An Animal Affair

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I guess it’s the media, or the trend Gods, or subliminal advertising, but all I know is I want stuff with animals on it. Yes, I know cats are the new black, but I’ve always loved animals and I’m totally keen to rock out with animal inspired things this winter. I recently bought a bear/mouse (not entirely sure what it is) woolen hat from Mr. Price and it inspired me to write this post.  Here are some of the things I’d love to get my paws on. See what I did there?

Janchristie Designer Nail Art
Janchristie Designer Nail Art – OMG!
ASOS, and a recent gift from my lovely friend Amanda <3
Aubin & Wills
Aubin & Wills
Orla Kiely
Orla Kiely, so much love for this cardi with squirrels on it. Or anything with squirrels on it for that matter.
Neleek on Etsy
Neleek on Etsy, lovely little vintage mouse ring
Panda Store Envy
Store Envy, obsessed!
This Little Street
This Little Street, for my friends with ankle-biters
Tshirt99, Davey Crockett would be proud
Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs, I MUST have the Boston Terrier iPhone cover on the left!
Owl And Dot Dot on Etsy
Owl And Dot Dot on Etsy, sweet man!
Vintage, can someone’s granny please knit me one of these? Thanks.
Pull and Bear
Pull and Bear
Etsy Hippo
Etsy, ya know, just a hippo onesie.
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters, love this coat-hanger!
Etsy, because every family should have matching penguin onesies
Citoyennes, clever little panda stamp

Have a happy Easter filled with things with bunnies on them!

brandslut xoxo

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