Get Lucky with VW Date Drive

Expect Success


Yesterday I received a nondescript package from VW containing a sexy little black box and a DVD. The box contained a tooth-brush branded with ‘Expect Success. Polo GTI Date Drive.’ I see what they did there. Well played, VW. The concept is pretty straight forward:

“Kicking off in May, Date Drive will see the public signing up on the official Date Drive website to stand a chance to use the New Polo GTI on a memorable date. While remaining anonymous, the daters will collect the vehicle with their prospective partners being unaware that the sexy car is actually on loan for their first date.To further increase their dating prowess, participants will be given a handy ‘dating kit’, jam-packed with cologne, gum and other essentials which can assist in making the date a success.”


So, all you singletons out there, click here to win a Date Drive and experience what it feels like to own the new Polo GTI. And follow @DateDrive on twitter here.

brandslut xoxo

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