Dirt Therapy Plettenberg Bay

If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen some of my pictures of Dirt Therapy in the holidays; a quirky little nursery cum bar we happened upon and never wanted to leave. Situated on Robberg Road on a small-holding just beyond Pletternberg Bay Airport, Dirt Therapy is Katherine Barlow’s dream realised.  What started as a humble (but stylish beyond words) farm and nursery 8 years ago, has evolved into a coffee shop and bar that’s teeming with greenery; the walls are alive and so are the hills upon which they’re perched. The views of the valley and forest are magic, particularly at sunset when the weather’s good. What was once a potting station is now a small bar that serves killer grapefruit and thyme (straight from the garden, of course) gins & tonic and more. Dirt Therapy is not a restaurant, so leave your expectations at the door. That said, they do happen to serve a killer prego and chips. Katherine’s passion for her project and and farm-life is palpable; occasionally she walks her Shetland pony through the premises which kids go wild for. It’s no surprise that Dirt Therapy is now being booked for bigger celebrations like birthdays and weddings, the space and setting is perfect. Here are some of the pictures I took on the gloomy day we visited, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend this day:

 Open 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday, 9AM to 3PM Saturday and 9AM to 12PM on Sunday. Although these times are loose and change over the festive season. As Kath said to us when we arrived at 6PM, “as long as you’re drinking, I’m open“.

Tel: 044 533 1235 / 078 407 7388

Brandslut xoxo

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