Yuppiechef Cooking School

Yuppiechef Cooking SchoolI really didn’t need another reason to love Yuppiechef. And then they went ahead and launched the Yuppiechef Cooking School last week; a series of free [FREE!] eLearning modules. The first course is The Art of Baking, taught by lovely local blogger and foodie, Sarah Graham of Bitten fame. For my birthday this year my friends clubbed together and bought me my dream kitchen tool, a Kitchen Aid mixer in ice blueeee! And you see, it’s been staring me in the face for a month, all shiny and new and terrifying. I mean, what do you make first?


Well now I know. I’ll be working my way through the Yuppiechef Cooking School’s The Art of Baking course modules, in this order:

1. Ready, Steady, Bake!

2. Cookies & Biscuits

3. Homemade Bread

4. Cake Basics

5. Assembly & Icing

6. Perfect Pastry

If you’re keen on joining me in this online journey to baking prowess, then click here to register and begin working through the modules.

brandslut xoxo

[Image courtesy of Yuppiechef]

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