Brandslut’s Best Buys: Mischa Merlot 2009

I recently sampled the full range of Mischa Estate wines, my new best friend this winter. I’m no sommelier and I don’t have the skills to describe noses and palates and poncy bollocks, but I do know a good wine when I taste one. Enter Mischa Merlot 2009, winner of the Michelangelo Awards Grand D’Or / Double Gold (2010). This is what the professionals have to say about the wine:

“Plum with a hint of rasberry and inviting olive and mocha as well as coffee and chocolate aromas make up this complex nose. Juicy luscious red fruit flavours with soft smooth tannins are the initial impressions but chocolate and coffee add to the taste of this wine.”

I don’t think you need any more reasons to be convinced. Order your stash of Mischa online here.


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