70 Juta Street.

I’m tired. Are you tired? I think my body and mind are officially starting to say noooooooo to 2010. Cripes,  it’s been one monster year for all of us. It doesn’t help being invited to, or finding, cool sh*t all the time either. Because generally cool sh*t leads to beer. And we all know what beer leads to… more beer!

A while ago I was introduced to a bright young mind called Adam Levy. This is Adam’s Braamfontein baby and I was fortunate enough to attend the launch on Sunday:

Image stolen from 70jutastreet.wordpress.com

“70Juta is the home base for a collective of artists, designers and shop owners working in inner city Johannesburg. The precinct promotes engagement with the urban landscape and offers a creative platform for events and exhibitions.”

Here for more information on 70 Juta Street, its tenanants, history and future. Oh, and the last image is a collection of mini instant photos taken with an Instamatic camera, on sale at MPhoto, 70 Juta Street, from January. But if like me you have the patience of a mongoose, or is it reflexes, and simply can’t wait until then? MPhoto will hook you up in the shake of a lamb’s tail. My Diana F + with Instant Back in hot pink is en route as we speak, swoon!

Big up Adam, South Africa needs more visionaries like you.

brandslut xoxo

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