Hunter Launches in SA!


OMFGYG, I’ve just found out that Hunter (do yourself a favour), yes Hunter the most amazing British boot and wellington brand, is launching in South Africa in three weeks through Nicci Boutique and a host of other small fashion retailers. The Luxury Meerkat treated herself to a pair of these Bad Boys whilst living together in London and I was uber jealous. I now finally have the chance to invest, just in time for winter, and I’ve got my heart set on a pair of Regent Savoys: 


And as if their boot, wellington and accessory collection isn’t great enough, they go and top it all off with possibly the greatest brand pay-off line in the world: 

Hunter – outstanding in every field.

 brandslut xoxo


    1. Looking for up market women’s designer SA WEB site to shop from. Any suggestions girls? Tks!

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