How Do You Like Them Lashes?

I’ve been on a mission to plump up my lashes for a while now. You see, they’re naturally pathetic, blond on the tips and require too much slap for my liking. I don’t know about you, but I hate the time wasted on applying mascara in the mornings. In November I started using RapidLash, everyone was raving about it and I had nothing to lose. The results weren’t great for me but I don’t think I used as much of the product as often as I should have for optimum results – I’ve heard it takes about 3 tubes to get real results. That’s 3 months and a minimum of R1800 – nah.
 And then I found Aura Skincare, a lovely little salon nestled in the tranquility of Parkhurst. Aura are pioneering eyelash extensions in Jozi and have an unbeatable offer on at the moment – R300 for a full set, with a filler set costing only R200 thereafter. To illustrate the value of this offer, most salons charge in the region of R700 – R900 for a set. Aura use a product and technique that is gentle on the lashes and only takes 45 minutes to an hour to apply – perfect for lunch-break pampering. You can customise your lashes according to your objectives and the look you’re trying to achieve. A full set lasts up to three weeks and will then need to be filled if you wish to continue the full fabulash look.

Here’s my before and after, with no make-up applied in either photograph…



After - boom!

How ridonculous are those results?!

To get yourself a set of these Bad Boys for only R300, contact Glynne Mitchell (owner and beautician) at Aura Skincare on 011 442 3927 or 071 889 8572 –

Yours in all things fabulash,

brandslut xoxo


    1. LOL! I had the exact same transformation – done by Melissa at Carlton Hair, Hyde Park! I found them a little ‘ridonculous’ at first myself, but when they slowly started falling out one by one I felt quite sad. Ahem… but not sad enough to get the expensive fill ;) Nice while they lasted.

    1. wow! your lashes are fabulous!
      btw, i also tried rapidlash, for 6 months (!), and the results were nothing to get excited about.

    1. I wanted to get some lashes, but mine are apparently the longest they can go already.

      Tough life. *sigh*


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