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I’m contemplating making myself a countdown worm to the start of the holidays. Screw Christmas, I just want beach, book and bed. This time of year is stupid-festive and seventeen Christmas parties down I’m officially shattered. Along with all the merriment comes Champagne and mojitos and sif things like Patron and the last thing you want to contemplate is DUI, or equally as bad, an unreliable/dodgy/smelly taxi driver.

My fabulous PR Ladies hit Madame Zingara last night and instead of using Goodfellas to get home safely, they opted for Cabs For Women (CFW), endorsed by First For Women Insurance. I hadn’t heard of CFW as I’d been living in London upon launch but turns out The PR Ladies use it all the time and swear by it. I’ve only used Goodfellas which are fine if you’re organised, but spontaneous plans often lead to frustration and having to take a lil’ nap on the bar counter whilst waiting for them to arrive. I know this is naughty, but on a few occasions we’ve waited so long that we’ve ‘sobered up’ and driven home ourselves anyway. The intention was pure, okay.

SO, I’ve done some homework on Cabs For Women and this is the vibe in a nutshell:

“Cabs for Women, launched in 2008, is a metered cab service owned by women – and driven only by women. All its cab drivers have professional driving permits; and Cabs for Women vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking and route planning devices so passengers know where they are and where they are going. What’s more, Cabs for Women’s 24-hour call centre has full visibility of the cabs at all times and every cab is equipped with a meter so that pricing is transparent and consistent.”

This appeals to me, especially if I’m out with only my girlfriends. The last taxi driver I had in Cape Town had a quart between his legs. Unfortunately I only noticed this when I got home. Sis.

First For Women policy-holders get a 5% discount (0861 743 222) and you can reach CFW 24 hours a day on 0861 77777 8.


Oh, and you get picked up in this…


Be safe ladies,

brandslut xoxo


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