Give a Rand For Japan

Your good deed for the day is as simple as SMSing Japan to 36585. If you’re reading this now you have access to electricity, running water, food, shelter, your belongings and support – something that hundreds of thousands of Japanese do not. For the simple cost of one SMS (R5), you can help alleviate the devastation in Japan through Rescue SA. Keep updated on Rescue SA’s work in Japan on Twitter here.

“Rescue SA is a non-government organisation whose purpose is to provide disaster relief and response to rescue operations and mass casualty both locally and internationally. They are South Africa’s International Disaster and Urban Search and Rescue Team and the official South African Disaster Response Team made up of volunteer emergency response specialists from the South African public and private sector emergency and ancillary services.

The 40-member Rescue SA team was drawn from emergency services across the country and includes 10 doctors and paramedics who left for Tokyo on the 15th of March with 15 tons of equipment, and 1200litres of water, to join aid workers and rescue teams from around the world that have responded to the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.”

Do it.

brandslut xoxo

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