My New Power Purse from Take Charge

I got the most incredible hand-delivered gift from my friend Tam yesterday. The delivery was special for a lot of reasons; but namely because this gift was the physical realisation of her dream, her idea. She’s an amazing young business woman with vision and courage and this, her pet tech+fashion project Take Charge, is destined for greatness. Hand-made in South Africa using local leathers; Take Charge offers a range of purses, clutches and tablet covers with a built-in power source to ensure you’ve got an extra charge when you’re running low. I needed this recently when my phone died and I couldn’t contact Uber. The slim and sleek battery unit is USB rechargeable and concealed within the inside of the purse/bag. They’re also compatible with iPhone and Micro USB devices (Android, BlackBerry etc) and offer solutions for both men and women. 

The bags are super well priced at R699 upwards, and my favourite part is they can be personalised for only R50. I mean, best Christmas present idea ever! Also great for client and corporate gifting. Here’s a look at my gorgeous new power purse…

Brandslut for Take Charge 1 Brandslut for Take Charge 2 Brandslut for Take Charge 3 Brandslut for Take Charge 4 Brandslut for Take Charge 5 Brandslut for Take Charge 6 Brandslut for Take Charge 8 Brandslut for Take Charge 7 Brandslut for Take Charge 9
Shop online now and avoid those pesky Christmas queues by clicking here.

brandslut xoxo


    1. I wouldn’t call it her idea, dream or invention as Everpurse was a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign about 3 years ago.

      Great to have them available in SA though at a more affordable price than Empowered, Mightypurse, Everpurse or Handbag Butler. I just use my Richarge battery charger though in any of my handbags, but these are quite lovely.

      1. It might not have been her idea; but it was most certainly her dream – i.e. creating this product and producing it in South Africa.

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