tonic with biltong and snacks in the evenings. My highlight was a cheetah we spotted on the edge of the reserve and then another with her cubs near the lodge; I have really bad luck with cat sightings in the bush so this was really special.

On the eve of my birthday we had an incredible encounter after dinner with friends at Tshwene’s sister lodge, Ekuthuleni, next door. After an al fresco supper in the boma we moved to the deck which overlooks an enormous plain. Before long we realised we were surrounded by elephants; they’d come for the fresh water stored in the lodge’s tanks. We spent a couple hours watching these majestic creatures, red wine in hand, from a safe but palpable distance.

Here’s our stay at Tshwene in pictures…


I’m giving one lucky reader and his/her partner the opportunity to experience Tshwene Lodge at Welgevonden for two nights valued at R15 600. This incredible prize includes breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, game-drives in the mornings and evenings, tea and coffee. The prize does not include drinks, transport to Welgevonden, nor gate fees. The prize is valid for 1 year and is subject to availability.

How to enter? Easy. Here are 4 simple ways you can enter. Note, you don’t need to do all of the below, you can choose just one, however entering via each method will increase your chances of winning. Competition closes midnight August 31st 2016. I will announce the winner the following week.

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That’s it! Fingers crossed.

Brandslut xoxo


    1. Amazing! I couldn’t take my eyes of the shots of the suites – private decks, killer views, and especially that honeymoon suite… I’m getting married to my honey this weekend and we are moving to Joburg from London in a few months! You’re one of the blogs I follow to learn more about my soon-to-be-home. What a nice weekend retreat that would be!

      1. As a woman who is about to embark on her 30s, society tells you that you should own a house, be married with perhaps a baby on the way. On the cusp of my 30s, I’m no closer to any of these things then I was in my 20s. But going to a place like like the bush, like Tshwene, makes you realize just how irrelevant that can all be. Those moments of just being alone it the awesomeness of nature far outweigh society’s life plan for you.

        And that my friend, is exactly what I look forward to at Tshwene, that feeling of complete contentment and life at its fullest, that only bush can deliver. That and the morning coffee and rusks ofcourse :)

    1. Really love the idea of guided game drives through the bush. It gives such great insight into the fauna and flora that so many of us miss. Staying at Tshwene with my new husband (giggle) Vincent Hofmann would be a dream come true and would make for a great honeymoon treat.

    1. So what do I love most about Tshwene? What’s not to love? I think my favorite part of the brochure is the fact that your doors open straight into the bush. You wake up to incredible views!

    1. I love the fact that Tshwene has predators, specifically Leopard or Ingwe. My favourite animal of all! Plus it’s in the Waterberg where I spent many a family holiday as a youngster, so a trip back there would bring back loads od memories!

    1. Oh gosh, that looks magical. I’d especially love to experience the fireplace on a chilly winter’s night while reading a good book. And then jump under the covers to fall asleep to the sounds of nature, waking up for an early morning game drive. X

    1. #Tshwene #Welgevonden It meets all the requirements of a fab Getaway it’s in the “bush” lovely boma and rooms on stilts so you can look down & across into the amazing landscape. …Safaris. ..Fresh Air….Sense of Excitement when I hear ” bush ” like something primal in me screams get me back to the Bush ..you sleep better …you eat better and you leave a bush trip feeling like a new person and if you take along family and friends it’s an awesome memory to make and share and remember

    1. I love the luxury rooms in the heart of the bush, to sit on a patio drinking a Gin and Tonic watching the sunset while a herd of Ellies walk past must be amazing.

    1. Def the views! WOW… the view from that private balcony is INCRED! I would def take hubby… its been a taxing year so we are in need of a break – a bush getaway would be amaze! <3 xxx

    1. I love Tshwene’s serene surroundings and being one with nature with a slice of luxury bundled into one. The private decks and outside showers will be amazing with breathing in the fresh air and the views. I would share this experience with my husband, Vinesh Singh for our upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary in Oct. The time will allow us to reflect on our wonderful memories over the years and look forward to many more adventures together!

    1. It all looks gorgeous! Would love, love, love to visit Tshwene :) Safaris, relaxing and nature = YES PLEASE! Holding thumbs. P.S. I’d take my fantastic husband with me :)

    1. There is nothing more satisfying as a wknd away in the Bush. We take the Beauty we live in for granted and it’s just a mere 2.5 hours away. The venue looks exquisite and the staff so friendly and lets not forget the yummy food. Having 2 time options for different game drives is perfect as you’ll spot different animals at different times.

    1. Tshwene reminds me of the camp trips I used to go on in high school – however this luxury looks incredible! I’d love to take my bestie Ray with me, on a long deserved roadtrip after the stress of 3rd year exams! Nature & relaxation sound like a dream ?

    1. My Favourite Part about Tshwene is the variety of Animals they have there – I am a big lover of all animals ❤️ Also the beautiful accom and view helps ? I would take my boyfriend to spoil him for our 6 year anniversary in October – been looking for a perfect little getaway just for us ❤️

    1. This place looks heavenly! Wow! I adore that you can have your view be a herd of elephants walking past your room, that is an experience of a lifetime. I would take my fiance with me and experience this together.

    1. Oh it’s a really tough call, choosing between waking up to incredible bush views or dining under the stars. Those are the very best ways to end and start your day! Would definitely go with my husband – bush breaks are our ultimate favourite.

    1. I love the fact that Tshewne is so close to Jozi.. It’s a little piece of paradise just down the road!!!
      I love that you can see the big 5 from your balcony and that you can be totally immersed in a bushveld experience from the minute you drop your bags off!!
      I just think it looks like a splendid place to unwind and get back to nature with a special person!! My very new wife and I would love to spend a couple of nights there!!!!

    1. This place looks absolutely incredible! Apart from the amazing game sightings and the obvious fact of just being in the bush <3, I love the breath-taking views from the balconies of the suits. I would take my boyfriend as I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate both our 30th birthdays this year x

    1. The bush is everything real and natural. It allows to reset, to bond with your other self and remember what life is all about. A place like Tshwene is the ultimate as it’s all about the detail and so what my hubby and I need.

    1. My Favourite Part about Tshwene is the game drives, being able to be out in nature, content and being able to view such extraordinary animals. Being cut-off from civilisation, and back to our original roots. I would take my partner Jonathan Frame with me. He’s been working full time, studying part-time, and on top of that freelancing, so our time together has been very minimal over the last year and a half, and a weekend away to Tshwene would be exactly what we both need.

    1. I love that massive wooden patio to enjoy the expansive view- can just imagine sitting there in the morning with coffee and a risk, enjoying the morning air. Nothing better than the bush and the Welgevonden area looks amazing!

    1. It is a hard choice but I would love to go on a game drive with my partner (who I don’t think has ever been!), I think the suites and facilities are exquisite and I would LOVE to try the food there! x

    1. I love that Tshwene Lodge is so close to Joburg, making it an ideal weekend getaway.
      My 40th is coming up soon (dread) and I love the idea of a birthday celebration in the bush… with my husband!

    1. I grew up being trekked across the country to bush destination after bush destination. When you’re 10 years old it’s dull as dishwater and you yearn for ‘cool’ parents who will take you to Ballito or Durban. And then you reach an age where you can take yourself to Ballito or Durban, and you hate it, because it’s not perfect red wine weather, there’s too many people and too much noise, you cant wake up to the call of a Hornbill or the grunt of an Impala and your soul just doesn’t feel fulfilled. The bush is my happy place, and I choose it above all else, always. Last year I withdrew my maternity leave savings (oops) and splurged on a 3 night stay in Welgevonden to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I would simply adore to go back and soak up the best that Tshwene Lodge has to offer…especially the chef and his meals and the breathtaking views. I would take my husband barry and my trust Canon. What more could one need…or want?

    1. That pool looks amazing! Cocktails pool-side, yes please!! My husband and I are in desperate need of a bush weekend!

    1. My boyfriend has never been to the bush and it’s his 33rd birthday on 14 September. I want to plan something amazingly special for his birthday and this looks INCREDIBLE! I also see that the elusive leopard can be found at Tshwene Lodge, and having only ever spotting one in my 32 years on the planet, it would be a dream come true to see one again. Please help my boyfriend and I experience this magical place!

    1. Wow. I am sold!
      What an amazing place. It truly seems like the perfect place to disconnect and nourish the soul, as you mentioned above. Between the hecticness of being a worker bee in the corporate world, writing and training for a marathon, I could surely do with such an escape. I love the homely & nature-esque feel of the place and I must mention, I love the possibility of taking a brisk jog through those amazing walk ways RIGHT in the middle of nature. What a treat. I love that its not too far away (just 2 hours), but far away enough to allow a break of the hustle and bustle of Jo’burg & email.
      I would honestly treat my best friend who is one of the most hardworking women I know. We both need a well deserved break. It’s women’s month after all.

    1. You had me at naps, ice-cold pink gin & tonics and Robinson Crusoe tree-house. My boyfriend would love it there.

    1. I just love that Tshwene is just out of town and that it’s a big 5 reserve!!
      It also looks so relaxing and that pool could be the ideal place to enjoy an ice cold Gin and Tonic whilst gazing off into the distance listening out for a lions roar or an ellies trumpet. My wife and I would love to spend a weekend getting back to nature!!
      Send us please!!!!!!

    1. The bush for me is completely soul rejuvenating; the still nights, the starry skies, the fresh air and the open African bush. Encountering wildlife in their natural habitat is just a feeling you cannot beat and of course the beautiful sunsets! The attention to detail throughout the lodge, the magnificent rooms and pool overlooking the bush make this the ultimate romantic getaway (and the best part is it not too far from Jhb)! I would obviously take my boyfriend with me to experience this incredible weekend!

    1. I love that it has a honeymoon suite with jacuzzi and amazing secluded view of the bush. What a perfect wanderlust destination! #weddingFeb2017

    1. I love the way that the luxury accommodation manages to integrate with the natural surroundings… Also, I love the idea of taking a break from the kids and prospect of bush quiet at night!

    1. It’s spacious, airy. Love the balance of luxury without being pretencious. And it would be awesome to just be one with nature xx

    1. This just looks like the perfect getaway to relax, unwind and indulge in nature. Hubby and I are in direct need of an adult getaway and thus is just perfect. Sitting on the balcony with hubby early in the morning with a cuppa would be my favourite.

    1. The fact that breakfast lunch and dinner are all taken care of and it includes game drives is amazing, you literally don’t have to do or think about anything. I just had a baby six months ago and this would be the perfect inaugural break away from our baby for some very much needed alone time with my husband.

    1. Nothing excites me more than being in the African bush. Tshwene sounds like a magical place my new husband and I could go for a honeymoon. Relax and look out over the deck and in their beautiful rooms. I love that they offer guided game drives too!

    1. Jeepers! Wowser!
      Have to say when I started navigating the brochure it was a little intimidating only for me to remind myself that it wasn ‘t a website :)
      The shots of the animals, the leopard being my favourite animal next to a jaguar which is actually the same family, are just spectacular. The one thing I am dying to experience is the deck view from the suites. AMAZE BALLS!
      Being a stern lover of the Kruger Park, this seems like an amazing experience and I am stoked you got to spend your special day in the company of people that spoilt you :)

    1. The views! No! The stars! No the drives! Or maybe the amazing sound food and unwinding with drinks…I can’t pick!
      But I would definitely take the Boyfriend with….this weekend away would be exactly what we need after a busy and hectic year work wise.

    1. I like most that you have the opportunity to see the ‘big 5’ at Tshwene, this is a rare and a magical experience if luck is on your side for the visit. I would like to share this experience with my boyfriend, although I will not be sharing those delicious looking crumpets with him!

    1. Oh wow- Tshwene looks like a real little slice of heaven just outside Joburg! Absolutely adore the bush and for me it’s a real break as you’re either on the vehicle viewing the big 5, sipping on a G+T or indulging in some delicious food! And that pool at the lodge looks like bliss- I could definitely do a weekend here with my soon to be husband!

    1. Oh wow- Tshwene looks like a real little slice of heaven just outside Joburg! Absolutely adore the bush and for me it’s a real break as you’re either on the vehicle viewing the big 5, sipping on a G+T or indulging in some delicious food! And that pool at the lodge looks like bliss- I could definitely do a weekend here with my soon to be husband!

    1. Wow, Tshwene looks increadible!!!! If I had to choose, the beautiful big deck and smaller decks off the rooms look amazing! Beautiful views and a perfect place to relax and take it all in! It looks beautiful! After having two small babies and two pregnancies, we haven’t been to the bush for years and we are literally craving it!!!!! How we would love to take time out and get a chance to go to Tshwene!!!! ✊?✊?✊?✊?

    1. I absolutely love being surrounded by Nature and this place looks beautiful. I love thats it’s in the middle of the bush and there’s such beautiful wild life. Such a perfect place to unwind and appreciate life and all its beauty. I would love to spoil myself with this amazing prize as my birthday is coming up in Sept and this would be the ultimate gift and memories that I would for ever cherish. I would take my bf of 6years. I would absolutely appreciate winning this prize and would make the most of it. I have retweeted @b_balutto and commented on your instagram post @bcbalutto and also shared on fb Bianca Chante Balutto. This would really mean alot to me :)

    1. Wow this place is amazing.. I would really love to win this for my BFF. Its her birthday on the 7th of september and would really love to take her away ..and we love the out doors and bush getaways and this place just looks so amazing. Please let me win this as it would mean the world to her if i could be able to take her to a place like this. It would really make her year especially after the not so great year that she has been having. Please i would do anything to make this happen for her.

    1. My husband and I are on a mission to visit as many national parks and game reserves as we possibly can. The only we can really get to do that is by camping. Don’t get me wrong, camping is fun but we could really use a little bit of luxury too, Tshewene would be the perfect destination. We have a love affair with nature and being outdoors and find any possible reason we can to get out of the city as often as we can. Have I mentioned that we have never been on a guided game drive?

    1. I love a name with a meaning or story ! And love this one ! Graham and I got engaged and moved in together this year and would be amazing to get some time out at a beautifully decorated place while we try and get our home finished – maybe even draw some inspiration !

    1. I love the fact that Tshwene is close to JHB and has predators, including leopard. I would definitely like to treat my husband to a weekend away as he has supported me so much this year, with starting my own business.

    1. I would love to take my mom! Not sure how many more holidays we’ll take together and Welgevonden holds specials memories for us.

    1. What’s not to love about Tshwene?! The suites look amazing, and the views…the views are simply to die for. Game drives with an experienced ranger are just such a treat, and then of course there’s all the food & wine! My husband would happy as Larry. ?

    1. There is literally nothing better than the stillness found in African bush. that quiet in the mornings before the birds come to life and the hum of the circle of life starts the day is pure African zen. It revitalizes you like no other holiday can.

      What better way to experience this than from the privacy of your own wooden deck of your thatch roofed suite, no worries of maleria and to know a cozy fire is roaring behind you in your spacious and luxurious honeymoon bedroom utter, utter bliss!!

    1. Oh wow, what an incredible prize! Tshwene looks like a great place to recharge the soul, before taking on the rest of the year. I love the balance between rustic and luxury – African aesthetic at its best!

    1. Rhinos! Would be so special to see. (That and the rest of Tshwene just looks absolutely breath-taking!) I would love to surprise my husband with a bushveld trip for our anniversary. I might even let him bring his bird book;)

    1. The thought of sitting on that deck, book in hand, wrapped up warm, with my husband next to me – winner!

    1. Being in the African bush under the African sky surrounded by all the beauty that Tshwene lodge overs from the magnificent views to the amazing and interesting game drives and wonderful food! Would love to take my hard working hubby!

    1. Wow, what a beautiful spot. I think it’s great that it’s so close to Jhb, yet looks so isolated, with a chance to get so up close and personal with the wildlife and nature. All this in such a luxurious setting. Would love to treat my husband to this experience for our 1 year anniversary.

    1. What an awesome prize!!! I would love to take my husband away, it was his birthday the 09 May and I was not able to buy him a gift as we are building our new dream house and we need save as much money as possible and we need every cent. My husband is building the house on his own so you can only imagine how stressful it can be, so he will need a break from his hectic schedule and work pressure. And what best way will there be to unwind in the bush.

    1. The idea of being away from the city and in a peaceful, quiet, beautiful retreat is EXACTLY what my hubby and I need right now!

    1. I’ve spent this year embarking on an incredible journey doing my MBA. It is demanding both physically and mentally. My partner has been my rock and this would be a welcomed break and a way to show gratitude for all his love and support.

    1. Relaxing on the decks looks amazing, as do the game drives.
      I’d love to treat my husband to a lovely getaway as we haven’t had one in a long time.

    1. The deck with the view………having 3 kids, we are always on the go. I am dreaming about just sitting on the deck, appreciating God’s creation and enjoying the silence to recharge batteries and connect with the love of my life Jaco.

      It will be our 15th wedding anniversary on 1 Sept.

    1. Oh my goodness! Where do I even start about what makes Tshwene so special! I would kill to wake up to those views, enjoy a sundowner on our private balcony while watching the wildlife go about their daily business and devour yheir scruptious cuisine. My husband and I have never had a proper honeymoon and have had a rough first year of marriage with health and finance issues and could so so do with a holiday away together. Just resting and breathing and being spoilt be the fantastic team at Tshwene Lodge.

    1. Can you imagine the accolades / get-out-of-the-dog-house-points this would earn me from my wife? As parents of two a break sans-kids to the bush would be just what we both need to refresh and rejuvenate!

    1. Two words: game drives. The morning drive is for coffee with condensed milk, and the evening one for a gin and tonic. That’s my best thing about the bush, and I’m pretty sure I spotted both of those ‘rituals’ taking place on your weekend at Tshwene. The person I like to share these moments with most is Nicholas – my best friend, boyfriend and fellow bush-lover.

    1. My favourite feature is that it’s only got 5 suites, so you can really enjoy the peace and quiet. I feel that when you go to the bush, it’s great to totally disconnect

    1. I would share this experience with my partner, Jason <3 We are both lover of the South African bush and my favourite part of Tshwene Lodge is that it is so secluded within the bush :) perfect getaway for us

    1. Nice and close to Joburg, perfect for a weekend getaway.
      I love the bush, but unfortunately I usually need to find more affordable options.
      Lovely prize, I have no doubt that whoever wins it will love it.

    1. I love the gorgeous view and beautiful suites, the bush makes me feel alive! I’d take my best friend, Hayley, for a moms (child-free) weekend to reconnect and recharge!

    1. The suites look amazing and I love that they look right into the bush. My husband has never been on a game drive and I would great to share this experience with him in such a beautiful place!

    1. I feel like one can sense the calm and peace of the bush through your pictures and i would Love to experience this at Tshwene with my husband Sihle :)

    1. What I love about the Tswhene is how peaceful and tranquil it looks, we all need a ‘recharge’ in nature from time to time. I’d love to take my mom with, she has had a very difficult year and I would love to spoil her-she deserves it!

    1. Stop it! The best!

      An outdoor shower to end the day – nothing better.

      Will take the soon-to-be hubby, treats!

    1. My absolute favourite are the out door showers and I would love to share it with the guy who is potentially the love of my life, but he may not know this yet so worst comes to worst, my girl Julias got my back for a wonderful getaway.

    1. I absolutely love the bush. It has a way of feeding my sou!!!! Tshwene Lodge looks incredible. Your photos and the ones on the brochure took my breath away. How lucky are we to have such incredible places in our amazing country?! Love the idea that the guides actually talk you through the fauna and flora – something you don’t often get and take for granted! Love the intimacy of the lodge as well – max of 10 guests, just amazing! I would take my boyfriend once he’s home in SA in November, by then we would have had to deal with long distance for 9 months so this would be the perfect way to celebrate him being back in SA and my arms! (yes cheesy I know but can you blame me?!)

    1. The beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere is exactly what my husband and I need!!! (Or rather want hey!) Oh, and did I mention how much I love luxury?!

    1. I love the fact that it’s a small lodge that sleeps only 10 people. The setting looks amazing and the fact that one might be able to experience the wildlife, especially the elephants up close is very exciting. I would love to experience Tshwene Lodge with my husband Errol as we are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary next month.

    1. We spent our 15th anniversary weekend at Ekuthuleni lodge… what an amazing weekend that was… the bush has a way of healing and recharging the soul… my hubby and I are both in desperate need of some recharging…

    1. Tswene Lodge – what is not to love? How blissful! Every photograph shows that this lodge is all about relaxation and being close to nature. Looks like the perfect escape from city life. As a decorator I love that they incorporated the raw elements of nature into the styling of their spaces. I would love to spend a weekend here with my husband Erich, as we are both nature and animal lovers… and also need a romantic weekend away as it is almost our 2 year wedding anniversary. ♡♡♡

    1. EVERYTHING about Tshwene looks amazing!! I would take my husband or sister :)

    1. I love that it looks like it’s out in the middle of nowhere. So peaceful and secluded. I would spoil my husband. After the birth of our son, we’re in desperate need for couple time again.

    1. That’s easy, the photography. It brings out the best about the reserve, from the scenery to the elegant looking rooms.

    1. Oooh what a magnificent giveaway…..is that an outside shower I see in your pics? That’s what I am longing for, plus seeing the Ellies, the noises of the bush and the quietness, the sumptuous meals, the REST for our souls and I would take my one and only – husband ❤️

    1. WOW is all I can say. My fiancé and I have been bush lovers for years there is something so freeing about escaping to the bush for romantic getaways as well as family getaways, we as South Africans are so lucky to have it on our doorstep. The thing that really resonated with me on the brochure was the bird life, stars and the wild life specifically the rhinos. In the city you don’t see much bird life nor stars. I always get a little emotional seeing rhinos in the wild with their young. The last thing that captured my eye on your post was the photo of the chef (I think you said his name was Steven) that smiley could make anyone’s meal enjoyable. The staff energy where you stay just makes your stay that much more enjoyable. I would love to take my fiancé Steven on a getaway like this he would love it and so would I. If he had his way we would be living in the bush while he became a game ranger but unfortunately I’m still finishing my honors in interior architecture so we stuck in Johanneburg for now. We’ve been planning and saving for our wedding for 2 years and a trip like this would just be amazing and a much needed getaway for the both of us. I just stumbled upon your blog and I think it is a breath of fresh air so thank you for such a stunning read, your birthday sure looked like it was one to remember.

    1. Wow…..that looks great. And just a short hop, skip and jump from Joburh. Could really do with some bush quiet and a chance to unwind.

    1. The pristine beauty and solitude of the African bush….what’s not to love? It’s chicken soup for the soul. I would take my hubbie. We recently had a baby so we need a holiday and some down time desperately (not to mention a spice of romance)…zzzzzzz!

    1. I love the idea most of just getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big-city-Jozi-town and just getting some proper down-time. Disconnecting from the bleep-bleep of my phone and spending some proper no-expectations time with my better half. And honestly theres no better place than the wilderness for that ???

    1. I would love to experience the twice daily game drives and then relaxing in the luxurious suite. I would take my friend Thandie who has never experienced true African Safari experience for her birthday

    1. What I like about Tshwene lodge is the wildlife. I’m from Pretoria, lived in Cape Town for about 5 years and now moved to Johannesburg – and with all the moving I’ve never experienced wildlife in person. What I’d like most is to atleast see an elephant, I hear they never forgot a face and are so accepting. I would like to treat my partner to this magnificent place as our 1 year anniversary is coming up, being in a long distance relationship, we only get to travel to each other, never with each other.

    1. In the last 2 years, my partner and I have been on a magical yet super taxing roller coaster ride. Finding out we pregnant, to buying a new now family home to completely renovate to expanding the family business and building its a brand new home. Said fetus is now 14 months of pure delight, but we desperately need some time to relax. Just us. We may adore our boy, but we adore each other more.

    1. I most like the look of the pool in the wooden deck – could definitely picture myself lying on one of those loungers checking out the view of the bush!

    1. Oh wow, so beautiful…absolutely love the decor and luxury of the suites…opening onto the bush and stunning views. Perfect place for a romantic getaway with my amazing husband Matthew Jones <3

    1. Definitely the spot for a special occasion, I love the tranquillity and pretty toes on the deck, celebrating with someone near and dear ?

    1. Even though there is WiFi at the lodge, I love that going away to the bush would mean “switching off” connectivity and simply enjoying each other’s company. It would be magical to wake up to natures alarm clock, mr baboon, and relax on the deck sipping on a G&T. I would love to share this with my partner, Louw, he hasn’t been to the bush before and this would be an amazing first time!

    1. The view from that deck and of course game drives are the best. Would love to to take my 70 yr old dad fro an amazing weekend away to shwene-lodge. Perfect place fro us to relax, destress and retreat from City life

    1. WOW! The suits with the wrap around ‘stoep’ in the middle of the bush seems magical! I’d love to take my hubby for a well deserved break away! YAY!

    1. I love the deck the most – one of my favourite parts of going on a bush break is the opportunity to be surrounded by nature. I would take my husband along as a thank you gift for being so supportive to me this year!

    1. Love that the rooms are stilted! I want to hear animals all around – from the birds and monkeys above to hopefully some bok down below.

    1. There are to many gorgeous things in the brochure to mention only one.. However, I would say the photos at night are what capture me the most. City living has removed the beauty of the night sky. We hardly see any stars these days and never take the time to look up. My boyfriend, who is literally the best person I know, would be who I would bring along. I met him at the exact right time in my life and he makes me happy every single day. There is no one who would appreciate this more, than him.

    1. Liked, following, commented, shared. Unfortunately I do not have Twitter – if I did I would have tweeted as well. This is an amazing prize! Tshwene Lodge looks absolutely breath taking. Would love this for myself and my husband. We both enjoy the outdoors and this would be a tick off the bucket list.

      Fingers, toes and everything else crossed xx

    1. I can just see myself relaxing with those gorgeous views and the wide open space of the African bushveld right on my doorstep! Love, love the decor and look of the suites too!

    1. I love the deck with the gorgeous plunge pool and those rooms to die for! I would take my boyfriend

    1. Beautiful views, sunsets and sunrises, and the call of the wild… I’d love to go to this majestic place with my new hubby as a second honeymoon! <3

    1. Love the tranquility that is so evident from the pics you have posted! And of course being able to see rhinos in their natural habitat, it may not be such a privilege in the near future!

    1. I get a sense of vast open spaces at Tshwene Lodge & as a city girl, that is something I crave. The tree hugger that I am utterly enjoys every second spent in nature & am lucky enough to live close to the sea, mountains & cape winelands. I appreciate the sounds, sights & smells everyday & try to spend as much time outside as possible. The bush on the other hand is something I have not yet had the pleasure of taking in yet I have been yearning to go forever. A break from the rat race & motherhood ( i have 3 boys, 4 if you include dad) in unfamiliar territory & stretched out open plains is what this mama needs. I would love to explore Tshwene Lodge & experience the bush, so pweese pick me xxxx

    1. The deck looks amazing, a place to relax. I’d love to take my wife for a bit of r&r as it’s been a long winter with a baby and toddler.

    1. Good food, beautiful views and game drive adventures sound like a beautiful addition to our South African honeymoon adventure later in the year. Of course I’d take along the lovely Jonathan Fisher for our first getaway as husband and wife.

    1. We’ve got our second baby on they way and my hubby has been such a star, by picking up the lack. He’s been making supper, doing grocery shopping, bathing our first born and still trying to be attentive to all my needs and cravings, while still staying strong while I’m an emotional roller coaster. I’d love nothing more than to show him some appreciation by spoiling him with spa treatments. Yay for awesome husbands.

    1. A romantic sunset while on safari, who could ask for a better time and place to keep the fires of love burning. It would be an awesome surprise for my love Clint Johannes

    1. My husband and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary in September and this would be the PERFECT getaway! I long for the quietness of the bush, a G&T at sunset and chats around a campfire. Holding thumbs!

    1. Looking at these pics makes me so desperate to share in the absolute relaxation and pleasure you seem to have experienced! Most appealing is the sunset and I dream of spending time with my Husband with a cold beer and glass of wine with only nature around us. This year is going so quickly and I feel like we can’t get off the hamster wheel that is life, work, training for Triathalons and more. This looks like the most wonderful escape <3

    1. Looks so epic, never been on a safari before and my gf has always wanted to go too so this would be ideal!

    1. What’s not to love? I still marvel at the fact that we’re lucky enough to be able to see elephants, lions and the ever-precious rhino roaming free in their natural habitat. That sense of wonder alone is plenty to look forward to. After all, to watch those joyful little baby elephants playing and splashing undisturbed in the watering holes is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

      The other one is sipping a sundowner from an expansive deck, listening to the distant roaring of lions, talking about life and love….all as you watch the sun set over the African bush. Or so I imagine. :)

    1. I would love to chill on that deck with a beer in hand while watching the wild life. It would be a total dream and I would like to share it with my wife to be, Mischa.

    1. I love the rustic, chic look and feel of this lodge. You are made to feel like you are in the wilderness yet its met with elegance.
      I would love to spoil my 10 week old husband to a stay at this lodge. As newly wedds it is still the beginning of our marriage and what a better way to take time out from our busy lives and schedules and nuture our tender marriage.
      Sarah Burger.

    1. I’ve just come across your blog now , scrolling through at how its such a perfect balance of simple and classy even with all the interesting stuff ! Just like this gorgeous lodge. All of nature has to offer whilst still being a luxury getaway. I’ve never been to a game lodge before and I’m sure this as a first experience will never compare to any other from what I’ve seen online about it. Absolutely breath taking. Fingers crossed to this amazing offer from finding your blog.

    1. Would absolutely love to wake up with my long distance boyfriend, Nicky and open our bedroom doors right into the heart of the bush. Whats not to love about that?!

    1. The variety of animals at this reserve seems to be what would attract me to this place. The brochure has amazing pictures of the outdoor dining areas and I hope to be able to experience this thanks to this competition. I would like to take my friend who is currently juggling work and studying and deserves a break.

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