Shoes On Feet

If you haven’t heard of the Put Foot Rally you:

a. need to know it’s 7 African countries, 7 parties, 7000 km’s in 17 days for charity

b. need to get out more

Two crazy friends of mine are participating (thanks to Airwaves and Land Rover) in order to raise funds for the Bobs For Good Foundation which puts shoes on the feet of thousands of kiddies in South Africa who don’t own a pair of school shoes. R100 equates to one pair, so pull your finger out and get involved. Follow Mike and Dan’s journey/progress/tomfoolery here. It’s worth it. Not only is this a great cause, there’s also a great chance you’ll see both Mike and Dan naked at some point along the rally. Word on the street is they’re linking donations to crazy tasks which they’ll need to perform according to which task receives the most donations. [Evil laugh]

I’ve got 363 days to find a sponsor for my steamy all-female pillow-fighting team next year. Any takers?

brandslut xoxo

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