Incase Travel Bags

I derive an immense (read unnatural) amount of joy from stumbling upon products that exceed expectations in terms of form, function and utility. I’ve been travelling to Johannesburg a lot and needed a handy wheelie bag to get me from A-Z with enough space for some clothes and my laptop and cables and things, but small enough to constitute carry-on luggage. I’m a stickler for design so wanted something slick and easy on the eye: enter the Incase travel bag range. You know Incase, the’re famous for Apple device protection. Well, they’ve remained true to their promise and expanded their range into luggage; I treated myself to the nifty¬†Hardshell Roller. The roller has a protective glossy outer shell on the one side and the rest is upholstered in a beautiful grey fabric with green accents, like the wheels. The inner has storage compartments for days including a section specifically designed to keep your Macbook safe, and an expandable zip for when that credit card gets used a little more than anticipated. Here’s the Hardshell Roller and some of the other bags in the family:

Incase-EO-travel-hardshell-roller-660x495 hrdshllrllr-bckpck-access-combo-WEB maxresdefault Incase Hardshell Roller Open cl90001_black_5 eo-travel-family sftshllrllr-bckpck-access-combo-WEBNeat, hey? You can buy these bad boys in South Africa exclusively through iStore. 

brandslut xoxo


    1. Hey! These are pretty sweet! Love the style and design. Very practical, but also looks funky :) Having a squiz on the iStore now!

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