20 Things I keep in my newborn’s nappy bag

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Our little guy’s finally had his 6-week vaccinations, which means I’ve started getting out and about a little more. The freedom is equal parts exciting and terrifying and I didn’t think the simple task of visiting a friend or going to the shops could be so daunting. That said, each time we manage it my confidence grows and he seems to become more predictable. Leaving the house quickly is something I’m getting better at and I now have a fully-stocked baby bag packed and on the ready at all times. You’ll only forget a spare change of clothing or an extra diaper once. If you’re a new mama or about to become one, here’s the list of nappy-bag essentials that work for me. If you’ve got any genius additions, please comment and add to my list. I’m also giving away one of these gorgeous South African-made leather nappy bags and a feeding pillow from Jeankelly, so do read on.

20 things I keep in my nappy bag

  1. Nappies. One for every hour you’re out and a few spare for good measure.
  2. Portable changing mat. I have one of these Jeankelly changing clutches and it’s a life-saver! It’s got a few nappies, cotton wool, a bum-cream sample and a dummy in it just in case.
  3. Bum cream. I use Bepanthen (the only thing that actually got rid of his nappy rash) and buy a small version to keep in my nappy bag.
  4. Cotton wool. Don’t put a fragranced baby-wipe near your baby; we learnt the hard way and we were using one of the market’s leading ‘natural’ kinds. Newborn skin is incredibly sensitive and all you need is cotton wool and water to do the trick.
  5. Baby wipes. For your hands or any mess/spills that need attention.
  6. Water. I keep a small bottle of water in my nappy-bag for wetting the cotton-wool with during nappy changes. An old pump-action nail-polish remover bottle works a charm because it’s easy to use with one hand and gets the job done quickly.
  7. A change of clothes for baby. I keep both a long-sleeve and short-sleeve onesie in our nappy bag in case. I find South African weather can vary quite substantially in a day so it’s a good idea to have both options.
  8. A spare top for you. I learnt this the hard way last weekend when I also learnt what a number 3 is.
  9. Dummies. If your babe takes a dummy, stash a few in different, easy to reach pockets. I’ve got one permanently attached to a pocket with a dummy-clip to make finding it easier.
  10. A towelling nappy or face-cloth. I have tons of those old cloth/toweling nappies which I use for burbing, spills etc. They’re cheap and super useful for a variety of things; don’t ever leave home without one.
  11. Your babe’s food. If you express or bottle-feed, then make sure you’ve packed enough milk for your small human.
  12. Your pump. I express and my Medela Mini goes everywhere with me. The Mini takes batteries which allows for it to be portable (win!) so I pack it into a Zip-Loc with spare batteries and a spare bottle for when it’s time to get my milk on.
  13. A swaddle and/or blanket. Handy for shielding your babe from the sun, covering up while breast-feeding, keeping them warm or for putting them to sleep with. I keep both with me and use them to make a make-shift bed with if I’m putting him to sleep at someone else’s house.
  14. Toys. If your babe’s still little you don’t need much because the world around you is stimulation enough. I keep a rattle and a small stuffed-toy with me in case.
  15. Plastic bags. I keep a few Zip-Locs and some scented nappy bags with me always; you never know what you’re going to need to conceal or throw out.
  16. Baby sun-screen. I’m hyper aware of my babe’s beautiful new skin and the harsh African sun, so this goes everywhere with us. I do also have a couple of swimming nappies packed in for when we make our swimming debut. I was going to make a joke about a floater but LOL. We’re sooooo far from seeing anything that could potentially float in his nappy.
  17. A hat. As above.
  18. Meds. I keep Flo-Baby nose-spray and Olbas with me for aiding sleep. My babe sometimes gets congested and I find these two products really help. I keep Infacol and gripe water on hand too however I don’t use them much.
  19. Snacks for mom. Breastfeeding has given me a hunger and a thirst of Herculean proportions and snacks and hydration are key to keeping that milk supply up. I usually keep water, a sachet of Rehidrat and some Woolies seed-bars nearby.
  20. White-noise maker. This one isn’t a non-negotiable, of course, but it’s come in handy a couple of times when I’ve gone out later in the day and have needed to put my babe down at someone’s house. I have an old iPad Mini that I’ve loaded with this amazing noise app and I use it to play the sound of rain when he’s sleeping. It definitely does the trick in a noisy environment, and I reckon it creates a little familiarity when he’s in a new place. Ewan the Dream Sheep is another good alternative.

Jeankelly baby bag giveaway

I searched high and low for a plain, tan leather baby bag while I was pregnant and finally found what I was looking for in the form of Jeankelly. I have a bit of a tan obsession and who doesn’t love plain, classical leather? I got myself the caramel two-pocket shopper and what I love about it is it doesn’t really look like a twee baby bag. It’s got all the pockets and compartments one could ever hope for, handles and a convenient shoulder-strap. It’s gender-neutral and something I think is going to keep getting better with age, as leather does. Another unexpected win from Jeankelly is their feeding pillow which is small and designed to slide ones arm into. I use mine at every feed and it’s such a clever little hack; certainly cheaper and less obtrusive than a giant feeding pillow. It’s one of those items I didn’t think I needed and now can’t live without. Check out Jeankelly’s range of leather baby bags, changing clutches, feeding pillows, dummy clips and pram clips.

The amazing folk at Jeankelly have graciously decided to give one lucky Brandslut reader a genuine leather nappy bag, as well as a nifty feeding pillow. Winning is easy, all you need to do is…

  1. Visit Jeankelly’s website here, and pick one of their gorgeous leather bags for yourself/a friend or loved one
  2. Comment on this blog post letting me know which bag you’re lusting after; please be sure to leave your name and e-mail address so I can contact you if you’ve won, and don’t worry your e-mail address will not be published.
  3. For another chance to win, tag a mama or mama-to-be close to your heart in this Instagram post. Note, you can enter multiple times via Instagram and each tag will count as an additional entry, however please make sure you tag additional people in separate comments in order for these to count as extra entries. Note, the prize will be awarded to the mama you’ve tagged. If you want the bag for yourself, simply let me know which Jeankelly baby bag is your favourite via the same Instagram post.

Entries close at midnight on March 31st and I will announce the winner within the first week of April 2018. Fingers crossed!

Brandslut xoxo


    1. Oooo oooo oooo – love these. And also been on the hunt for stylish leather bubs’ bag. I was eyeing out the Vanilla Blonde Shopper, but realize two pockets are like another two hands with a new born – come August! – so am going to say the 2 Pocket Vanilla Blonde Shopper is the one for me please.

    1. I absolutely love your bag and would love one just like it! My current baby nappy bag isn’t very gender neutral so not “Dad friendly” sadly!

    1. I would absolutely love the Jean Kelly Toffee Two Pocket bag. It’s gorgeous

    1. I really would like the JeanKelly 2 pocket vanilla blonde bag for my sister in law who gave birth just a few days ago to the most gorgeous baby girl :)

    1. Love the caramel 2 pocket shopper! Have really enjoyed this blog post.

    1. My cuz (Lize-Marie Sandenbergh) is a mama-to-be and she loves leather products, and this back would be the cherry on top plus her husband Herkie will look super stylish when carrying it around. The Jeankelly Toffee 2 Pocket Leather Shopper is absolutely stunning!!

    1. Gosh these bags are beautiful!
      I’m mom to a one-year-old and am pregnant with my second who will be arriving in August. -We’re crazy, I know!
      The Jeankelly Vanilla Blonde Leather Shopper is beautiful and would definitely come in handy!

      One thing I always carried in my newborn baby bag was also dummy sterilizer – dummies are often falling on the floor or being put on tables, and my little guy’s sleep association blanket. It went everywhere and now he sleeps like a champion whenever he has it. (Get a few that are all similar so you can wash them).

    1. This bag is beautiful and so are all their products! I would love to win the same one you have. My current bag is a horribly cavernous thing that I can never find the necessary equipment in!

    1. Would love a bag just like yours, the caramel 2 pocket leather shopper.

    1. I would love one just like yours! A caramel two pocket shopper. So, so beautiful! ❤️

    1. The extra top for yourself is such a bladdy good tip! Not something Ive needed, YET! but I’ll definitely be packing it in now!! I absolutely love this Tan/Caramel JeanKelly… looks gorgeous and works a charm too by the looks of things.

    1. I’m currently 9 months pregnant and I would LOVE to win the beautiful caramel bag that you have. Tan is just such a classic colour and goes with everything. Dad would also probably feel better carrying this rather than a Winnie The Pooh bag. 😂

    1. I’m due with my first in 12 weeks and haven’t been able to find a decent nappy bag anywhere, and due to the costs of prams, car seats etc, we have put it on the back burner for a while. I would absolutely LOVE a JeanKelly Vanilla Blonde backpack!

    1. I would love to win the exact same tan bag that you have! It is just beautiful and timeless.

    1. I have been eyeing out the Jeankelly Toffee 2 Pocket Leather Shopper for a while now <3 love at first site!!!!

    1. I would loooove a Jeankelly bag for our new baby! It’s so beautiful and seems practical. 😍

    1. I would love the Toffee coloured 2 pocket leather shopper, what a beaut! My preemie is 10 months old (adjusted) and its time for us to upgrade from the current bag I’m using for her.

    1. I would love the Jeankelly 2 Pocket Vanilla Blonde Leather Shopper for our baby arriving in September. What a stylish carrier – and practical!

    1. I’ve been using the Jeankelly feeding pillow since my baby was born and recommend it to every mom-to-be I come across.
      I would love to win the Jeankelly Toffee 2 Pocket Leather Shopper!

    1. I love the one you have, the Jeankelly Caramel 2 Pocket Leather Shopper! 14 weeks today, so excited about our first little bubs that is on the way! Haven’t gone baby bag shopping yet – so winning this will be first prize!

    1. Currently reading your blog post while on bed rest and making notes of all your suggestions! My first baby is due in a month (fingers crossed she doesn’t come out earlier) and would love the Jeankelly Toffee two pocket leather shopper!keep sharing your tips especially for us new mommies :)

    1. I would love to win either the caramel 2 pocket shopper or the vanilla blonde backpack,both looks so beautiful and super stylish😍

    1. One I love jean Kelly bags and items. I simply live the jean kelly classic 5 pocket leather bag. It’s so spacious and is a unisex bag which ous great for dad’s too . Really hoping I win ❤❤❤

    1. I love the Vanilla Blonde one.
      I’m struggling with finding and affording a bag that fits my needs and this would be amazing!

    1. I have LITERALLY been stalkin this nappy bag since my son was born a few months… i glance at the Jean Kelly page as well the take alot page daily obsessing over it… i think its super stylish, sexy yet versatile as a nappy bag yet doesnt look like those old fashioned ones… i even hinted to hubby on my bday that i wanted one (5 march) but lol clearly he did not get my hint… i really wish i win as im planning an overseas trip next month n this bag would be the perfect travel accessory for my baby n i… i LOVE the tan two pocket leather shopper or even the back pack so even hubby can carry it lol… its sooo difficult to choose they all are amazing and gorgeous… as for the pillow im still breastfeeding n that would also be a winner on the 14hr flight… xoxo fingers crossed

    1. The caramel 2 pocket shopper 😍 I’ve started using a backpack for outings with my boy who is now very mobile and busy but I would love a more sophisticated option for special outings.

    1. I have recently found out I am 6 weeks pregnant eek, its been such a journey to get to this point and I would love to win Jeankelly Vanilla Blonde Leather Shopper. Its funny cause this morning I was googling nappy bags and her website popped up. :) Good luck to all the new mamma’s xx

    1. Oh my. 2 pocket vanilla or caramel!
      Would go perfectly with his dummy clips!
      So excited for our little miracle arriving in 8 weeks!
      Don’t think hubby would mind walking around with this bag as well!

    1. I would love the leather backpack in Toffee so that I can have my arms free when baby number 2 arrives later this year. :)

    1. I’m due in 8 weeks and haven’t been able to find anything as beautiful as this bag! I’m totally in love with tan leather too, but I would go for the caramel 2 pocket shopper, because I like the lighter colour 😍 I’m so anxious for when baby arrives, because we still have so much to get for him. For now we just have a stroller and a baby carrier.

    1. So many overwhelming lists of lists of lists out there for new mommas to be like me. Refreshing to get insights from the real deal. Thank you for your tips!

      Baby bag wise – I’d have to go for your pick – the caramel 2 pocket shopper is so rad!

    1. Firstly, thanks for the brilliant and thoughtful advice re: packing a baby bag – as a new mamma to be (I’m due in May) the whole prospect of taking to the streets with my little guy and making sure I have what he needs, is totally terrifying! I absolutely love the caramel two-pocket shopper. It’s perfect.

    1. I would love to win the toffee 2 pocket leather shopper for my pregnant sister! She lives abroad and I am visiting in April..this will be sooo awesome!

    1. It’s so hard to choose only one but I’m absolutely in love with the Jeankelly caramel 2 pocket shopper!!!

    1. I just love the Vanilla Blonder Shopper… due in a few months, and have yet to get my head around the nappy bag scenario! At least we can look like chic pack mules…

    1. I have been drooling over the JeanKelly bags for ages! The caramel two-pocket shopper is the one I’ve been dreaming of for months now 😍😍

    1. The Jean Kelly 3 pocket vanilla blonde shopper is what I have my eye on!

    1. Been eyeing out this bag at all the markets!!! Would love anyone of them but totally obsessed with the backpack! My little one is 15 weeks old and this would be just perfect for all his essentials!

    1. Oh my goodness! These are amazing! Why have I never heard of them?! I love the Jeankelly caramel 2 pocket bag, I have a 2 year old that still needs a million things lugged around and will hopefully have a new born one day soon so I would love to win this beautiful bag! Xxx

    1. Classic 3 pocket in grey is just so beautiful! Would love to win 😍 my little girl’s Instagram account is @raising.dana.rae

    1. Caramel two pocket is definitely the one for me! About to have baby number two and didn’t have a great nappy bag first time around so holding thumbs!!

    1. Saw these beautiful leather bags at the Flair baby & toddler Market 2 weeks ago & fell instantly in love with them. I’m loving the Jeankelly caramel 2 pocket leather shopper. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of them😝

    1. I love the Jeankelly Caramel 2 Pocket Leather Shopper.

    1. I am 6 months pregnant!!💙
      Fell inlove with the Jeankelly Black Leather Shopper! I would love to have the chance to win this beautiful bag..

    1. Expecting baby no.2 and do not want to be part of the norm with the normal free very baby looking baby bags… Abs in love with the toffee 2 pocket leather shopper… I can only imagine how awesome it will be to use it aswell when I’m back t work

    1. I just adore the classic three pocket in Vanilla blonde…. but must say the Grey is just as beautiful! Love them ALL!

    1. I would love the Jeankelly Classic 5 Pocket Leather Bag – Fudge. I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first and am as clueless as they come! Would love this to solve one of the many mysteries of walking into motherhood.

    1. The Jeankelly 5 pocket classic in fudge would be PERFECT for our first pregnancy, as we expect twins in August! A perfect pigeon pair :)
      This mama would be very happy

    1. I would love the Jeankelly Classic 3 Pocket Leather Bag Vanilla Blonde!!! With this being baby no. 3 and having to cart around stuff for 3 kids on the weekends, I really NEED this bag. Oh and hubby’s wallet and car keys get tossed my way too. A mom’s life.

    1. I’ve had my eye on one of these bags since I found out I was pregnant on 10 July 2017, the same day that the specialists told me and my husband we would never conceive naturally again. We are meeting our little miracle girl in just 2sleeps, 16 March 2018! Winning any one of the bags would be a cherry on the cake of our amazing journey. My favourite bag is the Jeankelly Classic 5 Pocket Leather Bag – Fudge.

    1. Love the toffee or tan leather backpack! 😄🙏 Been eyeing these bags since I came across the Jeankelly Instagram page, especially because I hate the disorganization of other baby bags, especially after my husband changes our little ones nappy. 😂🙈

    1. Would love one of these gorgeous Jeankelly bags in caramel. I love that they are gender neutral and my hubby wouldn’t mind carrying it around either ;) And who doesn’t want to be a stylish looking mama!

    1. We’ve been blessed and are excited to be welcoming our miracle baby in May. What a wonderful 10year anniversary gift from our creator! Would love to have a two pocket tan/toffee bag to be a stylish mama on the go ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Would love the caramel shopper!!! Thanks for the tip about the cotton wool and water, who would of thought wipes could do damage? My little boy is due next month so will definitely use that tip!!! Would love the bag to add the cotton wool and water too!!!

    1. What an amazing giveaway!!! The grey leather 2 pocket would be my dream nappy bag to match with Jack’s pram etc and all his goodies that I carry around for him.

    1. Would love a Caramel two pocket shopper like your one Mish; it’s stunning x

    1. Caramel 2 pocket shopper! I have two toddlers, still in nappies and breastfed so lots of space is vital and any stylish appreciated!!

    1. The Jeankelly caramel 2 pocket shopper is as attractive as it is practical. My husband could really get his dad on with it too. We would love one for our sweet babe who will be arriving in just 3 short weeks!

      Also loved your list of nappy bag essentials! So much more practical than other online lists! Thanks

    1. I am really lusting after the Jeankelly 2 Pocket Vanilla Blonde Leather Shopper!! I have a month old baby boy and still using the nappy bag that I got from the hospital – would love to win this! <3

    1. I love love love the caramel two pocket shopper 💕 this would go to my special friend who has just had her first baby.

    1. I would love to have the toffee or caramel two pocket shopper , mu baby girl will be arriving soon this will be the perfect gift ♥️

    1. I would absolutely love the Vanilla Blonde Leather Shopper. I’m expecting my first baby and i like the fact that it looks so modern!. Really hoping to win :)

      1. I’ve had my eye on the Jean Kelly brand for just over 2 years now though they’re just a little way outta my budget haha. What with a little one on the way now, this will be perfect as we’re always on-the-go. Right now, the Jean Kelly backpack in fudge is what I love as it’s compact and spacious for baby’s goodies yet super trendy for mama (as are all of the Jean-Kelly bags) so I’m hoping I’ll win this time around. Xx

    1. I loooooove this! I’m a mom-to-be with my first baby and would love to start off with the beautiful 2 Pocket Vanilla Blonde Shopper!

    1. Loooove the 2 pocket shopper!!! The caramel is my fav!! Also, this is such a good list! 👌🏻

    1. This is an amazing list. So creative!! I love that you are doing this to share your insite and kwoledge. I shared your post if you don”t mind as I have soooo many mommie friends expecting this year which I think will find this list supper helpfull . Much love ♡♡ and thank you for providing a chance to win such an amazing toffe 2 pocket or any #jeankelly bag for that matter.

      1. I just wanted to add that after many research that the caramel two pocket leather bag is probably the most beautiful and it would be a dream come true to own one . Greatings Rosanne♡

    1. Jethro vanilla blonde leather shopper is too gorgeous for words! Holding thumbs have been eyeing out these bags for ages 😍

    1. The jeankelly vannila leather shopper is absolutely stunning and will be the perfect bag for when my baby girl arrives

    1. I would love to win either the leather backpack – dark coffee or the vanilla blonde leather shopper

    1. I’ve been eyeing one of these throughout my pregnancy. I’m 10 weeks away to my little ones arrival and the Jean Kelly Tan or Toffee two pocket bag would be an incredible win. It’s just what I need. Fingers crossed.

    1. Toffee everything! Maybe even grey… The 2 pocket has been on my wishlist for the longest time – could really use it long after baby days for work or date nights, provided i take care of it!

      As a first time mamma to be, I need advice though. I really dont use handbags in general, and am a minimalist for sure. Do you really need all the side pockets? (E.g. 3 or 5 etc) or is closed up with inside compartments a better option to keep things in when your arms/hands/feet are otherwise occupied? HELP

    1. Oooh I would love the JeanKelly Toffee 2 p
      Pocket Leather Shopper for myself and my baby who is due 07 April. I would also love to win the feeding pillow. I can by no means afford a JeanKelly bag at the moment, but by no means will I be able to not LOVE these bags! I truly wish to win this giveaway as this will be my last baby (number four), my last chance to get and do the best I possibly can for my little human. Good luck to us all!

    1. Would absolutely love the caramel 2 pocket shopper! Actively looking for a beautiful but functional baby bag and this has to be it!

    1. Loved your post- I’m expecting my first baby in June and found it a helpful heads up of what’s to come! I absolutely love the caramel and vanilla blonde 2 pocket nappy bags, holding thumbs to be the lucky winner!x

    1. Absolutely love the Jeankelly 2 Pocket Vanilla Blonde Leather Shopper ♡♡

    1. Jeankelly 2 Pocket Vanilla Blonde Leather Shopper is a must have!!

    1. i came here to ask when will the winner be announced and feel like such an idiot to see that you did say when entries close… but now that im here again… did i mention how crazy i am in love with the toffee 2 pocket leather…. well what does it matter… they all are stunning and winning any one of the bags will be amazing!!!

    1. Would so love to win a Jeankelly Vanilla Blonde 2 Pocket leather shopper for ALL the stuff that now seems to go everywhere with us…
      Been lusting after a beautiful Jeankelly leather baby bag for ages 😍

    1. The Caramel Two Pocket shopper is just gorgeous!!! Definitely not your stereotypical nappy bag…love, love, love it!

    1. Jeankelly Toffee 2 Pocket Leather Shopper is just breathtaking!

    1. I would have to choose the one mentioned in this post the ( Jeankelly Caramel 2 Pocket Leather Shopper ). Would love to win for a special person to me who is expecting:)

    1. I am absolutely lusting after the Vanilla Blonde leather shopper. I LOVE all he additional pockets inside. Its my dream bag and a dream baby bag. Im counting the days till this competition closes and I wish I win this as it will be a dream come true. What a absolute pleasure it will be to have this useful bag along my side once my little one arrives❤️#praying#wishing#holdingthumbs#hoping

    1. WOW, what a tough decision! But i think Toffee 2 Pocket Leather Shopper, for sure! Not your typical nappy bag as it lets mom still look stylish!

    1. I would love the JeanKelly Black Leather Shopper for me and my beautiful 3 week old son, Leo. I completely relate to the angst of leaving home and being on time! So many new things to remember to take along. Your list is super helpful, thank you!

    1. I absolutely love love the 2 pocket shopper in toffee leather…

    1. I could not figure out when this competition closes! But… I would love the Classic Toffee colour bag. I am finally preganant again after 6 years of trying… after nr 1! I know how much of a difference a PROPER nappy bag makes, these bags are so so stunning and stylish!!

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