Cannes Lions 2013 Winners, Creative That’ll Make You Cry

I like watching things that makes me feel, like, really feel. And I’m okay with the emotion being sadness, or even helplessness, the magic is in feeling something, being moved by something. In my mind, that’s the marque of great creative. It’s rare that advertising moves us, so much of it is mehvertising, if you know what I mean. Here’s some that hits the spot, tugs on the heart-strings. My eyes welled up watching these Cannes Lions winners recently, perhaps yours will too, if you enjoy that sort of thing, like I do.

Starhub Mobile – Third Eye


Sports Club Recife – Immortal Fans


Channel 4 – Meet the Superhumans


{Insert Kleenex here}

brandslut xoxo


    1. Oh wow!!! Absolutely brilliant, tear jerking and thought provoking! As someone living with a disability I am overwhelmed and inspired by the athletes in the “Superhumans” clip. I have a vague idea of what those amazing people live with and overcome every day – from the simplest things to competing at the highest level of sports! Thank you so much for sharing, made my day!

    1. I lovvvve meet the Superhumans.

      Did you see the Silver that we won at Joe Public for the Brothers for Life Glow in the Dark Anti-rape posters? Tear worthy :)

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