McMulti-Billion Dollar Refurbishment



Whilst lounging pool-side with The Restaurateur (did you know restaurateur does notThe Hot Scientist yesterday at Fairlawns Boutique Hotel and Spa, sippin’ on a strawberry daiq and generally perusing the interweb, I stumbled upon an interesting McNugget of information detailing the McDonald’s 2011 global refurbishment and expansion plan.

The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is looking to revamp their menus, store design and ordering experience. With a juicy budget of $2.4 billion, in 2011 McDonald’s is set to rebuild 400, refurbish 1,600 and create an additional ton. Yowza.

“With over 31,000 restaurants worldwide located in over 100 countries, the big challenge for McDonald’s is to curate each restaurant to account for different cultural dining practices.  To do this McDonald’s VP of concept and design Denis Weil has created a team of corporate design leaders to research and get a feel for local design trends which will make each restaurant unique to its area. Juicy Design’s Tom Williams has been working with the restaurant giant since 2003, redeveloping restaurants in Australia and now across Asia and the US.  He states the design brief was simply to “make things unique.”

This is the first complete make-over since the 70’s and there are a few interesting changes happening. Along with every oke and his dog, Ray will be relocating his coffee machines in McCafé  units to sit flush with the tills to ‘enhance the barista experience‘. Yawn. Oats served at breakfast will be hand-stirred (ground-breaking) at least 12 times to emulate the home-made experience and drive-through spaces will be redesigned to cope with bigger orders and more traffic in order to minimise waiting times.

$2.4 billion equates to R16,843,680,154.58. That’s also what it would cost to educate 120,000,000 African children for a year. I’m just saying.

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