Okay, seriously, you need a pair of Urbanears in your life. I picked me up a little coral pair from the new Plattan range and I’m obsessed. Sometimes I walk around the house wearing them even when there’s no iPod attached. They really are the most beautifully designed little things. They fold up into a ball the size of your fist and include a jack to plug a second set of headphones into. Sweet man little headphones of love! Oh, but there’s more, the tangle-resistant fabric cord with Kevlar has a microphone and remote compatible with most devices, so you won’t miss any calls. The colour range is incredible too. If you’re not sold by my post, then check out the Urbanears website here. Because, like books and covers, I totally judge brands by their websites. This one is outstanding. 

IMG_6479IMG_6481 IMG_6480 IMG_6483 IMG_6482 IMG_6478

Nothing wrong with a a shameless selfie, right?

You can get these bad boys in South Africa from your local iStore.

brandslut xoxo

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