The New iPhone 6 is Now Available in South Africa via iStore

I got my paws on the new iPhone 6 on Friday and so far so great. I don’t feel ‘good’ is a fair description. I need some time to write a proper review; but at first glance the retina display and graphics are worlds apart from its predecessor. If you’re considering upgrading, here’s something to whet your appetite…


I know, right?

You can buy one off the shelf or upgrade your current contract at any iStore branch nationwide; despite your current service-provider. iStore will handle all contractual admin whether you’re on MTN, Vodacom Cell C, Telkom and even FNB. Neat. 

brandslut xoxo

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    1. The 6 is my FIFTH iPhone (had two iterations of the 4) and I think it is sensational – more than I could ask for in a mobile.

      Jonny Ive keeps the Steve Jobs legend alive and continues to show his worth as one of the world’s leading creators … along with his team, of course.

      Now we wait to hear about the iPhone 7 …

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