You Die, We Pay.

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the Life Cover radio spot yesterday. “You die, we pay“, I thought I’d been Punkd. And then The Rain Man and I spotted this whilst gawking at how fat the female performers looked on the AMA’s, the camera really does add 50 cheese burgers:


This is also pretty heavy:


And then I slept on it, did my homework and decided I actually quite like Frank’s frank vibe.’s CEO Lenerd Louw had this to say:

“The essence of FRANK is to be open, transparent and forthright, tackling subject matter that others might find uncomfortable or unpalatable,” he says. “If you are dying you are dying not passing away or expiring, we call a spade a spade and cancer, cancer. Our consumers will know exactly what they get and where they stand and will be able to make an informed decision based on the transparency of our products. You pay FRANK a monthly amount which buys you an amount of insurance and it is as simple as, if you die, we pay; If you get seriously ill, we pay; If you get retrenched we pay.”

Frank have identified a gap in the insurance market and simplified their offering into four products for launch: life cover, serious illness cover, disability cover and salary protection. is owned and capitalised by Liberty Holdings, however it’s operated independently with its own board, brand, technology and customer base.

“FRANK is also positioned to service the needs of the X and Y generation, which Louw says will be addressed by adopting a digital strategy, via social media networks like Facebook and YouTube and search engines like Google and Yahoo, and in the mobile arena, by capitilising on the growth and penetration of mobile networks in South Africa and across the African continent.”

About bloody time insurers pulled their old fingers out and realised the value of the youth and social media. Nice one FoxP2, convincing those ballies couldn’t have been an easy task. And thank you for fiiiiinally making insurance interesting.

OUTsurance must be cucking themselves. I’m just being frank.

brandslut xoxo

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