Introducing the HP Sprout

Image via Design Love Fest
Image via Design Love Fest

Happy New Year, lovely readers. I’m planning on spending a lot of 2015 in my future office. I’m working on some exciting new projects and I’ve decided they need a nifty little nest to incubate from. Needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest designing the space and getting inspired. Some goals this year include learning Photoshop, doing a photography course, doing pottery again and if time allows, going for art classes. Bri Emery and her phenomenal Design Love Fest blog have inspired me to feed my urge to be more creative this year and I think the HP Sprout is a great tool to help get those juices flowing. I mean, this video just makes me want to make mood boards for days. 

Check out Bri’s review of the HP Sprout below. Dang I’d do anything to get my paws on one of these bad-boys…

brandslut xoxo


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