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I’ve clearly been spending too much time under my rock because I’ve only just found out about Pick n Pay Travel. Gutted. Am I the only person out of the red, white and blue loop? The Bad Boys at PnP have clearly upped their game of late – first ‘The Mecca’ (aka the flagship, PnP on Nicol, retail p*rn) and now this!

Pick n Pay Travel is the retail giant’s new online travel agency, complete with flight scanning functionality, last minutes deals (nice), accommodation, car hire, visa assistance etc. – there’s even an eco-friendly package option.  These are the reasons listed to use PnP Travel:

  • Compare all airlines
  • Save money with great fares
  • Comprehensive car hire options
  • Over 30 000 hotels in South Africa
  • The widest choice of packages
  • Best price guarantee

Could this be South Africa’s answer to www.lastminute.com? I certainly hope so.

brandslut xoxo

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