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I’m a big fan of technology that provides some element of utility and actually makes life easier. Apps like Uber, SnapScan and even Tinder are changing consumer behaviour, changing industries and changing the appscape. A new one on my radar is South African born Hey Jude, a PA in your pocket for want of a better descriptor. Hey Jude can literally sort out anything for you, providing your request is legal and moral. Before I’d downloaded and registered as a Hey Jude user my thought was, “okay cool, but isn’t briefing some new virtual PA going to be more time-consuming than me getting the job done in the first place?”.

The answer is no. 

And that comes down to the UX (user experience) and functionality within the app. How so? Well, for example, I’m using Hey Jude to help source a couch for my new office. I’m just not getting to it (you see this is the problem with life and that ever-growing to-do list) and I’d like someone else to take the leg-work out of it for me. I went onto the app and created a new task: Couch Hunt. Now this is the part I love, and where I think using an app to help get things done is in fact not creating more work for yourself. Instead of typing a long brief, I simply left a detailed voice-note within the task thread; I’m a voice-note fiend. I then uploaded a few screen-grabs to aid as visual references, and Jude’s your uncle! I got a response immediately summarising my request and confirming that my couch hunt had begun. We’re in the process of finding the right one for me, so my task is still open.

But the scope is endless really. You can use the app to book flights, get quotes, help you find theatre tickets, make restaurant reservations, find that pair of boots you’ve been lusting after, book accommodation, shortlist accommodation, request a list of new restaurants you try, and so on.

How does it work? 

For now the Hey Jude app is available to users in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and essentially you pay a small monthly subscription fee of R199. Not bad when you consider the app and service is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The first 3 tasks are free so you can get a feel for the app before you commit. The app has also integrated with Uber, AirBnB, Zomato and OpenTable to help facilitate transactions with those businesses. And you can pay for any service in-app using Hey Jude; the vet, your dry-cleaning bill, presents for your girlfriend ;)

If you’re curious, click here to download it to your Apple or Android device.

Win Your Wishlist

I’ve partnered with Hey Jude to create awareness of this super new app, and they’re giving away R5000 to put towards fulfilling any wish you desire. To give you a little inspiration, these are the wishes I’d put that R5000 towards right now:

  • A ticket to Tokyo to see the blossoms in Spring 2018
  • A pair of diamond earrings
  • A weekend break to somewhere relaxing not too far from Johannesburg, perhaps Forum Homini in the Cradle of Mankind
  • A new pair of sneakers; beige Nike’s or dusty pink New Balance
  • A vintage bicycle for my new commute to work 
  • A new pair of leather boots from Country Road
  • Repair smashed phone screen (again)
  • A custom-made skinny display table for my entrance hall
  • Room 13 wall-paper for my guest bathroom from Robin Sprong
  • A monogrammed handbag or camera bag from Monpurse

… I could go on all day.

Entering is really easy, there are two ways:

  1. Comment on this blog post (don’t worry your e-mail address won’t be published, but I do need it to contact you, so please make sure it’s entered correctly) and tell me what your Hey Jude wish is, what you’ve been lusting after, what you want to put that R5000 towards. And/or…
  2. Post an image to Instagram or Facebook showing your wish in visuals, and make sure you include the following copy: I want to win R5000 with @heyjudeapp by sharing what I’d do with all that cash! #HeyJudeMagic. If you’re feeling creative you can tweak that line, just be sure to mention @heyjudeapp in your comment with the hashtag #HeyJudeMagic. Posts to Instagram and Facebook will be rewarded with 30 additional entries, score!

That’s it! Competition closes at midnight of May 30th, and the winner will be contact on May 31st 2017. Good luck!

Brandslut xoxo


    1. I’m getting married in April 2018 and our dream honeymoon destination is the Maldives, so that’s what I’d put R5000 towards

    1. I would put this towards a ticket to New York to visit my brother next year. I have never been overseas, so it would be a dream come true!

    1. Saw this on your Insta story this morning, already downloaded and signed up for the monthly subscription.
      Thank you for the detailed and relevant explanation on how this apps works, you had me hooked even without the competition.
      I love the full circle completion (that they do the payments for you if needed), nothing like this on the market.

    1. hey Jude and Brandslut!
      My wish is to use the ticket to fly my Gran to visit me in the UK. I’ve been here for 10 years now and she has been saying she would like to come visit since I moved! My gramps passed away a year ago so she has been adjusting and I think it’s the perfect time for her to come visit. Miss her loads!
      Thanks guys!!

    1. I am dreaming of that cozy cabin in the woods or that little cottage by the sea, the perfect little getaway spot I’ve had my eye on for ages. And chances are it will be a reality with Judes helping me out, having such an extensive listing and cover the whole of Africa/world. So the chances of me finding that perfect spot for a much needed break, are pretty favourable!!!! #heyjudemagic

    1. This sounds like an incredible service. My husband and I are moving to Melbourne at the end of the month and this would be an amazing way to learn and see more of our new home. Holding thumbs for some Hey Jude loving :)

    1. Hey misha ? i would really love to spoil myself with some new makeup or a new handbag. Or even a Pandora braclet.

      Till then my fingers are crossed??

      Anyway, you take care, stay safe & lots of love ❤❤

    1. The Hey Jude app sounds amazing!
      My Hey Jude wish is to put R5000 towards my much needed Zanzibar trip in October.
      I’m lusting after white sand and clear blue waters!

    1. Hello Misha :) Hoorah, I read your post and immediately downloaded the app. Funny enough, I had seen the billboard on Main road in Bryanston/Fourways area about 20minutes earlier. I love a good coincidence. I’m going to play with the app now to wrap my head around how it works, but off the top of my head – new yoga gear because as a yoga teacher, I always need new quality threads because I live in them. Or else to put towards my next yoga teacher training in Bali at the end of the year. Sweet! Thanks for the awesome competition. I’ll hashtag on social xx Eliza (

    1. I would definitely take my husband to Kruger. I’ve recently had major surgery on my leg and foot and have been bed bound for 2 weeks. I have another 8 weeks on crutches ahead of me, and then learning to walk again with physio and occupational therapy. My husband has been absolutely AMAZING looking after me day and night. From my many days in hospital where he broke all the rules of visiting hours to be with me all day while I was in so much pain, and being there to help me use the bed pan (no husband should ever have to do that!!) and help me get to the bathroom and back on my crutches now that I’m home, I would love nothing more than to spoil him with a relaxing break in the bush. He SO deserves it!!

    1. So this seems SUCH a first world problem – but I would most definitely use the cash to upgrade my flight next week to business class :) I have three kids at home who love to have a party at all hours of the morning and honestly haven’t slept in weeks – my husband and I are taking our first holiday without children in about 5 years and it would make the world of difference to just lie back on the plane and go to sleep.

    1. Hey Misha,
      This would be such an amazing kickstart for my Fiancé & I to start decorating our little Woodstock apartment, we have all my old furniture from before we lived together & doesn’t feel like our space yet. I would use the R5000 (of magic) towards re-decorating & refurbishing some of the furniture pieces to make the space OURS. As we are getting married soon, this would help out immensly to give us that financial boost!! :)
      #HeyJudeMagic would do magic to my apartment!!

    1. I’d use the #heyjudemagic to sort out a weekend Cape Town wine trip and use the R5000 plus app functionality to book flights and a quirky AirBnB for my mom n me. Vino time!

    1. Hey! This is amazing. Downloaded the app straight after watching your Instastory and clicking over to the blog!
      I’d put the R5000 towards Baby G… I think this app is going to help me so much in running every day errands, that I previously took for granted. As a soon to be new mom, I’m going to need that extra help, so this couldn’t have come at a better time!
      Holding thumbs!

    1. I would love to use the money to sort out accommodation in Porto for my best friend and I who are finally going on a trip to Portugal together. We thought we had everything sorted but the travel agency that we went to (knowingly knew we were students and wanted us to have the cheapest flight ever) suggested that we spend the day in Porto and so we need HeyJude to please help us sort out our last minute needs to find a place to sleep!!!

    1. Hi Mish,
      Saw this on your Insta story this morning and my Hey Jude wish would be to put the R5000 towards a dream holiday for my hubby and me to Israel. We have longed to do this trip for many years and he had 3 strokes a while back so I would love to take him sooner than later ♥

    1. Such a great app! I’d also have my smashed iPhone screen repaired, source the perfect bedside tables and book a weekend away!

    1. #HeyJudeApp I got divorced four years ago, left with just my car and clothes. I have been saving for about a year and a half to buy a TV.. I’m not fussy.. Unfortunately my health went downhill quickly and all the money saved went on doctors bills, Blood tests, x-rays and medication. I would love to be able to come home after a long day and put my feet up and watch a little bit of TV.. Have to start saving all over again. I would definately go and buy an affordable TV

    1. I’d put the R5k towards a good quality pair of black leather boots for winter, a classic warm jacket and some gorgeous scarves from Trenery.

    1. I’d ask the Judes to find the best student budget lunch specials in Cape Town for every day of the week, because it’s fun to explore and it’s great to treat yoself ???

      The 5k would be an absolute dream! I’ve been swooning over the modern loafers over at Jane Sews for the longest time! But it would also come in soo handy towards a Euro trip ??✈

    1. I feel as though someone crept into my dreams, took notes and finally created the perfect personal assistant / concierge service i have been needing for the longest time.

      I have had this to do item, of purchasing a wooden sleigh bed, on my list for about a year now and i just haven’t found the time to put it into action myself. I don’t quite have an idea of what i want the structure to look like – i just know it has to be wooden with interesting feet (previously had one with wooden balls as the feet / legs). finding the right mattress has also been on my “i’m too lazy to first get reviews then go buy” list.

      My want, (which is actually a need) is pretty simple (LOL). In lieu of having no time to get myself to actually go on holiday, i have re-discovered the importance of a good night’s rest – on a perfect bed. i have been escaping with hotel stays (great beds) around my office all because getting great sleep is a priority for productivity.

      Mish & Hey Jude – let’s make this happen for me. Sleep is imperative. :)

      So, my wish/want/need is to be allowed to be lazy and miraculously find a beautiful, interesting, comfortable bed.

    1. I’d love to ask Jude to place an order on @home’s lovely online store. I love their products and always find I absolutely love.

      On my list:

      Breville Kettle and toaster – to help me with the perfect breakfast every morning, bathroom scale, mattress protector, towels, a throw, and because I love baking I would love a quiche pan, muffin pan, and those awesome Rome measuring cups.

      I want to win R5000 with @heyjudeapp by sharing what I’d do with all that cash! #HeyJudeMagic :D Entered on FB and IG

    1. Weekend break away in Craddle of Humankind with my family!

    1. Hey Jude! What a cool name! With R5000 I’d ask The Judes to book a romantic weekend away for myself and my partner to The Kruger National Park. I’ve never been and I think it would be an incredible experience! #heyjudemagic @heyjudeapp

    1. #HEYJUDEMAGIC wow if I would win this cash of R5000 I would buy a lounge suit since my husband is the only bread winner in the house its really hard for us to afford them,I’m a housewife and we a family of four its been nw 3years we moved in to our RDP our lounge is empty we rather sit in the room on the bed and watch television winning this prize would be a blessing and a dream cum true keeping my fingers so so crossed in Jesus name we win this prize we really in need of them and desperate thank you

    1. Hey Jude is defs going to help me plan my husband’s and mine joint 40th and 30th birthday shindig at the end of the year. I’m talking food trucks, blow up pools and music on a rooftop in Jolburg.

    1. It’s always been a dream of mine to go on an epic trip with my best friend, so after years of putting it off I’m finally doing it! In July my best friend and I will be jetting of to London.

      A few weeks ago we booked our ticket and got an really awesome deal…OR DID WE? We were a little too excited about getting such a great deal we forgot to check how long our stopovers were. Turns out that on the way back we’ve got a 12 hour lay over! Cue sad face!

      I’d love to win with Hey Jude to help me find a airport hotel for my and my friend to stay in so that we don’t have to lose our minds in Doha for 12 hours. Please Judes help me!!!! #HeyJudeMagic

    1. My #heyjudemagic wish is to jetset off to my all time dream location to spoil my hubby for our anniversary in Italy ???

    1. Something of a wish, but mostly just for the adventure of a lifetime, we had ‘planned’ a trip to India last year for December. The year sort of ran away with us and year end rolled around and we had done no planning. So we put it off until this December. AND now it’s basically June. And basically we have done no planning.

      I would love to put R5000 towards a ticket so that it solidifies plans and forces me to get all my ducks in a row. AND I will do it with Hey Jude helping me with every step of the way, AND I will take him with.

      Eat pray love & Jude in india! ❤️

    1. Wow!
      4X4 to Mozambique
      Swim with dolphins.
      Quad bike booze cruise from Ponta du Ouro to Ponta Malongane
      Eat plenty of seafood off the grill
      Laze on the beach
      Hey Jude amazing!

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