Kulula Puts a New Bird in the Sky

Last Friday kulula treated some Ministers, media, VIPs and unsuspecting passengers to a ridiculously posh launch party in the sky aboard their brand spanking new B737-800. I had the honour of sitting next to the President who was elated at receiving a Boeing of his very own: a toy replica of the new plane. Here we are relaxing in our  slacks…

Here’s a little video of the fun that ensued >


And a word from kulula’s CEO:

“To launch the first of seven new Boeing 737-800’s we could have hosted a VIP party, invited a few ministers, celebrities and suits. Instead, in true kulula fashion, we turned the usual order of events on its head and celebrated with those VIPS that really matter – our passengers,” says Erik Venter, CEO of kulula.com.

Thanks for a great day kulula!

brandslut xoxo

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