Cotton On Launches Homeware in South Africa

This is great news for South Africa; terrible news for my credit card. Australian brand Cotton On has partnered with Mark Tuckey to create a bespoke range of homeware that will make modern and effortless design accessible to all. The collection will be available online at from Friday 3 July and in select stores from 8 July 2015. The South African stores include Eastgate, buy Gateway, Sandton, Canal Walk, Pavilion, Cresta, Cavendish, Clearwater, Brooklyn, Rosebank and the V&A Waterfront. 

The collection is Cotton On’s first move into the homewares market as the global retail powerhouse expands its category offering and moves into the lifestyle space. The collection features beautifully designed pieces for various areas of the home categorised by Eat, Drink, Relax, Store, Bathe and Sleep. The range includes bed linen, cushions, blankets and throws, wooden serving bowls, platters, ceramic storage jars and mugs, wooden chopping boards and general storage. 


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