We Need Your Vote in the Levi’s 501 Interpretation Challenge


In August last year I started taking a daily photograph of my boyfriend Sergio’s outfit and posting it to Tumblr and Instagram. You see, I’ve always thought him extremely dapper and well put together. He didn’t exactly share my sentiment. “Fine!” I said, “if you won’t document your outfits, I will!” And so What My Boyfriend Wore was born.

It was hard at the beginning. People are cruel. South Africans are amongst the worst at criticising their peers, particularly where fashion is concerned. In London and New York bravery is applauded. Here? Not so much. I’ll never forget one of the first comments made on one of our photographs, it went something like “Well this will be awkward when you guys break up!” It’s not easy to ignore stuff like that. We tried our best to ignore the ugliness and kept on keeping on. 

Our meagre Instagram following started growing too, and with it a lot of amazing support from people around the world who, well, dig Sergio’s style and applaud his bravery. Somehow Levi’s South Africa picked up on our project and invited Sergio to participate in the local leg of a global campaign called “What’s Your Interpretation” to celebrate 140 years of the iconic 501. 8 creatives were sent 3 pairs of Levi’s 501’s and tasked with interpreting the classic in 8 looks over 2 weeks. Sergio made a beeline for the local haberdasher and, armed with shweshwe and other neat trimmings, set out to reinvent his 501’s for this challenge. There were many late nights and early mornings, but I think we did a good job of paying homage to the denim stalwart. Here are Sergio’s 8 looks, in no particular order…

Sergio-1 sergioweb2 image sergiofri1 SergioThursforweb1 WMBW-Friday-501forweb1 WMBW-Thursday-2501forweb WMBW-Monday-501forweb1You don’t need to wear skinny jeans and no socks to appreciate the amount of detail, time and care that went into these 8 submissions.  And if you indeed think that Sergio deserves to win, then please click here to vote for him. Scroll to the bottom of the article and select Sergio Ines. That’s it. The winner will travel to either San Francisco or Sao Paolo with Levi’s in May, so there’s a heap at stake. Voting closes Tuesday April 30th, tomorrow. Eee! 

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brandslut xoxo