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A look at the SONY Xperia U

This is my first product review and I’ll admit, it’s a little daunting. What you won’t get from me is an in-depth analysis of functionality, software, processors and fancy acronyms like TLA. That’s my favourite, by the way. It stands for Three Letter Acronym. If that’s what you’re after, click here. If you’re a prosumer interested in the basics of how stuff works or performs, then you’ve come to the right place. At this point I need to tell you that my mobile device of choice is the iPhone 4S and I was warned by someone that this would probably negatively affect my SONY Xperia U experience, having been ‘spoiled’ by Apple’s simplicity and slick user experience.

It didn’t.

Sending a text message, similar to the iPhone layout

Enter the SONY Experia U, the most recent addition to the SONY NXT family, launched recently in South Africa.  This smartphone is small, sexy and comes with all the bells and whistles. The best feature of the Xperia U is the price and it retails for around R2699 cash, or starting from R169 per month on contract. Users looking to play in the Android space with a device that has everything but won’t break the bank should definitely consider this phone. And with 8ta and Google’s recent innovation, Google FreeZone, using the Xperia U with an 8ta SIM is a no-brainer. The phone comes standard with Google functionality like G-mail, G+ and Google Play, all of which can be accessed with a zero balance thanks to FreeZone.

Browsing the web

The phone’s customisable themes allow you to tweak the look and feel according to your mood. I opted for pink, obvs. It comes with all the non-negotiables like camera, media player, GPS and a host of other pre-loaded apps. What I couldn’t figure out for a while was how to download apps from the ‘App Store’. There, that’s my iPhone talking. Having never used an Android device before, I didn’t know that this function was housed within the Google Play area (Play Store). I’d assumed those were games. As soon as I figured this out I downloaded the apps I use on a daily basis and got playing. I was really impressed by the touchscreen and quality of the graphics. One thing’s for sure though, the SONY Xperia U is better suited to smaller female fingers. I’d imagine our larger-pawed counterparts getting frustrated with the small buttons.

Download apps via the Play Store

A couple important points to note are call quality and battery life, both of which are good. The camera isn’t the best I’ve tried, but at this price I wasn’t expecting it to be top of the range. It certainly isn’t the worst I’ve tried either. Writing text messages and e-mails is straight-forward and user friendly, as is navigation and changing settings.

Accessing instagram with the SONY Xperia U
… and twitter and facebook.

How does the SONY Xperia U score?

Given my limited experience in this remit, I’ve opted for a thumbs up or down approach instead of anything numerical which seems near impossible to assign.

Thumbs up, for sure.

brandslut xoxo

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