My New Skagen Watch | Giveaway

I’m going through a bit of a watch phase. The latest haul is a beautiful gold Skagen that reminds me of your grandfather’s watch. Okay, not your grandfather, but you know what I mean, right? I mean I don’t even know your grandfather. This baby feels like a classic, and that’s what I love about her….

10 Reasons To Love the New iPhone 6

I’ve been using the new iPhone 6 for a couple of weeks now; enough time to write a short review on the things I love most. Here are my top 10 favourite features in no particular order… 1. It’s real skinny. I’m a sucker for sleek and skinny gadgetry that fits into my life in a non-intrusive…

Incase Travel Bags

I derive an immense (read unnatural) amount of joy from stumbling upon products that exceed expectations in terms of form, function and utility. I’ve been travelling to Johannesburg a lot and needed a handy wheelie bag to get me from A-Z with enough space for some clothes and my laptop and cables and things, but…

Puma Launches Tropicalia

Introducing the gorgeous new Puma Tropicalia range. I’ve only featured the sneakers below, but there’s some pretty awesome clothing and luggage too. Click here to find out where you can get your paws on these puppies in South Africa… brandslut xoxo