Dear #ABSA.

I think it’s time to join the twitter conversation:

A simple hash-tag search of #ABSA reveals more tweets than I care to count, mostly negative. ABSA’s slogan promises the future, yet the bank’s actions speak otherwise. Perhaps “Yesterday, Today, Together” would be more apt. Although the word together is also questionable, because doesn’t the concept of togetherness suggest community? So what is the social media community then? Virtual chopped liver, apparently. But you’ve got a facebook page, I hear you say? Well done. Do you know that FNB’s CEO personally tweets for the bank and they’ve recently launched a SmartPhone app? Those guys are actively embracing tomorrow. ABSA, should you be? You’re missing a relationship management and PR trick and allowing the conversation to spiral out of control without you. Not having a twitter presence doesn’t mean the tweets will go away. Click here if you don’t believe me.

brandslut xoxo


    1. This brings up a very important discussion. I disagree with you that Absa has to have an official Absa handle, in order to *be* on twitter. FNB is doing an awesome job. I am a very happy customer and I love what FNB does for me, but it’s important to consider the resources that are required to effectively manage a social media presence for a service brand such as a bank.

      You shouldn’t open up a can of online worms if you can’t support this with the appropriate resources. Absa should work on putting in place the adequate internal structures, first, BUT it is important that they monitor all of this online negativity and learn from it.

      Listen first. Solutions second. I believe that they aren’t even listening and that’s where the problem lies, not with their lack of official twitter handle.

      Would love to hear your/readers’ thoughts…

      1. I don’t disagree that entering this space would require adequate resource, planning and management. That goes without saying, or at least it should. If now isn’t the right time for ABSA, one of South Africa’s biggest banks, to join the twitter conversation, when is? I fear they’ll lose me as a customer in the time it takes them to figure this out. Not because they’re not on twitter, but because I expect innovation and support from my bank. Something I’m yet to experience with ABSA.

    1. Mikey, I agree with you completely. For the 3rd time now I have contacted the people who could do something about this and the answer I got was that they were trying to find someone who knew enough about all areas of the bank to be in control. You’re right in that they’re skipping the listening part though. Their entire proposition is about partnerships, listening to their customers and doing things together. That makes twitter an essential tool for them to represent their brand promise as FNB are doing with “How can we help you…” I think the right answer lies somewhere between both your points…

    1. I’m pretty late to this conversation, but did you know that when googling ‘Absa bank twitter’, this blog post is the 5th result?

      I just tweeted at them. I used a unique email address with Absa that I didn’t use anywhere else, and they’ve given it out. I’ve received a large amount of spam to it (inviting me to attend a property launch in Pretoria, being the latest).

      I reported it to their security team before and they denied everything.

      Here’s my tweet, with screenshot:

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