Last month I received a hamper of Dove lotions and some other products to try. The DeepCare Complex lotions are perfect for the dry winter months, and they claim to nourish your skin for up to 10 days. I like my lotions thick and extra nourishing, so the body lotion for Extra Dry Skin was my favourite within the range. I found the variant for Normal Skin a little too ‘thin’ for my liking, but that’s personal preference. I didn’t put the 10 day claim to trial because I’m addicted to moisturising, but I skipped a few days which is something I never do and didn’t experience any dryness or itchiness in between – something I’ve experienced in the past when using competitor products. I found the nourishing beauty shower range great too, particularly as they’re rich and creamy and not too foamy. Is foamy even a real word? 

Dove used this cute map of my blog to illustrate the skin’s layers and complexity and why long lasting nourishment is important to thrive, particularly in the winter months

I love that Dove is supporting its great product range with some equally amazing, meaningful and relevant marketing globally, here are two recent campaigns that if you haven’t yet seen are well worth a watch…



Thanks Dove!

brandslut xoxo


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