Enmasse Massage Now in Jozi!

My stress levels have been particularly high the past few weeks: house hunting, house letting, moving cities, job stresses, changing jobs, yikes! So I decided to take my anxious ass for an Enmasse Thai massage around the corner from where I live. My Cape Town friends rave about it and I’ve never had the good fortune of experiencing what all the fuss is about, so was thrilled when I saw the branding up at Illovo Junction recently. The experience is different to any massage I’ve ever had. Firstly, the setting is magnificent! You enter a dark blue room with pops of white, neon and orange, the air is humidified, over 40 kinds of tea are beautifully displayed and you’re immediately excited about what’s to come. You’re handed your Thai whites, a pair of Havaianas and head off to change. When you’re ready, your masseuse leads you off to a giant compartmentalised room for your oil-free Thai massage on a giant white mat on the floor. The lady who massaged me was soft-spoken and graceful, a total contrast to the strength of her hands and the pressure she massaged with. Holy crap! Okay, I like a massage that works you out, so this was perfect, but you can ask for less pressure of course. The hour passed faster than I’d hoped, perhaps the music had something to do with it. Enmasse doesn’t believe in poncy whale calls and pan-pipes to relax you, that’s the massage’s job. Instead, the soundtrack to your treatment is upbeat, think Foster the People and the Black Keys. When you’ve been massaged back to normality and body-alignment, you’re encouraged to cat-nap, or enjoy some tea whilst reclining in the lounge with international magazines and a warm blanket. Enmasse isn’t a massage production line that aims to get you in and out as quickly as possible, they really do want you to stay and unwind and drink tea and hang out. I opted for creme caramel [tea] and a Vanity Fair.

Open 7 days a week including public holidays, from 8AM to 10PM. Click here for more information about the concept, pricing, treatments etc.

brandslut xoxo

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    1. Enmasse have a very special way of brining healing to body, mind and soul – especially if you take your wife along with you!
      Love the whole experience there… and it’s in #Jozi

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