Hey Easigas, Your Ad is Cuck.

A simple Google search reveals a host of negative remarks South Africans have made about the abysmal new EASIGASwhen you’re hot you’re hot” TV commercial. Yes, the one that was created in PowerPoint and involves [what looks like] EASIGAS employees and friends and family thereof removing their winter clothing because, you guessed it, they’re hot! EASIGAS, your product may be hot, but your advertising is most certainly not. Why not turn the heap of negative press you’re getting into something positive and beneficial to your brand image and reputation? Admit that your recent TVC is prime-time drivel and appeal to your beloved (and savvy) South African consumer for both forgiveness and assistance. Turn the bad press into a brand opportunity by letting consumers take a stab at creating a better ad. Perhaps you create a web-page (yours is in dire need of a face-lift) or micro-site where these user-generated ads are uploaded, the top 10 voted on and the winner awarded with the production or flighting of his/her ad and a fabulous prize.

Use it, don’t use it, but please EASIGAS, save us all from your bad advertising.

brandslut xoxo


    1. Its the worst ad ever, ever! Its like watching a car crash, you just cant look away

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