Win With Fix My Life & Brandslut

Win With Fix My Life and Brandslut

Writing this reminded me of the time four of us dressed up as the Natural Born Drillers for a friend’s birthday party. We had hard hats, tool-belts, chainsaws and even fake business cards. Now, whilst I can fake it in dress-up and I’m not terrible with a Hilti in real life, some jobs are better left to the professionals. Enter Fix My Life, an online portal that gives Johannesburg-based home owners and residents the ability to find reliable service providers, schedule appointments for any home service they require and to process the payment for these services. 

Fix My Life offers a user-friendly facility that connects users via their phone, computer or 24/7 call centre with accredited, reliable and star-rated service providers (plumbers, electricians, builders etc.) who will solve all home and office maintenance problems at the click of a button. All service providers are vetted and endorsed by CSS Tactical which gives users the peace of mind that the people entering their homes are industry-accredited, safe and reliable.

Having just moved into my new place, I needed a few snags addressed recently and Fix My Life made the process quick, easy and pain-free. I love endorsing amazing products and services and approached them with an idea for a give-away; they gladly obliged.

Here’s how to win...

We’ve all got that chore we’ve been putting off. Whether it’s putting up a shelf, painting a wall, fixing some damp, mounting a TV or detecting a leak, there’s something we all need to get done around the house. Fix My Life have generously offered to cover that task/chore to the value of R3000. And if you’d rather put that R3000 toward a bigger job like a renovation, then that’s okay too. All you need to do is this:

1. Follow Fix My Life on Facebook by clicking here

2. Tell me which service you need rendered in your home/office by commenting on this blog post, or on my facebook post related to this giveaway. You can check out the full range of services here for a little inspiration

Entries close at midnight on April 12th. I’ll contact the winner on Monday April 13th. The winner must be Johannesburg-based or will alternately need to transfer the prize to a friend or family member who resides in Johannesburg in the event that a non Johannesburg resident wins. 

Fingers crossed!

brandslut xoxo


    1. Oh where to start.
      My guest room – well this has no door so you can’t call it a guest room as no-one can actually stay there. So it needs a door, but I have no clue how to do this. Another reason people can’t stay in it … A pipe burst in my guest room about 2 years ago & there is a gigantic hole that I cover with a giant piece of cardboard.
      Also, I just need to understand why the light outside my backdoor doesn’t work. I dated a guy that used to used to do all these handy little things, but I decided having stuff broken around the house was better than dating a pyscho,
      I have been trying to figure out why my tool shed (yes I have a tool shed), keeps leaking & the floors are always soaked. Maybe there is a leak, maybe I should just close the windows. Not sure.
      Also, the wall between my neighbour & I came crashing down, I am too shy to speak to the neighbour so my gardener has built some make shift wall, despite the fact the neighbour can now actually see me sun tanning, I am still too shy to speak to him about the wall.
      I keep telling my parents that its hell to run a house as a single mom. I do everything the man should do. It makes me extremely independent, but I tell you. Its sucks. A lot.
      Linus (smiley face)

    1. I need an area for my dogs so they can’t get to the front gate of my house (in a complex). This will ease things for my mom, who has recently moved into my place, and cannot manage the dogs that well. Minor fencing and a little gate for a very small area is what I’d love to get sorted!

    1. my husband and I bought our first house almost # yrs ago,nothing big or perfect but its ours and we slowly working on fixing up and adding…The one thing that we keep putting off is having a wall built in our back yard seperating us from the people behind us..we have a so called wall made from metal sheeting which is slowly falling down…

    1. I would love to build a patio extension. There’s nothing quite like a house with a big stoep!

    1. I meed burglar bars and security gates rather urgently as the area I live in has been inundated with burglaries recently, Winning this competition will put my mind at ease as I will now be able to get the bars and gates installed.

    1. *First Time Home Owner* In need of help.
      My boyfriend and I moved from Cape Town to Joburg and have bought our very first home. Its a tiny fixer-uper, but we love it.
      At the moment we’re renovating room by room, due to limiting budget. Our next project is the kitchen, and any help we can get would amazing.

    1. I actually love DIY and can manage most of our apartment admin but our bathroom roof is a dire, peeling, mouldy mess that belongs in a Delhi slum. The shower needs re-grouting as it’s leaking and lifting my precious parquet..If Fix My Life could help me repaint the roof, check for leaks and seal my shower, my husband’s life would change because I’d stop nagging him incessantly to take a fckn youtube tutorial and sort it out. It would also help my neighbours below us, bless them, as my leaky shower is causing damage to their bathroom roof too. Plumbing is not my strong point.

    1. So many tasks to do. OMG!! i would like to start with the basics of just having some pictures and mirrors up to make our house a home.

    1. We just picked up the keys to our very first home… Yipppeeeeee!!!!! With a new home comes many a DIY job and hubby and I are useless

    1. Our wooden window frames have been beaten by the elements. We need someone to come replace the cracked wood and treat it.

    1. Oooooooh, could do so much with a R3000 voucher from fix my life!! Could do 1000000 things in our home! Short list in order of importance:

      1. Put up a fence between our driveway and our garden as our baby is now walking and this is a NEED TO DO on our list
      2. Put up electric fence around our house/generally upgrade security
      3. Renovate our bathroom
      4. Put in a pool
      5. Put a cover/roof on our patio

      The list could go on for years!!!!

    1. Oh how awesome this service sounds! I have a shelf that I have been nagging my husband to put up in my office for over a month now. I have bought the baskets to go on the shelf and organised the items for the boxes, but still no shelf. Now some might say why haven’t I done it…well it is a blue job

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