Lovely Knomo Laptop Bags

Knomo Devonshire Laptop Bag in Cherry
My Gorgeous New Knomo Devonshire Laptop Bag in Cherry

I joined a big corporate a year ago and the big corporate very kindly presented me with a big laptop. The big laptop came in an even bigger black backpack that Sergio said made me look like a Ninja Turtle. For a year I’ve been on the hunt for something simple, beautiful and functional to replace my trusty half-shell. I was looking for something specific in brown leather, something that would get better with age, but the more I looked the less I found. As luck would have it, all the ones I liked were too small for my lap-monster. And then I found Knomo at iStore.

I didn’t know this before I started researching this post, but Knomo was started by three South Africans living in London. Knomo is a wombination of knowledge and mobility. Knowledge because they wanted to stand for knowledge and expertise, and mobility because technology allows us flexibility in our lives. In 2004 the Knomo founders realised that technology and the laptop would change consumer mobility forever, but the market offered no stylish bags that could hold, organise and protect its contents. They gave up their day jobs and started plugging this gap in the market, building the brand we know today.

Here are some of the other Knomo laptop bags for ladies that I’m lusting after, namely the Galactic in tan…

Knomo 1 Knomo 2 Knomo 3 Knomo 4 Knomo 5 Knomo 6Knomo laptop bags, laptop sleeves and iPhone cases are available in South Africa via iStore.

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