Consol Choose Glass Week

If you didn’t know, this week is International Glass Week and the folk at Consol have supplied some inspiration:

Glass is infinitely recyclable

Our legacies are shaped by our decisions.  You can choose to make yours one of preservation, respect and good taste.  The glass you use every day begins its life as sand and retains its composition to the last molecule. This makes glass all natural and 100% recyclable.  With this in mind, it’s perfectly clear why glass packaging is the environmentally-conscious choice.  Choose to recycle.  Choose glass.

Glass is versatile

Consistent in form and limitless in function, glass is as reliable as it is versatile.  All while maintaining its good looks and strength.  After its initial purpose, all you have to do is wash your glass bottles and jars to reuse and reinvent them over and over and over.  Choose to reinvent.  Choose glass.

Glass adds style

You deserve a life, resplendent throughout.  One of shimmering brilliance, breath-taking visions and timeless elegance. No matter what the occasion, glass never fails to add a sense of taste, style and class.  Choose clink-clink and cheers!  Choose glass.

Glass is the healthy choice

You can live a life overflowing with vitality, secure in the knowledge that what you see us what you really get.  By virtue of its inert nature, glass is healthy packaging that ensures what you choose to eat and drink, is protected from synthetic chemicals such as BPA*.  Choose to preserve, not pollute.  Choose your health.  Choose glass.

*Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disruptor that can mimic the body’s own hormones and may lead to negative health effects such as breast cancer and infertility – with a child’s early development being a period of heightened danger. Source: CANSA “Fact Sheet of Bisphenol A”

Things taste better in glass

Every day you can experience a freshness that lasts; immaculate, protected and pure.  By virtue of its impermeable nature, glass packaging enables food and beverages to be naturally preserved, eliminating the need for added preservatives.  The true taste of your food and beverages remains intact and exactly as initially intended – wholesome and bursting with goodness! Choose taste. Choose glass

To find out more about the health and environmental benefits of glass visit

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The images at the top provide for some great inspiration for Christmas this year. I know I’ll be serving Bloody Marys in jars at our Boktoberfest office party on Friday!

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