Hello, Sailor.

Happy Guy Fawkes, y’all. Despite what you may think, I chose the 5th of November because it’s easy to remember, not because I want to debut with a bang. After some arm-twisting by The Social Strategist I decided to move my bloglet from Blogspot to WordPress. So here she is. I’ve added some new bits like the fun tag thingie, search capability, subscription and all things shareable. I’m sure there are a few formatting gremlins lurking but in time she’ll function like a well-oiled machine. Or at least I hope so. Some of my gorgeous friends have paid homage to Brandslut in pictures…       

Apparently Bloomberg did this by jumping around his bedroom, naked, with his bicycle light
Brandslut by Chefslut
A lil' somethin' steamy from The Salty C Dog
Desk love from London Town
Brandslutlovescoffee by www.ilovecoffee.co.za
Brandslut lives the holiday at www.2oceansvibe.com
From New York with love
The chronicles of inappropriate things for Brandslut
Brandslut, heart, cock.
Customised cappuccinos @MunchCafe www.munchcafe.co.za
The Source of Visual Inspiration has played out of his boots, again - www.millimetredesign.blogspot.com


Thanks Team for your antics and enthusiasm, it means the world to me!





Time to get bloggin’…

brandslut xoxo


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